The Formula For Success Or Failure!

“If you’re having trouble making things happen, you may be going about it in the wrong way. Napoleon Hill, outlined principles and steps for success in Think And Grow Rich. Perhaps, you’re swimming against the current, instead of with it. Let’s examine this and see.

Hill says, Desire is the starting point of all achievement. Desire is back by Faith, and continued through with Persistence. The desire must be a ‘white hot obsession’. So here is where you, and many people, fall down. You get a job you don’t like. Could this be you?

You do things you don’t want to be doing. You aren’t living from a clarified, specific Definite Chief Aim or Purpose that is a magnificent obsession. You are going through the motions doing something you are stuck in. You are taking actions but not for things that matter.

If You Want It Bad Enough You’ll Find A Way – You Will Do It

You do a lot but not for anything that really counts. If this is you, you may need to assess your life and get your priorities in line. You won’t succeed big if you are ho-hum about things. If life is mediocre it will remain that way until you get passionate about something! Get it?

You need to desire magnificently, and believe you will make it happen, because you decide you will. Then, you act from that belief, that certainty, that you will do it. You take right actions, fueled by your passion, backed by faith and the steel will of persistence.

In this manner YOU MAKE things happen. You won’t, if you don’t care enough to bring it about! Those who make it to the top want it more than anything else! They want it and do everything positive and legal to make sure they get there. Are you? Will you?

If You Don’t Want It Badly Enough You Will Find Excuses

Check yourself and decide what is important. How do you measure up? If you are found lacking, you need to make some changes! You will only succeed in a big way when you follow your passion. Passion, white-hot desire, is that which fuels your dreams. If you pursue your dreams this way you can make them come true. If not, then you’ll remain the same. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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