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Keep The Faith During Turbulent Times

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“Times can be difficult. You or your family may endure hardship. Your neighborhood or city may be going though troubled times. Your country or the world. It can be environmental, financial, societal, or political. There are all manner of challenges and obstacles. It is true.

Whatever your burden; whatever your political persuasion; whatever your religious persuasion; whatever you  fears and concerns for the moment are, keep this in mind; THIS TOO will pass! Perhaps, not as quickly or in the manner you want, but it will.

Be patient, stay clam, fight the good fight civilly (in other words don’t give up because times may be tough) and allow for yourself to be pleasantly surprise. Don’t rain on other people’s parade to save your own. Help each other all be better off. Work as a team to improve.

Just Breathe – Have Faith Everything Will Work Out For The Best

If disappointed, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue to persevere. Always remember the pendulum swings both ways. Time is the great leveler and the great healer. Optimism and hope and love and peace are better than negativity, fear, hate and war. Forgive.

Build something better. Don’t lose hope. Keep the faith. Nothing lasts forever. The kite rises highest against the wind. Our challenges, obstacles and problems teach us lessons if we are open. They make us better and stronger. We develop muscle and strength. We win!

If we stop worrying and learn from these tough lessons we will be able to accomplish more of what we want in the future. Live and let live. Learn and grow. Laugh off the difficulties and be larger than the problems facing you! Keep the faith! A better day truly is ahead!

Let Go A Little And Just Let Life Happen – Relax And Have Faith

Focus on the good you want to bring about. Stop concentrating on what is wrong. Look at the solutions and work to make those happen. Appreciate what you already have right now. Never give in or lose faith. Focus on reason to be grateful and glad. Persevere.

Positive thinking IS NOT thinking ‘there are no weeds, there are no weeds.’  It is the systematic application of strong productive thoughts to resolve any difficulty and move ahead. Think the best so you feel the best. You are more resourceful at the top of your game.

This is why you want to learn to manage your thoughts and feelings You want to have control of your thinking, your mind, any time,  but especially in tough times. In order to be able to do that you need to practice and practice to build the skill. Make it a habit. Only you can.

If Things Haven’t Worked Out Yet – It Is Not Yet The End

Then when the going is tough you are prepared. Without opposition you don’t grow strong. Welcome difficulty for how it can make you a better person if you learn while going through it. Practice gratitude and positive thinking. Focus on the good. Focus on all you can appreciate. It makes a real difference when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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To Get What You Want Learn To Accept The Timing Of The Universe


“You can’t push a rope. You can’t be two places at once. You can’t turn back the clock. You can’t advance the clock. You can’t step into the same river twice. You can’t hurry mother nature. Accept it. Give in. Go with the flow. Stop insisting the flow goes with you.

The universe has its own time. When you plant a seed you have to wait until it germinates, breaks the soil, and bears fruit. That is the natural progression of things. Plant, wait and harvest. When it rains you wait for it to stop. When it doesn’t rain you wait for it to start.

An aspect of manifesting what you want is being open and ready to receive. Receive what is there for you. Be willing for it to arrive however it arrives. Be willing to receive it WHEN it shows up. In the mean time wait expectantly and enthusiastically. Don’t force when.

Trust That You Will Have Everything You Need When You Need It

When it happens is when it happens. Where you are is where you are. You don’t know what you don’t know. You are in the right place right now whether or not you realize it. Most don’t, or won’t. Hence, they miss opportunities that are plentiful and immediate.

Right here, right now, is incredible opportunity. How and when and where it shows up for you is determined by you, and your thoughts and attitude. Do your part and wait. How you wait determines how long you wait. Let go and enjoy. Be patient. Allow.

I love the freeway mediation I have described numerous times in these blog pages. You are right there in the middle of traffic. It does whatever it does. You either go with it or you resist it. Whichever you do determines the kind of experience you have.

Trust The Timing Of Your Life – Trust The Timing Of The Universe

Pleasant or unpleasant it is all up to you. Act. Wait. Enjoy! I’m not suggesting you do nothing while waiting. I am suggesting ‘how’ you wait determines what and when you get what you are seeking. Let go of your agenda and be open to a greater one. Do you get it?

Celebrate the universe. Celebrate that everything happens when it happens. Yes, work to make it happen but let go of the outcome. Let go of how it shows up. Pursue and be ready to receive. Commit 100% and know it will happen. How and when no one really knows.

It just will! Certainty, trust, faith, optimism, positivity all work together. Gratitude for what you have been through, what you have and what you will have is important. Living in appreciation opens doors for more. It opens your mind and heart  to receive. So receive. Delight in all. Be thankful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How delighted can you be today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Don’t Keep The Faith And Persist You Will Lose!

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“Sometimes you think right and do all the right things, yet, nothing seems to happen. What you want still seems far off, removed from you. Will it happen? You begin to worry, doubt or fear it may not. After all, you don’t see any results from your efforts? What gives?

There is the Chinese bamboo plant. Once planted, it is watered and nurtured for up to 6 years. The plant remains underground with no evidence of growth. In the 7th year the plant sprouts and grows 90 feet within 2 months.

Can you imagine? Nothing all that while, then suddenly! So when did it grow the 90 feet? Did it not grow at all during the first many years and then suddenly grow 90 feet? OR was it growing the entire time? Obviously, it must have been growing the entire time.

Be Positive Patient And Persistent And You Will Get It

If it wasn’t watered or taken care of, in any given year, it would have died. It was always growing even when you couldn’t see it. The same is true of your goals. When you do the right things consistently and for long enough they will come about. Even though invisible now.

You must have faith. Expect good things to come to you. Even though you cannot see it. Even while it is invisible maintain the faith that something good is about to happen. It may not be right away. It could take years. Keep the faith. It will happen. Believe in yourself.

Ancient texts, historical records, are full of examples of people who kept going when it seemed pointless. There are countless stories of people who persevere against seemingly insurmountable odds.Odds give way to a new reality. For 7 years the plant grows underground.

Do The Right Things Consistently For Long Enough – You’ll Get It

Then one day it sprouts and grows to over 90 feet in a short period of time. The invisible becomes visible. Once your results start coming, look out. They may come faster than you can imagine. So don’t give up just because you don’t see any results, yet. Persist.

Stop comparing where you are to where you want to be. Be patient. Be steadfast. Maintain a positive attitude. Continue your due diligence in thought, feeling and right inspired actions. Be grateful and enjoy, Your day is coming. Expect it with certainty. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day and discover what is good and new.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Isn’t It Time To Be The Person You Always Wanted To Be?

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“Isn’t it time to be the person you always wanted to be? Don’t you want the career, the relationship, the life you always hoped you could have? If you want more success and happiness you have to make new decisions.

You must decide, to choose, how you want to think, feel, act and live your life. I shared some ways you can begin to do that in my recent blogs. Here is something else you can do.

Give Yourself Permission To Change For The Better

If you don’t decide now you are living from a past decision. If that is fine with you then carry on. If, however, you wish things were different, you want to get better results, you don’t like your present circumstances, if this is how you think and fee, then you must make a new decision.

You must take the bull by the horns and choose to change things in your life that will enable you to make a difference for yourself. If you don’t decide, someone else chose for you, perhaps recently, perhaps a long time ago when you were very young. Still, someone chose for you. You need to make your own decisions. Don’t live from the past.

If you don’t act in your own best interest now, today, in the present, some other decision, made by some other person, that you adopted is controlling you and your outcomes. If you are okay with that carry on. If not change it now. You are the only one who should be in charge of yourself and your destiny. You need to be in control.

Your Future Does Not Depend On Your Past

Decide to be different. You may say, ‘wait you don’t understand, it is not that easy’. I understand it is not easy and that it COULD be easy. Whatever you think it is what it will be. If you think it is hard, you will be correct. If you think it easy, you will be right then too. Your thoughts make it so. Whatever you focus on expands.

Your thoughts determine what you get. Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings  lead to your actions (what you do or what you don’t do) which lead to the results you get. The starting point for all the results is your thoughts. If you don’t like the results you have been getting then you need to change your thoughts. Start now.

Give yourself permission. Make it okay for yourself to think and feel differently. Give yourself permission to see and feel and act differently, to get different, better, positive, powerful results. Give yourself permission to change your life for the better. Give yourself permission to make a new decision. Allow it. Permit it. Accept it.

Your Future Depends On The Decisions You Make Today

Once you do many things change for the better. They will remain the same as long as you remain the same. As long as you act from the past you will continue to get what you have always got. Move into the present, decide now.  Give yourself permission to use and enjoy your present to create a more wonderful future.

Some people never change because they don’t feel it is okay that they do. They remain stuck. You may need to give yourself permission and that is fine. Go ahead. Acknowledge that is is okay for you to move forward. It’s okay to change positively. Allow yourself to be okay with the unknown.  The future is wide open.

You can accomplish many things in the future once you get beyond being stuck. What keeps someone stuck is mostly old chronic conditioning. That’s okay it served you for a time and now it is time to change, let go and move forward in a positive direction of YOUR choosing. Permit yourself to be free of the past and take charge now. When you do it can begin to feel incredible. Enjoy it.

Enjoy feeling positive! Feel good about moving forward. Enjoy realizing this is the beginning. Many new ways of being can open up to you. Isn’t it time to be the person you always wanted to be? Do those things you always wanted to do. Have those things you have always wanted. Isn’t it time for you to begin today? Being right now! Delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Another incredible day to delight in.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Secret Few Know. You Can Actually Pave The Way For Good To Come Your Way

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“Would you agree we are limited by what we don’t know, yet? We are also limited by what we think we do know. We are constrained by both, knowing and not knowing. Still, we often act as if we know how the dire circumstances of our life will work out. We expect difficulties to get worse. Guess what, when we do, they do.

In my post previous post I mentioned being grateful for challenges that come your way. Obstacles and speed bumps present learning opportunities especially if you choose to look at them this way. They aren’t really good or bad, they are what we believe about them.

That which we believe is that which we will see. Believing is Seeing. AND what you see is what you get. The circumstances are and will be whatever you declare them to be. SO why not declare them to be blessings and operate from that mindset. It frees your thinking up!

I wrote about TRUST. A great mindset, or attitude, to develop about your circumstances is, ‘Everything IS okay! Everything will be okay. It will work out for the best. It always does. I always land on my feet. Some unexpected good is coming my way, I don’t know how or when or what it is but good is coming my way’. AND celebrate.

Face it. We see through neurological filters. We see through our previous, past, chronic conditioning and limitations. If you want to see and discover new wonderful opportunities you have to change your mindset so that you are ABLE to see and recognize them.

When you open up to the fact that things aren’t as they appear, you can be open to the possibility that good things are coming. When you recognize that you provide the meaning of all circumstances, you can assign the meaning that best serves you. You can literally pave the way for more good to come your way.

After all , if you are going to look back on a tough time and laugh, or consider it a blessing, or consider it an important life changing moment that was disguised back then, why wait?  Why not do it right now? Transform all your present moments.

You have the potential to make all your days much more marvelous by what you think and believe. What you think about you bring about. Your thoughts create your reality and give meaning to your circumstances. When YOU are in charge, as you should be, then you can assign whatever meaning you want there to be.

Dictate how you will think, feel and go through your circumstances. Decide whether it is a blessing or not. Consider it a blessing and trust that everything will work out for the best? After all, it usually does. In the long run everything tends to work out for the best anyway,

Truly, it usually does, BUT even if it didn’t, by adopting a more resourceful and resilient mindset you create for yourself more benefit than a narrow, negative limiting one. You open yourself up to your own resources and can discover possibilities you otherwise would likely miss. You benefit by staying open to positive possibility.

Remember, like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. You create and attract your circumstances by you thoughts. Thoughts are things. Very powerful things. What you believe is what you get. What you focus on expands. You become what you think about. What you think about you bring about. Attitude determines altitude.

The choice is yours. Suffer and burn or celebrate everything. Know deep inside you, everything always works out. You can handle it no matter what. Good things are coming your way even if you can’t yet see how. Have faith and enjoy the process. TRUST! Unexpected good is coming! All of life gets better when you delight, enjoy and celebrate everything” Rex Sikes

Live each moment!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What To Do When Challenges And Obstacles Arise

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“As you pursue you dreams and goals obstacles may arise. Things, people generally perceive as ‘bad’ or unwanted, may come up. Your path could be fraught with difficulty. If so celebrate and continue on.

Of course, you exclaim, ‘celebrate, Rex are you out of your mind?’ The answer is, ‘of course, yes!’ Let me explain to you what I mean. Trust. It is all about trust.

It can be trust in an outer god if you like, but I prefer to put that trust in myself.  So when I mention trust, I refer to trust in you. Still it can be can be trust god or in the universe. Whatever works for you.

Learn To Trust Yourself

Many people don’t trust themselves, heck they don’t even know themselves.  They aren’t yet aware of their resourcefulness, talents and abilities because most of their lives they focus on limitations and negative outer circumstances.

They blamed themselves, others and events. The time has come to stop that. The time has come to take responsibility for everything, whether or not you actually are.

ACT AS IF you are responsible for whatever happens. When you embrace this attitude it gives you great power and control. TRUST! When you are in charge you are responsible. Be in charge. Claim your power by accepting responsibility and end making excuses.

There are opposites, hot, cold, up, down, good, bad. There is day and night, winter and summer. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. There is happiness and sorrow. We need to accept these and work with these instead of resisting them.

You Actually Already Have All The Resources You Need

When you encounter difficulties along the way, a useful mind set to adopt is that it is a test of your strengths and abilities. You protest, ‘but that isn’t real!’ In all probability it isn’t, but it is a useful mindset to adopt.

From neuroscience we know that everything is a matter of our perspective. We don’t actually know what is real or even interact with it. We act on limited information. We are constrained by our own neurological filters BUT we believe things to be as we perceive.

In other words we believe whatever our version of reality it is. But we don’t ever have the whole, complete picture. We have a fraction. So our version is never THE correct version. It is simply A version. It is not necessarily even accurate and definitely not true. It just is.

Consider this, I have discussed it before. Many horrible events that people think they will never make it through, some time later are looked back on and viewed as the most important, significant, life changing event in their life. They see it completely differently years later.

With other events, we are able to look back and laugh. This tells us it isn’t so much the event that is important, although we think it is. It is our reaction to it, our perception of it and the meaning we place on the event. We decide whether the event is good or bad.

So what is the ‘truth’ about the same event viewed differently? There isn’t any set truth. There is only the truth we give it. From our perspective, in one moment in time, it is bad. From a different perspective in another different moment in time it is good.

You Have All The Resources You Just Don’t Know It Yet

So what is it really? The actual event is neither.  The only meaning the event has is what we give it. We judge, we label it. We call it as we believe it to be. Then after a while, we think about it differently. It takes on new significance and new meaning. It is all in your mind.

So consider adopting the mindset that you are being tested. Whether you are testing yourself, or god or the universe is, or it is a random pop quiz, you are being tested. This can help you get through it. The test is to find your strengths and abilities. Cool.

There is another useful and wonderful mindset to adopt.

You are being challenged and it is a game. The stakes of the game go up. Your obstacles are worthy opponents. You want good opponents. A game really isn’t much fun unless there is a challenge to it.

Most great gamers seek the best, most talented, difficult opponents to play with, they don’t want it easy. They want significant challenge THAT is worthwhile and meaningful. Play the game with gusto.

Believing Is Seeing – That Is How It Really Works

TRUST as you move forward on your desires, take action, follow you plans, that as long as you continue, no matter what comes your way, no matter what obstacles and challenges arise that they will eventually go away. Nothing lasts forever. It will again be easier.

The tumultuous path will settle and smooth out. Night will again give way to day. TRUST that these obstacles were important for you to experience. They provide lessons you can discover when you look.

You can learn from  these if you remain open and available to their messages. Welcome the obstacles and challenges and troubles for what you can learn about yourself, others and life.

The Kite Rises Against The Wind

They are their for you to become aware of and discover wonderful things about yourself and your transformation. Your challenges are actually blessings, opportunities, lessons.

Is any of this true. Yes and no. It is whatever you believe it to be. I can’t definitely say there is anyone pulling strings, that isn’t my purpose here. I think all is good. All is divine.

We struggle with moments large and small, but it is all part of one thing. LIFE! It is only the human who judges whether something is good or bad, valuable or not. You can learn to  reframe problems.

Inside Every Adversity Is The Seed Of Equivalent Opportunity

Prior to human consciousness on the planet things just were. Huge tectonic upheavals, earthquakes, volcanos, ice storms and ice ages, violent weather and sunny wonderful days. There was no one to complain or to admire the beauty.

Enter the human. Now there are good days and bad days. There are better days of the week and less desirable days. Humans judge. That is part of our suffering. We make judgements that cause us pain.

TRUST you will get through it. It is easy when you are in a state of let go, acceptance and celebration. Embrace it and if you don’t move through it faster at least it won’t be as miserable.

Learn From Obstacles And Challenges

Resist it and it persists. Fighting it only makes it worse. Stop fighting. If you want to make you dreams come true accept whatever you find on the pathway, learn from it and keep going.

If there is a divine being testing you then that being surely must think you are worth it. You need to decide you are worth it and that within you you have every ability to meet every challenge.

THIS is why learning to control your thinking and thinking predominantly positive IS SO POWERFUL and important! When you take charge of your thoughts you take charge of the results.

When you understand everything has opposites and that IS okay you will have learned a great lesson. When you develop the attitude of a winner, a champion, a victor, and continue undaunted towards what is important to you you will have benefit  greatly!

What You Resist Persists

Evolve yourself into one who is not stopped by limitations but who is able to go on in spite of them. Discover delight in ways you can’t presently imagine. There are more possibilities than you might imagine. Don’t miss out on them because of limited vision.

People who climb everest don’t do it because it is easy. Everything you encounter on your journey IS part of your adventure. Receive it, learn from it, evolve with it, celebrate it and keep moving. If you consider it to all be good it will be. You’ll discover the hidden good.

When you celebrate where you are and what you have you open yourself up for having more of the the same. If you appreciate what you have inside you, and outside in your life you can have more because you create the room for more by your gratitude.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

What you resist persists. If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. If you do the same thing over and over again expecting different results you are a little crazy.

So if you want your life to change you must change some things in your life. You can change and control your thinking, your attitudes, beliefs and opinions. You can control your feelings and feel better more of the time. Wouldn’t you want that for yourself?

When you think better and feel better you behave and act better and are more able and apt to make your dreams come true. With the correct attitude you can be, do and have anything you want in life. YOU can make it happen.  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is another day just for you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Tired Of The Hype? Who Makes The Law Of Attraction Work?

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“Do you want a happening career? Want to get a great job? Want to book more gigs? Would you like to be happier? Want more money? How about a relationship? Are you interested in the good life?

People try all sorts of things; they work really hard, hope, pray, they bargain, try magic and the Law Of Attraction (LOA). They do lots of different things but seem only to be spinning their wheels.

How do you get what you want? Lot’s of people work hard but don’t get anywhere. They try all those things but still struggle. That is sad. They can have what they want if they work smarter.

They don’t have to work harder. That is a myth. They don’t need anything added to them from the outside, but they think they do. SO they try lots of things that don’t produce the results they want.

It Was Called Think And Grow Rich

I don’t really like the term ‘the law of attraction’ but it has been around for a hundred years or so. Since it is popular and somewhat accurate, I use it to discuss what you can make happen.

The practice is powerful and absolutely works but it is not the ‘instant magic pill’ people wish it to be.  When they find out ‘it’ doesn’t match their unrealistic expectations they quit.

They blame IT for not working, and move on. It’s not IT that doesn’t work. IT Does. The change that must first take place is an inner change. An inner attitude. Without this, IT won’t work, that is true.

It isn’t magic. It doesn’t come from outside of you. No one waves a magic wand. It stems from within you. It is a process and it requires time, so be patient. It is absolutely reliable.

It Was Called The Science Of The Mind

It does work. It is completely up to you. Just don’t believe all the hype about ‘finding the missing ingredient that wasn’t included in the secret’… there is much marketing BS around the LOA.

What is the law of attraction then?

It is the harnessing and focusing of your internal mental powers, your feelings and your actions in pursuit of a strongly desired outcome. Your inner workings determine your outer results.

It includes, the accurate notion that ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ That, ‘like attracts like’. THAT isn’t magic THAT is law! In order to have that happen YOU do it. I’ll explain.

What You Think About You Bring About

Simple enough. You put your brain to work deliberately accomplish what it is you want to accomplish. The difference between most people and those who make it work is outer and inner.

Those who have difficulty expect something outside of them to help them. Those who make it work know it is they who help themselves. They get their mindset right and create what they want.

The LOA means you focus on your goal with such desire, such passion, that all else falls away. You target your goal with laser like precision. All of your energy is devoted to making this come true.

Your goal begins as an idea that you make real. You create it and fashion it. It is all you. You focus your energies and resources the same way you aim a magnifying glass to focus light and burn paper.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

That same paper can sit in unfocused daylight forever and never burn. You focus, you create and you attract because of your mindset and your behaviors. Not because of magical wishing things different.

Your intention and attention is so devoted to what you want your subconscious works on this day and night and comes up with ideas and plans for how you can accomplish it.

You marshall your resources and abilities. You don’t have to know how to begin because as you act and move forward you initiate these processes. Begin where you are with what you have!

The ‘how’ will take care of itself as you act on your own behalf. You may change your plans many times on route to your destination but you keep traveling to where you want to get to.

You Don’t Live A Positive Life Thinking Negative Thoughts

You don’t give up. You don’t quit. If obstacles arise and you detour, you detour but keep going. You persist. This is where others throw in the towel. They think it should be easy. They want it easy. Easy!

It is easy. Not always, but it is. It is simple. When it does get tough you must too. You are the person in charge. Not a deity or deities, not magical fairy dust or laws, you, your subconscious mind.

As you journey you begin to understand that success never happens in isolation. If you are smart you do things that attract and enlist the aid of others. You develop your personality so as to be likable.

Develop a pleasing personality so others would want to help. You apply the Golden Rule. You treat others well, with respect and attention. You help first because you like people. THEY reciprocate.

You Become What You Think About All Day Long

Go that extra mile and add value. Again, you add it FIRST. You help without having to be asked. If you want others to help you it only makes sense you give them something worthy in advance. Get it?

Surround yourself with others who are smarter and who can help you on the way. Support others who are trying to succeed. Celebrate their successes as they move forward. They reciprocate!

Work together as a team. Become a valued player. Through co-operation we get further, faster than alone or in trying to compete. When we celebrate and validate others they reciprocate!

With your mind and energies so focused your brain becomes alerted to others, events and opportunities that are beneficial to you and you to them. More wonderful things seem to come your way.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain works this way. Because you focused it, it  finds matches in your experience and out in the world. You notice opportunity previously closed off from you.

People are attracted to you because you are a more attractive personality. You friendliness, your commitment, your drive and your passion are attractive to likeminded people. Like attracts like.

Like a beacon light on a hill others are drawn to you. Never forget however, it is you doing it. You are evolving yourself. You are making everything happen. You are responsible. When you take charge!

You are a deliberate creator. You and others help you succeed so no need to get egotistical about it. Keep humble. Stay focused on all the factors that contribute to your success and be grateful.

What You Say Is What You Get

You started it. You have to maintain it. It is always up to you. Most people expect it to happen to or for them if they believe, pray, chant, affirm, visualize. It doesn’t. YOU make it happen. You keep it going!

Keep going until you have what you want. You will attract like minded dedicated people to assist you. Value these people, your time and energy. Use it wisely to accomplish your dreams.

You’ll find more opportunity. You will discover more of the good life. You will notice yourself having more fun, being more delighted and living large. Celebrate it all. Never forget you are doing it.

You are doing it!  Others are helping and you are helping others. Take advantage of and continue to enjoy the new good life that comes to you. This is why it does seem magical.

The Kite Rises Against The Wind

Consider obstacles as lessons. Learn from those moments.  All defeat is temporary unless you give up. Maintain your focus and your positive mental attitude. Persevere and learn!

Maintain your positive productive actions, behaviors and practices. As you do you will develop positive reliable habits and eliminate old worn out ones. Its a conditioning process of developing good habits.

You will have replaced tired, chronic, defeatist thinking with positive powerful, thoughts.  You will have evolved yourself and your life. You took charge and lived a champion lifestyle. Celebrate!

Looking back you can connect the dots and see how you made it happen. Going through it keep your desire and faith high. Keep going no matter what. Are you beginning to understand?

Hindsight Is 20/20

When finished you’ll know the Law Of Attraction works. You have created and attracted what you want. Once you have put it into practice it is easy to do again and again. Thoughts become things.

Henry Ford said, ‘if you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.’ I say, ‘if you believe it will be easy it will be. if you believe it will be hard it will be. It will be whatever you believe it to be.’

Live the life of a creator. Live with gratitude and appreciation. Help others. Most don’t and won’t ever live this way. They drop out anywhere along the line. They didn’t have to it is just what they did.

Instead of owning up, they blamed the LOA. They say, it didn’t work. That thinking will never get them what they want because they are not in charge. Some ‘IT’ is in charge, but ‘IT’ doesn’t do the work.

Focus On What You Can Change

Since you are not like that, have fun and enjoy. Delight and make more moments marvelous. Have fun and enjoy all the good things you were born to enjoy. The world is your garden. Love it and care for it. Celebrate everything” Rex Sikes

What makes you feel alive?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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