Principles Of Creation, Manifestation And Attraction You Need To Understand

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“You don’t get what you want as much as you get what you are. You recreate and attract what you already IS. Yes, pardon the grammar but what you IS, are presently, is what you get more of. If you are loving you get more love in return.

You create  what you already are. If you want riches in the future you need to feel and be rich right now. You don’t get wealthy by feeling and being broke. While the reality is you don’t presently have money you must feel as if you do. Get it? This is how it works.

You attract what you are. You attract what you think about. You get back what already you have. Those who have get more. Those who don’t lose what little they have. It is Scripture. You make happen, manifest, attract what you vibrate at. Karma, is what goes around.

The Universe Never Asked You To Struggle It Is Responding To You

This is why feelings are important. You feel rich, then you are rich, then you make riches happen. You vibrate wealth and you create it and attract it. Every cell in you lines up to make it happen. You are congruent with it. You are wealthy even when you don’t yet have it.

You are grateful for it before getting it. You live a little in advance of the world. Before it shows up you enjoy having it. Another way to think about this is, you put in your order with the cosmic waiter or waitress. You ordered your food. The kitchen is making it.

You will get it soon. As you sit there it is being prepared. You are eager to have it. You plan to enjoy it shortly. You don’t doubt or worry about the kitchen not making it or the waitstaff not delivering it. You are prepared to eat it. As far as you are concerned it is yours.

To Bring Anything Into Your Life Imagine It Is Already There

It is yours already because you ordered it. This is the same attitude you must have about your future. You put in the order. You saw what you wanted. You affirmed it. NOW it is coming. It is on the way. You don’t need to beg, you don’t need to convince it is yours. It is yours!

Accept it. Allow it. Eagerly anticipate it. Receive it. Be happy it is coming. Be grateful it is yours. Delight in it. You are getting what you wanted. This is the mindset. These are the feelings. You are delighted and secure. You are the person who has what is desired.

You are wealthy the material wealth is on the way. You are love the right relationship is on the way. You are the proud new home owner the house is on the way. You are healthy right now. You are whatever it is you desire for the future, right now IN the present.

Your Thoughts Are The Architects Of Your Destiny – Careful

The gap is only in time. The gap is the time between when the order is placed, the seed planted, and the order arrives, the plant grows and you harvest. You reap what you have sown. How you wait determines whether you get it quicker or slower. Do you get it?

If you go into the restaurant and create commotion and prevent the chefs and staff from doing their job it takes longer to get your food, if at all. If you dig up the plants before they bloom you won’t reap what you sowed. You wait patiently and expectantly. Eagerly is fine.

You know, you have faith, you are CERTAIN it is coming. It is on the way. The seeds are growing and one day the plant breaks through. Your birthday is arriving and you’ll celebrate and get gifts. It will happen. Enjoy. Celebrate and wait with anticipation.

The Only Person You Are Become Is The One You Decide To Be

You anticipate what you know will happen. You expect it. So you are able to enjoy and go about other things. When you think about it you think about how great it is to have it. What you think about you become. You think about how wonderful you are it. Understand?

You create more of what already IS! If you focus on lack and worry about bills and don’t feel you have enough that is what you get back in return. That is what you are seeing, visualizing, affirming, being and vibrating. That is what you create and attract.

You are getting what you don’t want. The universe, your subconscious can only respond by saying yes to whatever you have going on inside of you. Your thoughts and feelings run the show. Worry is negative practice. What you focus on you get.

We Receive Exactly What We Expect To Receive

Stop. Create only what you intend. Become deliberate in what you focus on. Learn to control you attention. What occupies it is where energy goes. Where the energy flows is what you create. So instead, be grateful, for the invisible good you want, as if you have it already.

Delight, live as if. Act as if you are already it. Enjoy, delight, and celebrate. Be thankful. Live in gratitude. Appreciate and continue to look for more to enjoy. Life gets better and better as you do. Savor it and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Use today to delight yourself and loved ones even more!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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5 thoughts on “Principles Of Creation, Manifestation And Attraction You Need To Understand”

  1. Rex, you said this so well. This is the key. Love it. I use this all the time. It always works with ease. I see it and order it and I know it is coming and then it always arrives and I enjoy the fantastic impossible dreams. Your words are pure gold. Thank you is not enough. Warmly and Magically, Bill

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  2. When I took NLP training from Rex he taught me to “live a little in advance of the world” which I took as to always be prepared, forward-think, not to let things throw me off. But now in light of this blog, I learn anther meaning for it. To attract something I want – by being it. Congruent patience = having it in reality.

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