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Your Eyes Always Deceive You

“Your eyes will always deceive you. So will your ears. In fact, all of our senses deceive us on a regular basis. Still, people insist they will believe something only when they see it. This, is a sad state of affairs. Our neurology deceives us. Our brains see, our eyes really don’t.

We interpret what we see. The mind does the real seeing. We pay attention to limited amounts of information. Our brain filters much of the incoming data. We make associations and connect memories to what is going on. We miss much of what else may be there.

We have biases. We have habitual ways of noticing things and of missing things. What we pay attention to determines much of how things go. We can miss opportunities right in front of us because we are paying attention to something else at the time. What to do?

Expect The Best And Get It – Expectations Shape Your Results

If you want to see something, believe that you will. This is how it actually works. Expectations can shape our results. Expect it to be a good day, no matter what, and you are more likely to have one. Expect the best and you are more likely to find it. Believe it!

Things may come along that throw a wrench into the day, but if your expectation is that you can have a good one, no matter what, you can handle it, all will ultimately be fine, you are far more likely to. Your attitude determines what you pay attention to. Mindset matters.

Expect to be healthy, rich, loving and kind. Expect your best. Expect the best of others. Expect the best outcome in any situation and you are more likely to make that happen. You marshall your resources when you think positively and optimistically. Put yourself in charge.

Attitude Is Everything – You Get What You Focus On 

Believe miracles are possible and you are more apt to discover one. What you focus on expands. Energy flows where your attention goes. Manage your thoughts and your expectations. Believe everything always works out for the best. Believe in yourself.

Be thankful for the opportunities each day to discover how blessed you actually are. Count your blessings. Discover your blessings. The more you look and are grateful, the more you will find. Delight in all of it. Everything can be wonderful. It really can. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Live, learn, love, laugh, today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Are You Attracting What You Want Or What You Don’t Want?

“What is the biggest mistake people make in thinking about the Law Of Attraction (LOA)? What is the main reason people don’t attract what they want? How come it works for some but not for others? If you have questions or concerns like these then read on. I’ll answer.

People erroneously think that you use the Law Of Attraction to attract what you want, but that is a mistake. The principle that applies is ‘like attracts like’. So, you attract what you are, already, like. You do not attract what you aren’t, even if you want that.

I’ll rephrase that. If you are broke and you want to be rich, you will continue to attract broke, because like attracts like. Yes, you want to be rich but you can only attract back to you what you already are. Like attracts more of the same back. Do you understand this?

The More You Are Grateful – The More You Will Be Given

It doesn’t attract something different. It attracts the same. This is why you do mindset work. This is why you correct your thinking and feelings. Napoleon Hill said you trick your subconscious mind in certain ways. How? By thinking and acting as if you already are it.

You think and act and speak and feel as if you are already rich. You stop acting broke and start acting as if you have plenty of money and abundance. As you do this, daily, you begin to actually take on those thoughts and feelings. You convince yourself. You begin to believe.

When you believe you are rich, worthy, deserving, abundant and feel wonderful about it you attract that back into your life. You get more of the same. You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are! Do you now understand? You can make the LOA work for you.

Gratitude Is The Open Door To Abundance 

To do so, you must do some work, first. You prepare the soil for planting seeds. You do the same with the LOA. You act as if, you think it, speak it, feel it fully, first.  That IS preparing the soil. Once you believe it, you have planted the seeds. So yes, prior work is required.

Like attracts like.  If you are happy, you attract more happiness. If you feel rich, you attract more riches. You get more of what you already are. Most people are not what they want to attract yet, so they continue to attract the old stuff.

They focus on debt but want riches. They end up getting more debt. They focus on sickness but want health. They end up staying ill. They focus on what is wrong with their life partner but they want the perfect relationship. Do you see the pattern here? Do you get it?

If You Focus On What You Don’t Have You’ll Never Have Enough

You attract what you ARE presently. Whatever that is, good or bad, positive or negative. So what are you attracting? Look around you, examine your life. If it isn’t what you want you have some changes to make.  It’s cool we have this feedback that let’s us know what to do.

If you don’t have the results you want, then, you must make changes so that you can start getting them. If you want your life to change you must changes some things in your life. Change your thinking and feeling. Act as if you already have the success you desire. Go first!

Gratitude for what we presently have is the key. The more grateful you are, the better you feel. The better you feel the more good things you attract. Be grateful for finding a penny on the street. Why? Because that is finding money! You just found some money!

The More You Celebrate Your Life The More There Is To Celebrate

The brain and universe doesn’t care if it is a penny or a million dollars. It is money! Celebrate finding money. Celebrate being lucky. Celebrate whatever comes to you.  Your gratitude for money brings you more money. Appreciation adds value to everything. It does!

Your gratitude for health brings you more. Your gratitude for happiness brings you more happiness. When you vibrate high you attract much more. Remember, we get what we are! We do not get what we want.  If you really want it be grateful.

Appreciate the present and you’ll have a better future. How you feel right now determines how you will feel later on. You get back more of what you are. Live with delight. Live with ‘yes’. Live with fun, passion, enjoyment, enthusiasm. Live playfully. Live, love and laugh. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How You Can Change Habitual Filters To See More Clearly

“Do you know what a filter does? It allows some things through while capturing or not permitting other things through. Think, coffee filter. Water passes through it, releasing the coffee, but preventing the grounds. Grounds are trapped, but you still enjoy the coffee.

We all have filters. We have chronic old habitual filters that prevent us from seeing what is actually there. From these we live out beliefs and thoughts and values we adopted, as our own, from the others around us, while growing up. Some of these filters served us well.

All of the filters serve us. However, not all would be those one might consider desirable. We miss abundance and see lack. We miss love and see hate. We miss the smiles of the day and only see frowns. We miss all the good things and focus, instead, on the bad news.

A Pessimist Sees The Difficulty In Every Opportunity

We live from mental and emotional habits. Chronic, automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may hold us back from getting what we want. We miss opportunities as a result. The goods news is we can always change habits if we want to and are willing to.

You replace an old habit with a new one, the same way the original habit was built. You expose yourself to the concepts, feelings and behaviors repeatedly, for a long enough duration, until the new habit takes hold. Once it does you are on your way to new ways of being.

Research indicates it takes a minimum of 21 days of consistent repetition, or practice, of the new thought, emotional or behavioral habit to begin to take hold. 3 weeks that isn’t that long. Of course, it is just the beginning, but really that is pretty cool. Short, too.

An Optimist Sees The Opportunity In Every Difficulty

3 weeks from now you could be on your way to a new you. You could think, feel and behave more how you want to. You could be, do and have anything different you want.  You can transform yourself into a whole new you. Perfect practice makes perfect. Get it?

So what do you want? What could you begin to practice right now, that would make you that better you? What could you begin to imagine, and Act As If, you already have it, that you could rehearse again and again in your mind? What could you make real inside?

Think on this? What is your greatest passion and desire? What do you want more of? Careful now, I didn’t ask what don’t you want, I asked what do you want more of? Why do you want it? What will having that do for you? Can you imagine how life would change?

To Hell With Circumstances – I Create Opportunities

Clarify what you want. It is okay if you said, ‘I don’t want to smoke.’ Just remember, that you want to focus on what you want. ‘I want to be healthier’. You can make it as specific as you can. ‘I want to be able to walk a block easily’. Write down specifically what you want.

Focus on what you want a couple times a day. Close your eyes and imagine already living it. You already have it. It is yours and you are it. From this vantage point feel how it feels to have your greatest desire. Celebrate and accentuate the good feelings. Enjoy it.

Spend a few minutes. 5 at least. Visualizing and affirming. Then go about your day. Remember to focus on what you want as often as possible throughout the day. Write it on a card and carry it with you. Take it out and read it during the day. Before bed, repeat imagining.

You Can’t Live A Positive Life With A Negative Mind

Do this consistently with positive emotions until you make it yours. What you are doing is informing your subconscious mind this is what you intend to make happen. Once your subconscious gets the message it begins aligning your inner resources to make it happen.

It begins working for you. It begins to filter out the useless distracting stuff in favor of opportunities. You become aware of people, events and circumstances that would be beneficial in helping you bring about your great desire. Your brain works for you!

You begin to intuit right choices, and notice things you previously wouldn’t have. It is all because you powerfully focus on what you want to include in your life. Your brain finds the way to do that for you. You supply the message until it gets the message and takes over.

Rule Your Mind Or It Will Rule You – What You Focus On Expands

All the while express gratitude for this ability and the opportunity to make your desires come true. Anything and everything you can find to appreciate, do so. Make a daily list. Affirm and be grateful. Express it silently and verbally. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper.

The more thankful you are for everything, the more you allow more things in. You stop filtering out all the good you have previously missed out on. You, now begin noticing it and receiving it. You allow and accept more incredible moments into your life. Get it?

This is how it all works. Affirm, visualize and repeat your great desire long enough to make it a habit. Sincerely and joyously give thanks and more good comes your way. You make it happen from the inside to the outside. You create your reality. Your brain filters in ways that serve you the best. So, go get what you want. In the meantime, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What It Really Means To Go With The Flow

“Sometimes progress is one step forward, two steps back. So we must remain dedicated, optimistic and understand that it IS what it is. We must accept the timeline is outside of our control. We must give up to go forward. Let it be. Continue on in good faith. We act.

Keep your mindset positive and your resolve firm. Not everything is an easy path to the top of the hill. There are challenges. As some of you know, I am healing a spinal and leg issue.  Some days, have been intense. Other days mild. Then, intense again. That’s just how it is.

We need to accept and go through the process. We continue forward making progress, yes, but we don’t resist what is. The key is to learn to accept, allow, and embrace it. Go with the flow. Let it be as it is. Learn how to unconditionally accept everything. Let go.

You Can Go With The Flow – Even A Dead Fish Can – Just Do It

Judgement is resistance. Judgement will prevent you from moving forward easily. Whether you judge an event, situation, yourself or others, it freezes the process. Of course, the process still continues, but you have resisted. You have labeled. You aren’t allowing.

If you say what you have you will have what you say. So be careful. What story do you tell yourself and others? Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Your thoughts and words are powerful. You declare and affirm how things are and shall be. Remember this. It’s important!

If you say it’s difficult, unfair, unwanted, unwarranted, unfortunate, you have judged and labeled. You declare it a certain way. You fight it. When your energy is locked in fighting you aren’t moving yourself forward. Yes, it is all part of a larger cosmic play. Become aware!

Don’t Just Go With The Flow – Become The Flow – Let Go

It is all part of what IS but you are resisting what is. You’re attempting to go against the flow. You may do it but you will struggle. Instead, surrender. Give in. Allow. Declare it a blessing and an opportunity. One you may not, now or ever, understand.

That is okay. When you accept it as a blessing and opportunity your brain AND the universe can co-conspire to help you move forward positively. When you are thankful and accepting, when you are learning you are growing. When you affirm it is good, it is good!

Remember this. You have a choice, a decision. You can live resisting and struggling, locked in negativity and judgements OR you can live now, as if the good you want in the future, IS already yours. Act as if you have it right now. Enjoy. Be grateful. Gratitude opens the door. You go through all of it much better when you are joyful and enthused. So celebrate. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Overcome This Tendency And You Can Create The Future Your Want!

“There is something that holds most people back from accomplishing their goals and dreams. Some people worry, have fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that they succumb to instead of champion over. Something else really limits your chances!

You must change this! ‘Energy flows where attention goes’! Pay attention to this principle. It means be careful where you put your attention. ‘You get what you focus on’. ‘You become what you think about’. So what are most people doing wrong? I’ll tell you.

Most people focus on their present ‘sucky’ reality as if that is all there is. Their attention is on the problems, issues, worries, fears, doubts, and limitations of the present. You need to stop this if you are doing it. Put your focus on what you want. On what you want!

What You Think And Feel And What Manifests Is Always A Match

However, there is a way of doing this that works. Some hope and wish and desire what they want but don’t make it happen because their energy is a reaction against their worries, fears and doubts. They want to escape Texas more than they want to live in California.

When you want to avoid or eliminate more than you want to get or obtain, your internal powers are out of balance. You are getting, creating, attracting or manifesting what you don’t want NOT what you do want. You have to shift focus to what you DO want!

Here is a very important piece. While it is all serious  business you can’t take it seriously. You want to have fun, delight, be enthusiastic, filled with joy, peace, love and good will. The lighter you are, the better you feel, the more joy and positive energy, the easier it is.

Hold The Vision – Trust The Process – You Get What You Focus On

That is why happiness and success are not destinations BUT the journey! Here is another very important piece I remind you of again and again. Be as a little child. Be open, filled with wonder, awe and curiosity. Have fun, play. PLAY for goodness sakes, is a key! PLAY!

Pretend you already have everything you want. You are already the person you desire to be. You are doing the very thing you have always wanted to do. Pretend fully. Think the thoughts you’d think if you’d already arrived in California. You already got your goals.

How would you feel? What would you see, hear, think, feel, experience, taste, and smell differently? What would you be doing? Where would you be? What would those close to you be saying to you and about you? Who would you be surrounded by? How is life?

You Are A Manifestation Of Your Fantasy – Think Positively

What kind of money would you be making? Where would you be living? What would you be driving? How would you spend your time? Pretend you know all of it and pretend it already has happened. Feel the incredibly wonderful feelings and thoughts you’d be thinking.

Play and have fun. Delight in this. Spend more time feeling your future already has having happened than you do the current reality. You are where your thoughts have brought you. You will be where your thoughts take you. Energy flows where attention goes!

Get over living in a ‘sucky’ reality being concerned with what you don’t want. And start imagining the reality you do want as if you already have it. Overcome the tendency to remain stuck in the present. Focus on what you want to get. Play with it. Have fun!

What You Feel You Attract – What You Think You Become

Take it lightly. Enjoy the process. Be happy and thrilled. Be grateful for all. Express your thrills and delights. Notice the small things that excite you. Become a little child and be fascinated. If you are too serious and work too hard you actually push things away. Invite it all!

You invite when you become inviting. Be friendly, be fun, be passionate. Enjoy the process. Count the small wins along the way. Keep the faith and really pretend as a little child pretends. Visualize and imagine specifically what that future is like and feel it right now. Make it a blast. Expect good things to happen. Be positive. Become an optimist. Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Aren’t Doing This Right Now You Won’t Live The Future Of Your Dreams!

“How do you experience more abundance right now? How do you overcome the limitations of your own thinking and feeling? How do you take action when you don’t feel inspired? What can you do to create and make the future, you want to have,  a reality?

Neville Goddard, and others, suggest that you feel the feelings now of your wish fulfilled. What would it feel like to right now get the goal or dream you desire? You get the job, the partner, the money, the home, the car that you have wanted; what does that feel like?

If you got it today how would you feel? How DOES it feel? This is where you must spend time in your visualization. Spend time each day feeling and living the joys of having received it already. It isn’t far off in the future, it is immediate. It is right now. Practice this!

You Are Already That Which You Want To Be

Some claim that is hard but you are already doing it. What? You say, ‘I am not. I have tried but can’t make it seem real.’ Okay, well try this on. I bet when the bills are due or when there is trouble you feel as if the bill collector already repossessed your car or home. You feel bad.

Am I right or right? You feel bad now. Most people live their worst fears over and over instead of living their best dreams over and over. I consider that poor taste and a major waste of time. In order to get what we want we must focus on what we actually do want to have.

Stop living the defeats, the worries and the problems, and feeling bad in advance of the situations. Stop it. Put an end to it. Commit to changing this. Switch from feeling bad about what you don’t want to feeling good about what you do want. Imagine you already have it!

Everything That Appears Without Was First An Inner Image

Start living fully in the good you desire. Feel good right now!  Feel happy right now. Feel fulfilled right now. Feel gratitude right now. When you do, you get back more of the good! It is time to stop getting more of the bad and get more of the good you really want.

Don’t you think? Whatever you hold in your mind expands. What you focus on you attract. If you are worried about problems and debts you get more. It seems endless. It is! When you start feeling abundant, really feeling it, you begin to create abundance. Get it?

It isn’t magical. It is your brain at work. You are doing it. You change your mental focus and your feelings change. You start feeling more like doing the things that get the results you want. You are doing it. When you feel you are on top of the world you attract good too!

Believe That You Already Are That Which You Want To Be

You are more attractive to the kind of people who can help you. Your mind is open to finding good all around. You notice opportunities because you aren’t caught up in worry. You maximize yourself, so naturally you maximize the likelihood of good things happening.

Begin right now! Decide to feel good. If you don’t know what to do, look around you for anything large or small you can be grateful for. Focus on that. Discover how many things are in your life right now you can appreciate.  Find those things you usually take for granted.

Start by being grateful. Make a list. Feel the gratitude. Enjoy the process. Have fun. You transform your thoughts from lack and negativity to abundance and positivity. You shape your present moments and your future. Take charge and make good things happen. Delight. Wrap yourself in the feelings of having already obtained the good you desire. Enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Make your day magnificent!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Stop Missing Out And Get What You Deserve


“How do you create the career, the lifestyle, the leisure, the love, the happiness, the wealth you want? What must you do to attract it and make it happen. What part do you play? You play every part. The future is your future. You make it happen. You can as you do this.

Live it in advance. Go into the future, decide what you want it to be like, and imagine it as if you already are living it. You want to be healthy, imagine being completely healthy now. You are fit, full of energy, your ideal weight. You are able to enjoy it this moment.

See it, hear it, feel it!  Experience it! How happy and delighted are you to have it right now? You wanted it and it is yours. Imagine it as vividly as possible!  Move like it is true and it is your reality. Sit like it. Act like it. Speak like it. Notice everything you can. Be it right now.

To Enjoy Enduring Success – Travel In Advance Of The World

Create the inner reality where this is true. If you want wealth how much did you get? Where do you live? Who are your friends? What do you drive? What do you where? What do you do now that you are wealthy? Be as detailed or specific as possible. Explore and discover.

After all it is your dream. Create it as rich and nuanced as you are able. Enjoy it. Feel how marvelous it is. If anything doesn’t feel right correct it, adjust it until it does. Believe it. If you don’t, adjust it until you do. You are a creator. You have the right to imagine anything.

I suggest you make everyone around you win. Don’t foster discord or dislike. This isn’t for revenge. Instead, if you need to, imagine forgiveness. and Cooperation. Create peace and harmony. Manifest love and light. This is your future. Make it everything you want.

Luck Is The Crossroads Where Opportunity And Preparation Meet

Do it. It is your imagination. Why not? If you answer why not examine what holds you back, why that is, who it comes from and whether you want to keep that thought or not. If not, change it. Affirm a new one. Affirm this new reality. Let go and live fully!

Create your future vividly while leaving room to be pleasantly surprised as it unfolds in actuality. Affirm and re-affirm what you want by staying focused on what you want and off of what you prefer to exclude. Do you understand this? It is important.

If you don’t want something create what you DO want instead or in its place. Don’t be stingy with yourself. Be lavish. Have fun and enjoy it. Be thankful. Everything first originates as an idea then it becomes reality. It doesn’t magically appear but you make it happen. You do it!

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

You keep filling your brain with what you want and how it feels until your brain gets it. As you brain does it assembles your resources and scans inside and out for matches in experience and people who can assist you. It looks for opportunities. YOU still have to take them.

You still create and attract and make it all work together. You will have highs and lows, easy times and challenges but through it all if you maintain your vision you can accomplish it. Napoleon Hill said, ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it’. This is true.

It takes time. It isn’t instant. Perhaps, it could be. Don’t rule anything out. Still, it takes time to organize your thoughts and behaviors and align these and become congruent. It takes time to assemble your resources and find opportunity. It all takes time. Never give up.

You Get What You Focus On – What You Focus On Expands

Stick with it. Baking a cake takes time. You get your ingredients together by shopping. You go to where you can put them together correctly in order and place in an oven. You set the temperature and the timer  and wait. When done, wait while it cools. Then enjoy.

You can hate and moan through the entire process OR you can be eager and excited and delighted knowing you are going to have delicious cake. You can be so eager you can almost taste it prior to making it. THAT is the feeling and way you want to live right NOW.

Live inside your future. Create your desires as fulfilled. Enjoy living in that reality. Spend at least a couple minutes of the day imagining and feeling that. Journal what it is like to have what you want. Keep visual reminders, pictures, Vision Board, slogans. Affirm. Believe!

What You Think About You Bring About – See It Speak It Have It

As you move through the day secretly imagine or pretend that is your reality right now. What does a healthy or wealthy person eat, do, think, and say? How does a healthy or wealthy person drive or place an order for an item? How does this person act each moment.

Live it. Feel it. Speak it. Affirm it. See it. Embrace, allow and accept it. Be thankful for it. Be truly grateful for everything you had, have and will have. Practice authentic appreciation. Love. Give and help others. Laugh and delight. It will happen more quickly as you do these things and become these things. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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