Do This Today And Make A Big Difference!

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“Hopefully, at different times in your life, all is good. Everything seems to work like magic. Everything fits and flows. It is the good life and you are happy and feel blessed. Sure, there are other times but there are also some really fabulous good times. Yes,? You have?

I hope so. Today’s blog comes to you a bit later than usual. For that I apologize. BUT I am not sorry. What I mean is, my goal is to get you the blog everyday. Early enough too, for some readers to begin their day reading it. Depending where in the world people live, of course.

Anyway, today be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Make it a special day and treat yourself and enjoy resting, and taking care of you while compassionate for others. Make it sweet, slow and significant.  Bask in leisure and love and life, today.

If You Can’t Say Something Nice About Yourself – Practice

Take time to stop and smell the roses. This is as important as the daily pursuit of your goals. Consider it this way. Each day you eat, play, and sleep. Taking time for yourself to enjoy and rest should be part of each day. Even ‘the creator’ rested after creating.

Don’t wait for the weekend, rest a bit each day. Play a little each day. Make everyday a great day! Put life into your day don’t just spend it working for a living. Savor the seconds and embrace them. Each day! Now as to why I am not sorry.

Because I took care of myself, too. I slept in. It was much needed. I spent the past week celebrating with others, hanging out with like minded positive people, feeding and nurturing and working on myself. Spending time brainstorming business opportunities.

Be Good To Yourself Be True To Yourself And Love Who You Are

I invested in myself, spent money doing programs I desired to do. I met new mentors, coaches, trainers and people I like to spend time around and learn from too. I dedicated the week to me and my growth. I always enjoy learning and going to positive seminars.

It was a wild week packed with joy, business, play, positive people and energy, travel, eating hotel food and foods I normally don’t eat, and little sleep. SO I slept in. I apologize but I don’t regret nor feel sorry for taking care of myself and delighting myself.

I want to remind you to do likewise, today and everyday. Gift yourself and remember to be thankful. Be a great giver and a great receiver. Allowing yourself to receive is an important part of our development and moving forward. Be an excellent receiver!

A Thankful Receiver Bears A Plentiful Harvest

Also, please remember it doesn’t matter where you are in the journey. It doesn’t matter the obstacles or the ease at which you progress. You are moving forward, as long as you move along, even if just a little bit. A little bit of change can produce huge results!

Whether your a new initiate to personal progress or advanced remember to treat yourself, AND others, kindly, with love, respect and appreciation. You are always right where you are in the journey and that is reason to celebrate. So do it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Use today to delight yourself and loved ones even more!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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