What And Why You Must Read To Be Happy And Successful!

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“I write long posts often. There is a reason for that. Leaders are readers. People who read tend to get further in their lives than others who don’t. Most famous leaders and innovators spend large portions of their daily time in reading and most importantly in study.

Reading to  gain knowledge is important, but it is also important for brain development and health. When you read you make mental images and mental connections. When you watch movies most of the images and sounds are supplied for you. You don’t do much.

When you read and when you implement what you read you grow new neural pathways. You grow your brain, the structure is actually enhanced. When you write and take notes, BY HAND, in script, you enhance brain structure and grow new neural connections.

Reading Reduces Stress And Mentally Stimulates Your Thinking

When you review and re-write your notes you are helping to wire in your learning, to make it more memorable and available for use. Learning is active and passive. The more you put into your learning the more you get back the benefits from it. It is very brain healthy.

You should read daily, as much as you can, but a least a page. Fill your mind with that which you want more of. Inspiration, motivation, creativity, positivity; use your imagination. Your brain is like a muscle that grows the more you use it. Review, re-write and re-word often.

Put what you read into your own words. Share it with others. Talk about what the author wrote. Every week or two review your notes. Re-write them. Re-word your own notes. The more you frequently review the more insight and understanding you derive.

Reading Increases Your Knowledge Your Vocabulary And Memory

Today, people don’t want to read. There are too many electronic distractions. Today, people flit from thing to thing without keeping their energy or attention on one subject. Focus and concentration is lost. We need to re-develop that. Learn to concentrate again.

When you spend time reading positive and inspiration material you fill your mind and being with possibilities, as well as, know how. You open up your horizons and expand your world. There really is no replacement for reading. Spend time reading each day.

I know some people won’t read my blogs because they are long. I also know those who take the time to read my long posts will benefit in many ways those others won’t. Read, study, engage your mind. Fill your mind positively. Pick up a book and dive into it.

It Improves You Analytical Skills Your Focus And Concentration

Find out what books those who live ultra happy and successful lives like to read and read those. Read what thought leaders and millionaires are reading. Discover which books and authors influenced them onto greatness in their lives. Study success!

Spend more time reading and reviewing and re-writing and re-wording and you will change your life for the better. Make the material you read your own. Embrace and embody what you learn rather than just adding facts and figures to your knowledge base. Read, learn, delight, APPLY and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Use today to delight yourself and loved ones even more!

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3 thoughts on “What And Why You Must Read To Be Happy And Successful!”

  1. I recommend choosing by what you are interested in. But since you have the question (a FB reader asked) I recommend most heartily The Laws Of Success and Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill to be read, studied, re-read and re-studied for perhaps a life time.

    I think the works of all the ancient philosophers, I prefer Eastern but that is just me, there are many worthwhile Western ones. The thought leaders Emerson, Wattles, Allen, Joseph Murphy, Maxwell Malts and many others.

    I think Sawn Anchor’s Happiness book, Joe Dispenza’s books and Dana Wilde’s parallel and reflect my own work in those areas and are valuable to take in. I enjoy Mike And Andy Dooley, Jeannette Maw materials, anything by Clement Stone, Bob Proctor books are good.

    There are many. At some point on my blog I may include a list. I think it is important too for the reader to search and find and I am happy to share some of my favorite authors and books. I could go on and on – old and new. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Esher Hicks, T Harv Eker… and many, many others

    At some point I may post a preferred reading list of my favorite beneficial books. Enjoy, delight and celebrate everything!

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  2. Happy Monday Rex, Just had to pop in & say thank you so much for your post. I read them everyday, save them to read again. Love your words & what it means, it has been a gift to me, as I’m sure a gift to many. I am grateful to you everyday. Thank you again, keep the post coming !!

    Regards Bonita Pelley

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