2016 Election: Some Mad Some Glad – Do You Care?


“It was a tough and sad day for many. It was a happy day for others. Some people are scared. Should they be? I don’t believe so. We don’t have to live in fear to desire positive changes. Still, many are fearful. I think we can live courageously in the face of a defeat. Some don’t.

I posted on my FB wall. Grow a pair to those who felt despair. Do I think that is important. YES I do. Don’t give up hope. I get that you are disappointed. You fought the good fight. Keep going if you choose to, or quit but don’t whine and blame and make excuses.

Do I also think, in a different situation, if someone dies, that there should be grieving time. People should grieve and can celebrate a life passed on. I should be sensitive to their loss. They are grieving the loss of an election. Is it the same, no, not really, but still…

Keep Your Thoughts Words And Actions As One

People want to grieve what they think is their dying hope. They fear the worst as a result of the election. They are entitled to. I think there are wiser choices on how to spend time but I do not actually fault them for their choice. People do what they do. Don’t they?

What IS is. Accept it and move on. Moving on may including wanting to change it. To correct what some think is a wrong or a mistake. That is fine with me too. Correct and carry on. Just don’t let results bring you down, don’t think negative, and don’t attack others.

People will do what they will do. They’ll take as much as time as they need. I don’t judge them or begrudge them. I simply point out there are other choices. I do it loudly and provocatively, at times, to get their attention, but I mean no disrespect. I want them to be free.

Imagine What 7 Billion People Could Accomplish …

Trump wins or looses, for me, the world goes on. There will be things I like and don’t like. Hillary wins same point. I will continue to love my life and work for positive change in myself, for others and the world. Every President has done some good things and some bad.

I have agreed with some changes and abhorred others. If people work to get the election result changed and are successful so be it. If they don’t succeed at this so be it. Regardless of the outcome I think now is time to operate from a higher, more positive purpose.

The election is over. We should work together. Yet, some pundits, say we shouldn’t. Do we really want another 8 years of obstruction? Maybe some do. I prefer to think we could all pitch in and work together and get along, but perhaps I am mistaken. A house divided.

… If We All Loved And Respected Each Other

Unless we attempt to work together for the greater good and leave partisan politics behind we will never know. Will we? We lived with 8 years of obstruction and a most disrespected president. He did many things I applauded. He did a number of things I disagreed with.

The world has continued for better or worse. Hasn’t it? Yes, there are still horrible problems globally. There are some pretty awful problems nationally. Instead, of putting our energy into the problems let’s put it into creating solutions. That might help.

My hope is that people are bigger than revenge and an eye for an eye politics. I think the obstructionists traitors. They have a duty, they are paid to work things out. They didn’t. We survived them. Let’s not repeat the same obnoxious, destructive acts and low level thinking.

Physical Change Starts With Mental Change

Let’s rise to a higher standard. Let’s negotiate for the people not the party. Let’s make the country and individual’s lives better. Right there, with that statement, I know there are people who think that will be impossible. But is it? Couldn’t we seek higher ground?

Hey, if you give up all hope, if you pull away from the table, take your marbles and go home and refuse to negotiate any thing then YOU are the problem. You are the problem if you hate the haters. I mean really, some people can’t see the forest for the trees.

They want to end violence and are willing to beat up, injure or kill people who are violent. That, in MY book, IS insane. They want to end hate and prejudice and then hate the people who don’t agree or think as they do. This is not good on any level.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Obstruction, anger, hatred, party politics, my side must win at all costs, we must never concede a bargaining chip, are problems and many people live this way.  All or nothing. Only my way is the right way. Agree with me or you aren’t my friend or family member.

Really? I mean REALLY? You put politics over your personal relationships. Really? DO you think your hate and intolerance of people who don’t exactly agree with you will save the world. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Get it YOU ARE! A house divided.

You should know by now there are many shades of grey. At least 50, right? So come on let’s hold ourself to a higher standard and drop partisan standoff politics. Let’s drop hating each other and realize it is our ‘right’ to disagree. To pursue happiness as each see fit. C’mon!

A House Divide Can Not Stand

Look, anger or dissatisfaction isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can be used to right many wrongs. When it is aimed at a love one or a friend, or even a stranger, simply because they hold different views than you do, then your thoughts and behaviors border on dangerous.

We want people of color to be accepted. We want people with different gender preferences and biases to be accepted. We want  equal rights for women and men. We want women to control their destinies and their bodies. We want health care for all. We want…

Oh, except those of you who don’t. Okay, so you don’t. Instead of getting made why not try to love them into agreeing with you. Why not resect the differences. Hey, you know what, maybe you and they don’t really need to convince each other. You don’t need to hate.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Do you? Do you need to hate someone just because they think or vote differently? A house divided can not stand. Consider the law of attraction and new thought philosophy. You get back what you put out. What you focus on expands and becomes magnified.

Whatever we focus on or think about most grows in importance. If we focus on and think mostly about what divides us, how the other side is wrong they what looms before us is intolerance, hatred and negativity. We get back more of the same. Some call it karma.

It makes sense. Jesus said ‘turn the other cheek’. Why, because it is difficult. What you really want to do, and are inclined to do, is hit them back harder. You wan to SMACK ’em! That is karma. Jesus said interrupt it. Rise to a higher level. Offer the other cheek.  Stop!

Every Thought We Put Into The World Affects It

Stop perpetuating the cycle of violence. Don’t mistake this as a political blog understand it as a spiritual blog or one on personal development and self improvement. Create harmony and balance. Work for the greater good. Become more loving and accepting.

Find things to appreciate about the opposition. Look for opportunities. Grow and work together. Eliminate differences by finding more agreement, NOT by eliminating the opposition. Live, love, laugh and join together. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide to make your day glorious for others too!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “2016 Election: Some Mad Some Glad – Do You Care?”

  1. The Election campaign reminded me of a blockbuster boxing match. The pre-fight trash talk, a brutal fight, and then all hugs and respect afterwards! I can’t control what THEY do, but I can control how I view it and respond to it. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Wish i felt like this but i judge people by their political views and can’t help feeling angry at people who support political leaders and parties who encourage inequality, poverty, racism, etc. oh dear me


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