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Consider Your Family And Friends

“Just a reminder. Appreciate your family and your friends. Consider yourself blessed. Find a way to celebrate each person important to you. Love more. Laugh more. Share more together. One thing you can never get back is your time. Spend time with those you love.

You are fortunate if someone likes you. You are fortunate if you are loved. Give love freely. Allow others to like and love you. Receive it fully it. Expect the best of them. See the best in them. Respect, value, treasure them. Delight in them. This is just a reminder. Call someone.

Reach out connect. Count your blessings. Express your love and gratitude. Edify and uplift those around you. Smile more. Smile more at strangers, too. Be less afraid. Be more willing to look someone in the eye.  Speak truth directly with compassion and care. Be honest.

It Is Not About Having Time – It Is About Making Time 

Remember, you live in a world of people. Lend a hand. Be able to ask for help. Support others. Allow them to support you. Enjoy it. Enjoy them. Enjoy yourself and your relationships. Make more friends. Keep your family close. Treat them well. Celebrate! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

PS Why the gravestone photo? Because nothing lasts forever. Appreciate what you have, while you have it. Love.


Stop and smell the roses, today. Take the time to love and enjoy!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Strangers And What To Do About Them


“Do you have all the friends you want or need? Would you like to have more? There is a saying, ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ I think the same applies to friendship. Be the friend you want to have first and you will win others over to you. Get it? I hope so.

Let’s reach out and become friends with people we wouldn’t think to. I sat in a mall one day 30 years again and it struck me. Given the proper circumstance and introduction anyone of these strangers passing by might become a friend. That’s really all it takes.

It struck me like a lightning bolt. A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. We pass people by and don’t realize in another situation, given the proper introduction, that person, you pass by, right now, might become your very best friend. I mean, think about that!

There Are No Strangers Here Only A Friend You Haven’t Met Yet

Perhaps, we should just be a little nicer and kinder to people who we don’t know yet. Maybe would should take the opportunity to simply smile, say hello, nod, or chat a bit. Genuinely listen to others and become interested. Don’t be a pest but be warmer to people.

Celebrate this world and everyone in it. Unite, come together instead of sewing discord. People around the world are actually much more similar than they are different regardless of any background. After all, they’re all people. Different, but the same!

Celebrate, unite, draw close. Connect, get to know. Rid yourself of fearing people you don’t know. Stop assuming they won’t like you. Start by assuming you possibly have some things in common. Start enjoying others more. Help them out. Allow others to help you.

A Simple Friendly Hello Could Lead To A Million Positive Things

Don’t be overbearing either. Give people space to be themselves. Give people space to just have space for both of you. Be authentic. Don’t assume the negative, be positive. Leave people be if they prefer to be left alone. Don’t stalk them either!

Appreciate people more and allow them in. If it makes you feel safe keep up the invisible walls you use to protect yourself but peer over them or through them. Welcome the world to you. Invite others to get to know you. Be grateful for all and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Meet someone new today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch

You Must Know This: You Are An Individual But You Aren’t The Only Individual!


“Hitler’s strategy was divide and conquer. Fortunately, he did not prevail but his method very nearly wrecked civilization as we know it. Allegedly, this country was brought together in the spirit of co-operation and an  ‘all for one and one for all’ spirit. We united.

Today, we are constantly being divided into self interest groups of one. We are individually targeted and marketed to. We no longer have network television where we all watch ‘Gunsmoke’ on Sunday nights (for 20 years) and then talk at the water cooler the next day.

We are splintered and fragmented. Instead of uniting for the common good it seems our representatives fight over what they want with little regard for the people they represent. Protests are more difficult to wage today then they were 30 or 60 years ago.

Without A Sense Of Caring There Is No Sense Of Community

We walk around with our faces in our cell phones. We no longer call a place to reach who is there we call an individual. Most all of us have cell phones. What is my point in this? Is it political? No, we could discuss politics but my point is we are separated, alone, and isolated.

We are brought together by the internet. Social media connects us. Twitter and Facebook and the rest are how we interact. We get our news and entertainment from questionable sources much of the time. It gets harder and harder to unite people for causes.

Oh, it is not over. There still are some but we are less of a community in everyday life. We no longer sit around the family room together watching TV, listening to the radio, telling stories or singing songs. We telecommute or work from home in many cases. Computers!

A Community That Excludes Even One Member Is No Community

We aren’t involved with each other the way we once we. We don’t know our neighbors, our community. John Donne coined, ‘No man is an island’ yet it seems more of us are becoming that. I question at times if that isn’t the great plan. Another form of divide and control.

BUT I said this wasn’t about politics and it isn’t. It is about co-operation. It is about teamwork. It is about the spirit of helping each other, lifting each other up, encouraging each other to move forward and stimulating and enjoying the success of those around us.

We don’t need to compete each other to death. A little competition is good to stimulate. Games are good. It encourages people to excel. However, we need not compete and destroy. We need to compete and grow stronger together. We need to make things better.

Support Each Other And Incredible Things Can Happen

We need to share what we know with others so they too can grow. We can educate and uplift. We can cooperate and thrive. We can go the extra mile and add value to others and help them succeed because then they are likely to want to return the favor to us. Get it?

Reciprocity means I buy you dinner and you feel like you want to buy me dinner. We take turns. We are mutually obligated. That is the way our world works and how it worked for so long. People doing good for each other. Helping each other. We want to give back.

That is why community meetings, dances, church, weddings, funerals were and are important. We unite. We came together to solve problems together or to celebrate lives. Solving problems together means working together toward a common goal. Cooperation.

Come Together – Unite – Hang – Enjoy – Celebrate – Be Together

That is how our political system is supposed to work. Okay, whoops, I slipped that in there, but as an example. We get nowhere obfuscating or obstructing from either side of the isle. We are supposed to be united for the good of all concerned. We aren’t.

We are passed over because of lobbyists and interest groups. Many times favors are granted to the highest bidder. Alright, enough! No more politics but I hope the example is clear. We can’t run our lives or business off the example we see in our government. Its crappy.

It isn’t a good role model any longer. That is what we should be. We should be better role models. We should be more conscientious. We need to care more for each other and a little bit less for ourself. Love yourself. It is critically important but love others too. Keep giving.

Be Around People In Person Who Can Love And Support You

Take time for the people around you. Connect in person. Put the phone away for awhile. YES, I know it is difficult to not take another selfie or text someone something inane. I know it is nearly impossible to abstain. Give it a try for a couple minutes at a time.

Connect in person! Give some attention. Listen to listen and learn not to argue and counterpoint. Listen to discover who the person you are with is and what is important to this person. Allow them to discover you too! Exchange and enjoy! Live and uplift. Share. TALK!

We are niche marketed into splinters. We aren’t exposed to diverse concepts as groups. Let’s not exist only as a person in a house at a computer but let’s be a neighborhood again. Let’s discover a diverse community not just those who are carbon copies of us.

Strangers Are Potential Friends – We Just Haven’t Met Them Yet

Let’s go beyond our limits. Let’s seek to understand outside the box and our narrow sphere of our targeted personal niche. Let’s understand and appreciate others for their different opinions and practices. Let’s become a melting pot again. Let’s connect.

Let’s cooperate. Let’s support and uplift. Let’s learn from everyone and from everywhere. Let’s celebrate the uniqueness of everyone and appreciate all the similarities. We are, people, one species, after all. We are a diverse collection of one species on one globe.

Don’t buy into the goal of the marketers and the media to provide you only what you already like. Expand your horizons. Bridge the gaps. Delight in difference. I’m not saying you can’t have your singular likes, you can, but have others also. There world is vast!

Learn From Everyone – Learn From Everywhere – Be Open – Invite

Go beyond what you know. Expose your mind to new and different ideas. Embrace and delight in all of it. Be receptive. Come out from behind the technology and interact. Face to face rather than face to Facebook. Enjoy, learn, connect and celebrate everyone and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Meet someone new today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

Divided We Fall But United We Stand: So Why Don’t We Unite?


“Divided we fall but united we stand. So why don’t we unite? We don’t unite because we are afraid. We have fears. We fear people who may be a bit different from us. People are more alike than they differ BUT what we pay attention to are those slight differences.

We fear opposite colors, religions, political parties, genders, people with money, people without money. We fear big people, little people anyone and everyone unlike us. We fear those from the inner city and the backwoods. We fear the unknown. We fear and fear.

We don’t have to but we do. Do you want to know the best way to get over your fears? OF ANYTHING? Do you know the way that actually works best. Science proves it! Exposure. Repeated exposure to what you fear desensitizes you to it! Imagine that!

There Is No Illusion Greater Than Fear – Face It And It Disappears

Face your fear and you conquer it! Systematic Desensitization (SD) works by gradually little by little exposing the person to the fear. For example, a particular insect, though not classed as one, scares many. It is okay to be afraid by the way as long as it doesn’t paralyze you.

If fear prevents you from doing what you want then you want to get ahold of it and change it. Conquer it. People who regularly risk their lives, troops, police, daredevils, firefighters, skydivers, climbers, divers, regularly, may feel scared but DO in spite of their fears.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear but going a head even while afraid. That is what bravery is. So With SD they expose the person to the ‘item’ at a distance, far enough away that the person can remain calm, even if uncomfortable. Bit by bit over time they move closer.

You Overcome Fear With Action – Go Through It Not Around It

No faster than the person remains comfortable. It may take minutes, hours, days or weeks but often, most often, the person not only finds that this alleviates their fear but some actually touch or hold the ‘item’. Not all will but many do. Regardless, they overcame their fear.

You can too. We all can. Whatever it is. We can do so safely. We can overcome our fear of people. We can unite instead of remaining afraid and divided. Perhaps, it is a way of controlling people to keep them fearing and fighting each other. Divide them and you control.

I prefer to get along with near about everyone. Too many cool people in the world to worry about the few that ain’t. Get it? Focus on what you want. There are far more good people in the world than bad. Every bad ass dictator has gone down. Consider that a moment.

Don’t Let Fear Of What Could Happen Make Nothing Happen

They had done horrible things and then perished. When tragedy or calamity strikes, people rush to help each other. We have lots of good strangers in the world. Sure, some aren’t but most are. There are more fair weather days than bad weather days. Really, there is.

It is all a lot better than we think it is. Why? Because most of us listen to the news or FB. Do you know studies indicate that using FB is depressing. Most of the feed stories are negative and most people combatant over hot topics. We just need to wean ourselves away.

Drop negativity and that which divides us. Stop fostering it. Stop allowing it. Let go of the fear of differences. Celebrate them. Celebrate the similarities too. Accept, allow, receive. Focus on what you want to create that is positive. Focus on good news. Do it!

Put Your Fears Behind You – Put Your Dreams In Front Of You

It is all possible. We can do it. We can unite. We can get along. We can move beyond argument and into agreement. We can look for that which brings us closer instead of that which separates us. We can create harmony and together celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make a difference in someone’s life today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2016 Election: Some Mad Some Glad – Do You Care?


“It was a tough and sad day for many. It was a happy day for others. Some people are scared. Should they be? I don’t believe so. We don’t have to live in fear to desire positive changes. Still, many are fearful. I think we can live courageously in the face of a defeat. Some don’t.

I posted on my FB wall. Grow a pair to those who felt despair. Do I think that is important. YES I do. Don’t give up hope. I get that you are disappointed. You fought the good fight. Keep going if you choose to, or quit but don’t whine and blame and make excuses.

Do I also think, in a different situation, if someone dies, that there should be grieving time. People should grieve and can celebrate a life passed on. I should be sensitive to their loss. They are grieving the loss of an election. Is it the same, no, not really, but still…

Keep Your Thoughts Words And Actions As One

People want to grieve what they think is their dying hope. They fear the worst as a result of the election. They are entitled to. I think there are wiser choices on how to spend time but I do not actually fault them for their choice. People do what they do. Don’t they?

What IS is. Accept it and move on. Moving on may including wanting to change it. To correct what some think is a wrong or a mistake. That is fine with me too. Correct and carry on. Just don’t let results bring you down, don’t think negative, and don’t attack others.

People will do what they will do. They’ll take as much as time as they need. I don’t judge them or begrudge them. I simply point out there are other choices. I do it loudly and provocatively, at times, to get their attention, but I mean no disrespect. I want them to be free.

Imagine What 7 Billion People Could Accomplish …

Trump wins or looses, for me, the world goes on. There will be things I like and don’t like. Hillary wins same point. I will continue to love my life and work for positive change in myself, for others and the world. Every President has done some good things and some bad.

I have agreed with some changes and abhorred others. If people work to get the election result changed and are successful so be it. If they don’t succeed at this so be it. Regardless of the outcome I think now is time to operate from a higher, more positive purpose.

The election is over. We should work together. Yet, some pundits, say we shouldn’t. Do we really want another 8 years of obstruction? Maybe some do. I prefer to think we could all pitch in and work together and get along, but perhaps I am mistaken. A house divided.

… If We All Loved And Respected Each Other

Unless we attempt to work together for the greater good and leave partisan politics behind we will never know. Will we? We lived with 8 years of obstruction and a most disrespected president. He did many things I applauded. He did a number of things I disagreed with.

The world has continued for better or worse. Hasn’t it? Yes, there are still horrible problems globally. There are some pretty awful problems nationally. Instead, of putting our energy into the problems let’s put it into creating solutions. That might help.

My hope is that people are bigger than revenge and an eye for an eye politics. I think the obstructionists traitors. They have a duty, they are paid to work things out. They didn’t. We survived them. Let’s not repeat the same obnoxious, destructive acts and low level thinking.

Physical Change Starts With Mental Change

Let’s rise to a higher standard. Let’s negotiate for the people not the party. Let’s make the country and individual’s lives better. Right there, with that statement, I know there are people who think that will be impossible. But is it? Couldn’t we seek higher ground?

Hey, if you give up all hope, if you pull away from the table, take your marbles and go home and refuse to negotiate any thing then YOU are the problem. You are the problem if you hate the haters. I mean really, some people can’t see the forest for the trees.

They want to end violence and are willing to beat up, injure or kill people who are violent. That, in MY book, IS insane. They want to end hate and prejudice and then hate the people who don’t agree or think as they do. This is not good on any level.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Obstruction, anger, hatred, party politics, my side must win at all costs, we must never concede a bargaining chip, are problems and many people live this way.  All or nothing. Only my way is the right way. Agree with me or you aren’t my friend or family member.

Really? I mean REALLY? You put politics over your personal relationships. Really? DO you think your hate and intolerance of people who don’t exactly agree with you will save the world. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Get it YOU ARE! A house divided.

You should know by now there are many shades of grey. At least 50, right? So come on let’s hold ourself to a higher standard and drop partisan standoff politics. Let’s drop hating each other and realize it is our ‘right’ to disagree. To pursue happiness as each see fit. C’mon!

A House Divide Can Not Stand

Look, anger or dissatisfaction isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can be used to right many wrongs. When it is aimed at a love one or a friend, or even a stranger, simply because they hold different views than you do, then your thoughts and behaviors border on dangerous.

We want people of color to be accepted. We want people with different gender preferences and biases to be accepted. We want  equal rights for women and men. We want women to control their destinies and their bodies. We want health care for all. We want…

Oh, except those of you who don’t. Okay, so you don’t. Instead of getting made why not try to love them into agreeing with you. Why not resect the differences. Hey, you know what, maybe you and they don’t really need to convince each other. You don’t need to hate.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Do you? Do you need to hate someone just because they think or vote differently? A house divided can not stand. Consider the law of attraction and new thought philosophy. You get back what you put out. What you focus on expands and becomes magnified.

Whatever we focus on or think about most grows in importance. If we focus on and think mostly about what divides us, how the other side is wrong they what looms before us is intolerance, hatred and negativity. We get back more of the same. Some call it karma.

It makes sense. Jesus said ‘turn the other cheek’. Why, because it is difficult. What you really want to do, and are inclined to do, is hit them back harder. You wan to SMACK ’em! That is karma. Jesus said interrupt it. Rise to a higher level. Offer the other cheek.  Stop!

Every Thought We Put Into The World Affects It

Stop perpetuating the cycle of violence. Don’t mistake this as a political blog understand it as a spiritual blog or one on personal development and self improvement. Create harmony and balance. Work for the greater good. Become more loving and accepting.

Find things to appreciate about the opposition. Look for opportunities. Grow and work together. Eliminate differences by finding more agreement, NOT by eliminating the opposition. Live, love, laugh and join together. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide to make your day glorious for others too!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What To Do With The Important People In Your Life?


“Tonight I am at a film festival. It is good to see some old friends. It is good to meet new friends. For the blog today,  I encourage you to catch up with family and friends. Nurture your relationships. Celebrate the people you know. Stop and listen and learn from them.

Take a moment to really connect. Enjoy the people who make up your life. Business, while important, is not that important. I grew up, for the most part, surrounded by filmmakers. Many whose heads were planted firmly planted up the rectal canal.  Vision limited.

I mean no disrespect. However, while film is important people are more important. I know some will disagree. I am writing tonight to remind you to connect and enjoy. Celebrate and love. Make time to savor your family and friends and support each other.

Take The Time To Tell Someone Why They Are Special To You

Take a moment and list out what you appreciate about each of your children, your siblings, your parents, you partners in life, your closest friends. Really think about what makes them special and what you like about them. Appreciate them. Sometime, perhaps, tell them.

Tell them why they are so important to you. Look them in the eye and let them know you care. It is one thing to say ‘I love you’ and it is another to tell them what you like and admire about them and why. Be grateful. Live, laugh, love and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Get in touch with a loved one today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Quickly And Easily Feel Inspired And Motivated Any Time!


“You want to feel inspired? Would you like to feel more motivated? What can you do to get your dreams easier and more quickly? How can you unleash your own power to go after the career, the love, the life that you want? What is something you can do right now?

The answer is easy and simple. Inspire someone else. Use your words, your feelings and you actions to inspire someone who needs it. Use your words, feelings and actions to motivate someone who feels unmotivated. Put your power and presence into action.

Don’t wait for the right time. Begin sharing what you know today. Begin sharing what you feel from your heart. Help someone else get ahead. It is one of the quickest ways to learn what you need to know. It is one of the fastest ways to move yourself forward, too.

Help Others Achieve Their Dreams And You Will Achieve Yours

When you give of yourself, to help another person in need, you use your personal resources, your knowledge and your experience, your thoughts, words, feelings and actions to come to their aid. You use everything you know and everything you are learning.

You apply all of this to assisting a person in need. You share lovingly, you instruct, you question, you understand and you lead them gently. You might use some tough love and some loving kindness. Everything you use for another you could benefit from yourself.

Because you are helping another it is easier to ‘get’ what you need to do. Your helping them will help you. You will learn much from sharing with them. You will become aware of so many things. You may hear reasons or excuses, complaints or blames and answer those.

We Rise By Lifting Others – Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

Many may be the same you have in other circumstances. After all, as people we are far more similar, most of the time, than we are actually different. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn what you need to learn. Don’t ‘act like a teacher’ simply share what you know.

Sharing is wonderful. There is no stress or burden if you ask, ‘mind if I share with you something I have recently learned?’ If they answer ‘yes’ they have given your permission to share. Don’t abuse their permission, share, let them decide to do with what you offer.

If they reject it, that is what they do. You still shared. You still had the experience. Whether they understand today or tomorrow isn’t your concern, your part is sharing. You plant a seed then the universe decides if it grows. Allow them latitude to agree or disagree. Let go.

Power Is The Ability To Do Good Things For Others

Simply share. Let them accept or reject. JUST share. When done, you are done. The value for you is in what you did. The value for you is you helped another. You sought to use what you knew to inspire and motivate. You attempted to help another person feel better.

How else might it benefit you. You did something kind for someone. They may reciprocate in the future when you need some uplifting. They may reciprocate in other ways as well. Let them decide whether they respond in this way or not. You didn’t do it for reward.

You did it because you wanted to help another person. You did it because you know by sharing and helping it helps you to learn the lessons you need to know better. It really does. You can be your own best teacher by helping many others one by one. It truly works!

By Learning You Will Teach – By Teaching You Will Learn

Delight in sharing. Have fun. Allow yourself to be great at it or to suck at it. It doesn’t matter when your heart is in the right place. Allow yourself to appreciate the difficulty the other person may have. Appreciate their difficulty in possibly accepting your help.

Appreciate every aspect of this process. Don’t judge. Do not label. Let go of all assumptions and be open to discovering many knew learnings. Be gentle and lead from the heart. It is about connection and trust. It is about well-being and compassion.

It IS about relationship. It is about nurturing and encouraging. Everything about this process can be a blessing. Enjoy it. Delight in it. Let go, allow, and accept. Be free to give and to receive. Stay open and Be sure to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Thrill yourself today in positive ways.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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