2016 Election Results: What We Can Learn From A Trump Win And Accomplish In The Future


“I venture an opinion why Trump won the election from a collective consciousness position. There is a simple reason I hope we all could learn and benefit greatly from. Whether you are for or not for Trump is not my concern. This isn’t about politics. Truly, it isn’t political.

It isn’t meant to be political. It is an analysis of our behaviors and our thinking processes from the standpoint of creating, manifesting and the Law Of Attraction. In this I share New Thought and ancient wisdom and practice. We get what we put out there. We create.

Following this line of thinking that thoughts become things; that what you think about you bring about; that we become what we think about most often and that what we put out there comes back to us, let’s make a possible observation. I’ll keep it simple.

Most People Think About What They Don’t Want …

Some people wanted Donald Trump to win. Some people wanted Hillary Clinton to win. Some wanted other candidates. Some wanted neither to win. Some didn’t care and didn’t participate. Some wanted Trump to lose more than they cared he win. Same with Hillary.

Let’s look at some of these. Some people wanted Trump to lose MORE THAN they wanted Hillary to win. They focused mostly on what they did not want. Their energy went into Trump must loose. They wanted to stop Trump. Their concern wasn’t Hillary.

Trump people were very, very, pro Trump. They wanted him to win. As for Hillary some people were very pro Hillary. Some because they wanted her she was the best choice and they were hopeful. Others because we must stop Trump. Prevent Trump from winning.

… Then Wonder Why It Keeps Showing Up Over And Over Again

Many were divided about Hillary. They were unsure. Some totally convinced but a lot chose her as the better of two bad choices. Not totally convinced but she was the only alternative to Trump. Some wanted Bernie and were upset. They didn’t want Hillary at all.

Some flat out didn’t want Hillary. Then there were those who wanted Hillary to lose more than they wanted Trump to win. Then there were those who didn’t care. Then there were third party voters. Then there were those who never showed up to vote.

Think tipping point. You get what you focus on. Where is the preponderance of the energy flowing? Where is more attention given to which candidate most of the time? From the beginning I think we’d agree it was Donald Trump. Good or bad. Right or not.

Create What You Want – Attract What You Want – Stay Focused

If you want Trump you are focused on Trump. If you don’t want Trump you are focused on Trump. Same is true regarding Hillary. However, if you aren’t certain about Hillary you aren’t focused on Hillary. If you don’t care about either, neither matters much.

However, one might argue even a little caring about one candidate over the other provides more energy toward that candidate. Yes, perhaps. I think one can agree that Trump was the most focused on. Trump was everyone’s focal point. Trump was a lightning rod.

New Thought philosophy, which arose in ancient times, suggests we bring about what we think about. That means you can manifest what you absolutely want and desire most. It also means you bring about what you want to avoid and exclude. You get what you don’t want.

You Are Destined To Become The Person You Decide To Be

If you aren’t aimed totally on what you want you get what you fear or worry about most by default. This is an critical to understand. If your mind drifts and isn’t focused you still get results but they are probably undesirable much of the time and ok at other times.

Drifting is where many, if not most, people, live. However, I’ll save that point for another post. I have discussed it much in these pages. Check out other posts. Returning to my premise. Donald Trump caught and kept everyone’s attention whether one liked him or not.

All the energy was focused on Donald from the start. He got the media points, he got the attention. He made news daily. Positive and negative. How he was embraced or rejected is based on our perceptions of who he is. We make those assessments.

You Attract To Your Life Whatever You Give Energy And Focus On

Regardless of whether you wanted him or didn’t you could not escape him if you had anything to do with media. Many people loved him. Many people hated him. He trumped every GOP candidate and DEM candidate in the media every single day. He was news!

People were scared. He was in everyone’s attention and limelight. Hillary paled by comparison. More people, positively or negatively, focused on Trump than on her. Whether you liked her or not she just didn’t carry the charismatic lightning rod weight as he did.

He was fresh and new. A maverick. An outsider. A celebrity known to be extravagant and eccentric. Hillary had been first lady, Secretary of State, a career politician. Trump was sexy she was not. I do not mean in the traditional sense I mean as a product or candidate.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

Think about it from a brain stand point.  Many of us are aware that the brain doesn’t process negative language. ‘Don’t think about an elephant’ results in thinking about and picturing an elephant. ‘I don’t want X to win’ results in thinking about and imaging X winning.

This is why we create or attract what we don’t want. We keep imagining it over and over. Consider this. What is the most important part of this sentence? ‘I don’t want Trump to win.’ What is the focal point? Trump winning! That is where all the energy is!

I think the Bernie movement succeeded as much as it did because of the many pro Bernie people. They created momentum and energy around what they wanted. It is more important to keep in mind what we are going for than what we want to rid ourselves of. Learn this.

See It In Your Mind And One Day You Can Hold It In Your Hand

It’s important to know what you want to change to remove pain, suffering and injustice. Notice it. Determine what needs to change then focus on what you want in its place. What do you want instead of the pain and injustice. Where do you put energy? Where’s it go?

Keep your eye on the solution not the problem. Focus on the prize and the win. Not the loss. Yes, part of knowing what you want to bring about comes from knowing what you don’t want any longer. If you have a pebble in your shoe, remove it, and walk on comfortably.

Focus on where you want to arrive at. Stop recalling the pain of the pebble. Put more energy into what you want than what you don’t want. My point about the election is massive energy went to Trump. Less went toward Hillary. Trump can’t win becomes Trump win!

You Get What You Focus On – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Perhaps, we can learn about this for our personal lives as well as elections. Focus on what you want to create rather than fighting what you prefer not to have. Build rather than tear down. Create and manifest the good you desire. Put your energies into that!

Aim and focus on your positive goals. You have a far better chance succeeding if you aim at what you want than if you aim at what you don’t! Why, because you WILL get what you don’t want. Energy flows where your attention goes. This is critical to understand.

Whether you are happy or sad at the outcome. That is what we got. NOW how we think, feel and behave is critical. What do we want now that these two men hold office? What kind of future and world do we want? How can we put our energies into positive changes?

Take Charge Of Your Thoughts And You Take Charge Of Your Life

If we fear the worst we attract the worst. If we put our energy into positive change, at the very least, we have the chance and the opportunity for creating and attracting positive change. Stay focused, stay optimistic, stay positive. Put energy into positive good.

Leaving the election results for the moment, what do you want for yourself? Discover what positive good that is and focus on it. No excuses, no blaming anything. Work to make it happen. Develop an ‘I can learn to do it’ attitude and you will. Make it happen. I CAN DO it!

Focus on what you want to include and you can have it. Stop focusing on what you worry about, fear, or wish to exclude. Withdraw the energy. Put energy into accomplishing your goals. You can do it. We can do it. As an individual or as a nation we can create.

Our Life Our Present Our Future Are What Our Thoughts Make It

We always are. The question is what are we focused on? Are we focused on co-operation, abundance, positivity, success, accomplishment, fairness, generosity, rising together or otherwise. We will bring about that which we focus on most and most often.

The election is monumental energy. More energy surrounded Trump than surrounded Hillary. There was more momentum. Whether the outcome is good or not good we shall see. Simply realize WE did this. We manifested this. Some people say we get what we deserve.

This means do we feel we are worthy of the best. If not we need to make some inner changes to be certain we do. Why ever settle for less? Unless, of course, you don’t think we deserve the best. You do, I do. As individuals and as citizens of any nation we deserve the best.

There Are No Limitations You Can Dream Anything Is Possible

Don’t scream and yell and blame and accuse. Learn and decide to make happen what you want to make happen for yourself in the future. Learn to do the same with our representatives where ever you live. This election serves as an example. Manage your thoughts!

I hope this hasn’t upset you too much. The election is a hot bed of emotions for many. Many got upset with me for social media posts encouraging people to accept what is and move on. I get it. I might be upset with me too had I been the recipient of that message.

Learn the principles. Put them into practice and benefit. Remember we create our own dreams and nightmares. We either attract and create what we fear most and don’t want or we attract and create what we most want to enjoy. It is a mental decision. It is a choice!

Creation Begins With A Thought That Is Transformed Into Reality

Our thoughts, our perceptions create our reality. Think what do you want to make happen! Be grateful for your ability to do this and then LEARN how to do this. Learn to manage and control your thinking so you get more of the positive results you want. It is incredible!

If you don’t vote you get what others decide for you. If you don’t manage your thinking you get what others decide for you. Take control of your future by learning how to live powerfully in the present. Be happy, be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide to make your day glorious no matter what!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “2016 Election Results: What We Can Learn From A Trump Win And Accomplish In The Future”

  1. This is so spot on and I am grateful to read this’ll I am going to apply this in my personal life. It’s very helpful for me in getting back on track with what I’ve always known. ❤️

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  2. Interesting observation. I remember the days when we all said “anything but Bush”. …and look what we got. 

    From: Rex Sikes’ Daily Inspiration and Gratitude rexsikes posted: “”I venture a opinion why Trump won the election from a collective consciousness position. There is a simple reason I hope we all could learn and benefit greatly from. Whether you are for or not for Trump is not my concern. This isn’t about politics. T”


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