Do A Body Good Now And Then


“Remember, to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. A lot of what I write is about the incredible power we all have to manage our thoughts and control our mind. It is just as important to house that mind/brain inside a healthy body. Make sure you take care of it.

Get plenty of rest. Sleep. Eat well. Eat healthy. I prefer organic but whether you care for the label or not attempt to limit processed foods and eat nutritious whole foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits. The finest quality meats (if you indulge). Don’t skimp on your food.

Fast food today is really not fast, cheap or food. Avoid food substitutes. Drink plenty of pure fresh water. Stay well hydrated. A rule of thumb advocated by many is to divide you weight in half and convert half to ounces. Drink that amount during your waking hours.

Taking Care Of Yourself Is The Best Selfish Thing You Can Do

For example: A 200 lb man should drink 100 ounces of water during his waking hours. If your urine is bright yellow you aren’t drinking enough. If it is clear you are drinking too much water. Pale yellow tint is about right. Stay well hydrated you will have more energy.

You will also loose more weight or maintain you weight more easily. Get plenty of exercise. You choose but move your body. Walking is excellent for overall well being. You will increase your stamina and become more fit but not more muscular. Stretch, become flexible.

Consider your mail delivery person. If they walk they may be trim but they rarely become muscular. Walking an hour a day or more is desirable. Stand when you can. If you sit a lot attempt to get up every 20 minutes or so. Don’t sit for long periods. Breathe. Breathe.

Today Do One Thing To Take Care Of You – Do It Again Tomorrow

Take breathes. Get fresh air. Take a pause to breathe. If you work on computer a lot take an eye break about every 20 minutes too. Look as far off as you can. Look all the way out the window or across the room. Shift your focus to the distance. Rest your eyes. Relax.

Smile more. Laugh more. Have fun taking care of yourself. Approach it lovingly. Gift yourself when you do things in your best interest. Not all the time but every so often reward yourself for accomplishing something you set out to do. Enjoy the reward.

Love and appreciate your body and you mind. Appreciate yourself for taking care of you. Assist your body in taking care of you by maintaining a positive mindset and a lit inner light or spirit. Have fun. Play games. Skip, sing, dance, play music.  Do yoga. This is the key!

You Can Get Old Pretty Young If You Don’t Take Care Of Yourself

Be grateful to your body, mind and spirit. Love your body, mind and spirit. Edify and uplift it. Too many people think and make negative comments about what they do not like. Start liking everything. Start validating your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit.

When you do you will begin to notice changes. These may be subtle at first. Remember, what you put out comes back. It goes around. Your body, mind, emotions and spirit will be more responsive to you when you appreciate, love and validate. You get what you focus on.

Love yourself. Enjoy yourself. Feel inspiried. Read inspirational material. Share and inspire others. Immerse yourself in healthy mind and body practices. Surround yourself with joy. Relax, take a bath, let go. Be stress and carefree. Celebrate! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Accept no imitations. Be authentic.

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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