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Reclaim Your Sanity: De-Clutter Your Mind and Your Life

“While a messy desk may be a sign of genius, a messy house can wreak havoc on an otherwise calm mind. Some people cannot function well if the home or office or car is littered with things out of place. Some people just can’t hit a positive stride with things amiss.

A messy mind may be indicative of a messy life. A messy life may indicate a messy mind. These go hand in hand since the outer IS a reflection of the inner. We create from within to without. From thought comes our feelings, actions, behaviors and results.

Clean up your house, and you feel better. Take it easy. Do it bit by bit. Choose an area and straighten it up. After you do, you’ll feel good and feel like doing more. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Do it bit by bit, but do it! Fix up the world you live in. You will be glad!

Clear Out Physical Clutter And You Cleanse Your Mind

It is as important and  beneficial for people to de-clutter their inner world. Clean up the inside of your head. Eliminate the mental clutter of distractions and limitations. There are many ways you can begin to do this. Get your thoughts out. Use your voice to weaken them.

You can talk out your thoughts. Speak out loud when alone and in private. Get clear. Listen to yourself. It’s okay to do this. It helps clarify what you are thinking since thoughts can be quick. Speaking helps you to slow down. Write them out. That is even slower.

Writing and journaling is more deliberate. You can go back and review the evolution. As you gain clarity, talk and write out your thinking. You may notice it helps them to dissipate. This is one reason why we shouldn’t discuss our dreams with others.

Clear Out Mental Clutter And You Cleanse Your Soul

Talking about things weakens things. It causes the energy to dissipate. So keep your dreams private! Move. Walk around. Breathe. DO anything that allows you to feel better. Watch your thoughts. Meditate. Recognize, thoughts are something you think.

Thoughts are not you. Thoughts are merely tools.  We can use them to create great things. We can ignore them, when they don’t benefit us. Learning to manage your own thinking is one of the most important skills you can ever learn! Many won’t, but you can! Do it!

If the thoughts you think are not supportive, change them. Trade them in for more supportive ones. I mean, why not? If they suck, chuck them! Clean out your mental house. Eliminate those thinking things that  prevent you from peace and happiness. Really, do it.

Clear Out Clutter And Make More Space For You To Delight 

Unless you are a hoarder, most people throw out, or give away, old clothing, shoes, childhood belongings, and items they no longer need or use. Yes, some have sentimental value, but each spring many people clean house or the garage. DO the same inside your head.

Except do it daily! Manage your thinking and you will think and feel and act better. You will get better results and live a happier, more successful life. If you don’t, you will keep things the same. Get it? If you don’t change something, everything remains as it is. Change!

Gratitude is another excellent way to get ahead of the clutter. Be thankful. Appreciate everything small and large. Express your gratitude fully in feelings. Count and list your blessings. Whenever down, worried or anxious switch your thinking over to what you are thankful for. It works! Become aware. Feel grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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How The Mind Helps Heal The Body

Here is a method for increasing our health and well being. We only have one mind and one body this go around,  at least, as far as we know. It makes sense to make the best use of our mind and body and to take as good care of it as possible. Imagine feeling better.

While mindfulness is a brand, the practice of meditation is of immense value. The benefits of meditation and positive thinking are worth making these a daily habit. Both of these have been shown to help us to live healthier in both mind and body. We get good results.

I enjoy sharing articles with you that can help you transform your life or at the very least help you gain a better understanding of topics and the need to create healthy daily routines and habits. Engaging in positive daily rituals will help you in many positive ways. Try it on!

Perception Is Everything – Change How And What You Perceive

The sub-header says it all, ‘How mental and physical health is affected by the way we perceive and relate to it’. Our mindset determines our mindset and our physical well-being. We cannot escape the affect of our thoughts and perceptions.

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It is cyclic too. Our health affects our thoughts. When you feel on top of the world you think better and clearer. Mind and body are part of the same cybernetic system. The are one, in reality, but we tend to divide them. We use mind and body to navigate the world.

A healthy mind and healthy body is obviously optimal. This is why it is important seek to improve both as best we are able. It does begin with our thinking. Maintaining a positive attitude is one of the best things you can do for yourself. So is maintaining a healthy body.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

Meditation is a practice that can help you do both. If you don’t or haven’t I suggest you give it a go. As with anything it takes time to master. Patience and persistence is required. Take it lightly and enjoy it. Practice gratitude too. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Stop! You Are More Likely To Fail If You Do This!

“There are times when you have to be smart or suffer potential consequences. Many people attempt to work harder, and harder, to get ahead. Instead, they actually put themselves at risk of screwing up everything. Be smart. Know when to quit. Know when to let go.

No, I am not suggesting giving up on your dreams. I am suggesting taking a break. Don’t work when you’re exhausted. Stop trying so hard. Quit and take a break because you’re more prone to negativity, pessimism and even accidents, when you’re tired and worn out.

Take care of your mind and body.  Stop and go have a little fun. Lighten your load and spend time chilling out. Return to your work once you’re refreshed. You will perform much better. YOU have to be your own benevolent boss and  know when to stop! Get it?

Breathe – Take A Break – Rest – Have Fun – Then Move Forward

You make less mistakes, and have less do overs, when you are at the top of your game. If your mind is worn out, if your mindset is strained or tired, if your body needs rest, take the rest you need. You’ll be more productive when you are positive and feeling good. Get it?

So be good to yourself. Be gentle and kind. Keep yourspirits up! You get further faster when you are feeling great, anyway. Make it a point to always feel your best. Do those simple things I’ve shared elsewhere in my blogs to keep feeling good as you journey.

Savor each moment. Stop and smell the roses. Don’t allow yourself to fall two or more steps back because you didn’t take care of, and look out for, yourself. Enjoy the process. If you aren’t, stop. Take a breather! Stay positive. Stay optimistic. Keep feeling marvelous. Feel delighted, grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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This Couldn’t Be More Clear But I Bet You Missed It: Please Don’t

“I’d like to point something out that should be obvious but sometimes it is not. I am an actor and filmmaker. I wear many hats. I’ve spent most of my life speaking on personal transformation, enlightenment, NLP, whole brain learning and the Law Of Attraction.

I shouldn’t have to refer to acting or filmmaking in every post, for actors or filmmakers to understand the principles and approaches I share can be applied to them. They can use these personally and to advance their careers. These principles apply to all of us to use.

Whatever walk of life you are in, or from, you can use these materials to make it better for yourself and others. BUT, I get it. Sometimes, we are so focused on ourself, or career, we limit the opportunities around us. We don’t see clearly. We only see ‘IT’.

Be Present – Be Playful – Be Divine – Live Fully – Enjoy Life

When I was a young actor in Hollywood I hated weekends and holidays because I couldn’t pursue my career or craft. Most all my friends were ‘in the business.’ I didn’t have time for fun and frivolity, even relationships were dependent on career choices and moves.

The bottom line is my life was so ‘movie business’ I didn’t have much of a life. That isn’t what life is about. Life is way too short to be so preoccupied, that we haven’t time for anything else. I want to share something, again, with you Napoleon Hill said. I paraphrase.

He stated he had modeled 520 of the then richest people in the world. He knew them, spent time in their homes, knew their families and out of all 520, he stated, only one was happy! The rest were obsessed, families in chaos, kids screwed up. They were messes!

Playing Builds Brain Pathways For Creativity Flexibility And More

Some killed themselves, others turned to drugs and alcohol. Why? Because they weren’t balanced. They were greedy. They quested money to the exclusion of everything else. He points out, if you want it you can get it, but be careful of what or how much you want.

Hill said he suffered similar consequences. He wanted things money could bring him. Ultimately, he realized, and reported nearer the end of his life that peace, happiness, relationships were more important. He said, get rich that is fine, but don’t be so greedy it ruins you.

The same is true about actors, artists, lawyers, bankers, educators, laborers and people from every walk. Live a little. Love a lot. Laugh and have good times. Enjoy life as it is happening. Don’t put it off. Pursue your careers and passions but don’t get lost or fanatical.

Life Is Better When You Are Smiling And Laughing

Take time to enjoy each other. To notice how beautiful this world actually is. Travel. It doesn’t have to be far, or cost a lot. Take a walk. Go for a ride. See something that inspires you. Fall in love. Share good times with others. Have fun. Relax, too. Enjoy tiny moments.

Remember, living makes you a better artist. The director Elia Kazan said, if you want to be a better actor or director, you need to live more and experience as much as you can. You can’t only focus on your craft. You need to bring in things from the outside.

Much of the innovation in the world comes from outside the field of inquiry. For example, when Edison attempted making the light bulb, after a while, his insights came from how charcoal is made; coals smoldering under dirt. He realized, he needed a vacuum tube.

Have A Sweet Tongue Dirty Mind Playful Heart And Loving Soul

Frequently, people puzzling over problems take breaks, naps and illumination occurs to them, in the same way you remember a name or bit of information, by giving up trying to recall it. Later, it pops in. Cross pollination; ideas coming from multiple sources, melding.

Relax. Let go. Sing, dance, make love. Laugh, skip, explore. Talk over a beverage or a picnic. Spend time doing other things. Have hobbies and other interests. Make more friends and acquaintances. Volunteer somewhere. Help someone else.  Enjoy the silence.

Enjoy the sun. Bask in the rain. These posts are meant to encourage, inspire, inform, motivate, give practical tips or suggestions you can easily implement. They are for everyone! Anyone can utilize the information. If you don’t use it, it is only info. If you apply, it can be life changing! Use what you learn to make life sumptuous. Live and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


The world is your oyster!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Begin To Claim Back Your Health And Well Being

Horizons monarch-phil-koch

“The road to good health and fitness is lined with products and services. Exercise equipment and gym memberships unused. Diets tried, applied and given up on. It is a billion dollar industry much of which is driven by profits for failure. Is good health possible?

Yes, of course it is. Everyday healthy, well-adjusted, happy people walk the planet. At the same time heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes for young and old, allergies are on the increase. Much of this is related to the chemicals and additives hidden in our foods.

Our food, our soil, are nutritionally depleted and most people live on processed, packaged, fast foods or restaurants. We live in boxes with off gassing carpets and particle board. Our water is fluoridated and contaminated. Sorry, it is not a pretty picture overall.

It Only Takes One Person To Change Your Life – That Person Is You

Yet, most science and research and experts agree that filling your mind with happy, positive or pleasant thoughts is the quickest road to health. Research into beliefs and the placebo effect demonstrate the effectiveness of our mindset in healing and recovery.

We can experience greater well being maintaining a high vibration positive mindset; an optimistic outlook, coupled with healthy daily practices. A good dose of positivity and personal belief in your own health, moderate exercise, good food and sleep can work wonders.

Attitude determines your altitude. It is the special ingredient that helps all the rest work together more easily and effortlessly. The quickest way to make and manage any lifestyle change,  job or career, relationships, etc., is by adopting a healthy positive attitude.

You Are What You Eat So Don’t Be Cheap Fast Easy Or Fake

Your happy thoughts and practices do help create a healthy body and mind. If there are a lot of changes you wish to make do a little bit at a time. First and foremost get your thinking working for you. That is number one. Control your thoughts and emotions. Think positive.

Adjust what you eat to include more healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit the amount of processed foods and sugars. Drink more pure. clean water. Walk more, move more. Get some better sleep. Detox occasionally by bath or sauna. Get some fresh air.

Keep it simple. Avoid chemical and toxins in products. Read labels.  If you can pronounce what is in it don’t buy or eat it. When it comes to hair and body products a good rule of thumb is if you can’t eat it (or pronounce it) don’t wear it or use it. Simplify everything.

Stick With It – The Longer You Do The More Normal It Will  Feel

You don’t have to try to live in a log cabin or back in time. Simply attempt to get a little bit closer to nature. Live life and eat more like it was a 150 years ago when there fewer less chemicals and substances in the environment, our food, and less artificial light.

We were closer to the earth, more agrarian and less industrialized. Today, we are bombarded by microwaves, wi-fi, constant endless, distractions, chemicals, pesticides, poisons in our food, water and building and decorating materials. Simplify. Get back to nature.

Get back to nature even just little bit. We can’t escape the woes of the world, yet, we need not be worried or live fearfully. What we are able to do to live healthier, perhaps we should do. Engage in healthy mental and physical practices. Relax more, chill and seek balance.

Today’s Progress Is Determined By Yesterday’s Choices

Meditate and forgive. Practice appreciation and gratitude. Live and let live. Enjoy people and the planet. Get out more often. Socialize. Leave political talk aside sometimes and just have fun and pleasant conversations. Dance, sing, be free. Let go. Delight and enjoy.

You’ll feel better if you do a little of each of these. It isn’t difficult if you take tiny steps to improve your health overall. Then it is just a step at a time. You can do this. It is quite simple to simplify. Think, eat, sleep, move and live well. Celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

It is your day. Spend it well!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do A Body Good Now And Then


“Remember, to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. A lot of what I write is about the incredible power we all have to manage our thoughts and control our mind. It is just as important to house that mind/brain inside a healthy body. Make sure you take care of it.

Get plenty of rest. Sleep. Eat well. Eat healthy. I prefer organic but whether you care for the label or not attempt to limit processed foods and eat nutritious whole foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits. The finest quality meats (if you indulge). Don’t skimp on your food.

Fast food today is really not fast, cheap or food. Avoid food substitutes. Drink plenty of pure fresh water. Stay well hydrated. A rule of thumb advocated by many is to divide you weight in half and convert half to ounces. Drink that amount during your waking hours.

Taking Care Of Yourself Is The Best Selfish Thing You Can Do

For example: A 200 lb man should drink 100 ounces of water during his waking hours. If your urine is bright yellow you aren’t drinking enough. If it is clear you are drinking too much water. Pale yellow tint is about right. Stay well hydrated you will have more energy.

You will also loose more weight or maintain you weight more easily. Get plenty of exercise. You choose but move your body. Walking is excellent for overall well being. You will increase your stamina and become more fit but not more muscular. Stretch, become flexible.

Consider your mail delivery person. If they walk they may be trim but they rarely become muscular. Walking an hour a day or more is desirable. Stand when you can. If you sit a lot attempt to get up every 20 minutes or so. Don’t sit for long periods. Breathe. Breathe.

Today Do One Thing To Take Care Of You – Do It Again Tomorrow

Take breathes. Get fresh air. Take a pause to breathe. If you work on computer a lot take an eye break about every 20 minutes too. Look as far off as you can. Look all the way out the window or across the room. Shift your focus to the distance. Rest your eyes. Relax.

Smile more. Laugh more. Have fun taking care of yourself. Approach it lovingly. Gift yourself when you do things in your best interest. Not all the time but every so often reward yourself for accomplishing something you set out to do. Enjoy the reward.

Love and appreciate your body and you mind. Appreciate yourself for taking care of you. Assist your body in taking care of you by maintaining a positive mindset and a lit inner light or spirit. Have fun. Play games. Skip, sing, dance, play music.  Do yoga. This is the key!

You Can Get Old Pretty Young If You Don’t Take Care Of Yourself

Be grateful to your body, mind and spirit. Love your body, mind and spirit. Edify and uplift it. Too many people think and make negative comments about what they do not like. Start liking everything. Start validating your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit.

When you do you will begin to notice changes. These may be subtle at first. Remember, what you put out comes back. It goes around. Your body, mind, emotions and spirit will be more responsive to you when you appreciate, love and validate. You get what you focus on.

Love yourself. Enjoy yourself. Feel inspiried. Read inspirational material. Share and inspire others. Immerse yourself in healthy mind and body practices. Surround yourself with joy. Relax, take a bath, let go. Be stress and carefree. Celebrate! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Accept no imitations. Be authentic.

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do This Whenever You Feel Stressed!


“What can you do when you get frustrated? Perhaps, you’re dealing with customer support that upsets you more than helps you; the kids are clamoring for your attention; you have deadlines; your career is going nowhere; or there are more bills than there is month.

There are some things you can do to bring yourself more calm and balance regardless of what is upsetting you. The first and most important thing you can do is breath. Take a deep breath! Then another, slowly, and then another after that. Breath deep. Slowly.

When people stress they tend to hold their breath. Stopping breathing puts us in survival mode as our body tries to resolve the physical difficulty and resume normal breathing. This struggle to return to normal compounds the stress and frustration.

Walk As If You Are Kissing The Ground With Your Feet

By holding our breath or limiting our breaths we actually make everything more complex and difficult for us. SO BREATH, relax and let go. Get grounded. That means find your center of gravity. Get connected with earth. Think: electricity needs a ground.

All that power needs to be grounded. You do too in order to maximize your power and not waste it fighting to survive. You need focused energy; not energy discharging in every direction. Breath from your belly not high in the chest . Your breath helps connect you.

Breath from your abdomen or your lower groin. Feel yourself planted on the ground; rooted in the earth. Imagine yourself sending out roots from your feet or from the base of your spine into the earth to ground you, to connect you with the firm earth.

Get Grounded – You Can Navigate The Stormiest Roads In Peace

Many people, when frustrated go to their head. Thinking accelerates and it is mostly negative. Usually it’s about what doesn’t work, why or how it doesn’t, who’s to blame or at fault and how everything sucks. It isn’t productive; it doesn’t solve problems. Go to your body.

It’s crappy thinking. It is stuck in the problem and people are stuck in their head. It as if spinning your wheels without contacting the ground. Lots of frivolous fast effort without any traction won’t get you anywhere. Get grounded. Seek balance. Pause. Create a gap.

People begin thinking faster, frivolous, negative thoughts. Meanwhile, they are getting hot under the collar and more stressed out. They don’t pay attention to what’s going on in their body except to notice the discomfort. Their focus is on what is wrong.

You need to stop this destructive cycle. It is an old conditioned reaction to ‘what’s wrong’. You go through it every time and you will continue to until you learn to change it. You need to stop it being a problem. You need to learn a new, better way to do things.

The way you stop is to change your focus. You put your attention elsewhere. Anywhere other than on the problem. The easiest and best place to put it is on your body and your breath. Breath and let go. Breath and center yourself. Breath and relax. Purposefully, relax.

Pause And Remember – Stop And Reflect – Breath And Let Go

If you take good deep breaths that will help you to begin relaxing. Then you need to do the rest. You need to get present. Stop thinking the crappy thoughts. Notice your breathing. Notice where in your body it feels the best NOT THE WORST! Attention ON The BEST!

Look around, notice the world. Stop and see it. Look with curiosity. Listen. Shut up on the inside and listen to what is present. What is going on right NOW around you? What is happening that you would miss if you didn’t put your focus on it? NOW FOCUS ON IT!

Notice how you feel;  your feet on the ground or your butt in the chair. Notice the breath coming in and going out. Notice the relaxing occurring as you breath. Stop thinking and just be. Take a moment to return some balance to your life. Breath and let go. Relax.

Pause – Become Aware Of A Silent Sense Of Presence

When you are ready, shift your thoughts to the positive. Think happy, positive thoughts. Focus on gratitude, something, anything, that makes you smile and feel better. Take your time. Settle down and now think nice positive happy thoughts. Visualize yourself calm.

Real thoughts not fluffy thoughts. Imagine how good it feels to relax and let go and how you are able to do that. Be thankful for being able to relax and change what is going on. Pat yourself on the back for getting more centered. Think about what is good in your life. Savor.

Enjoy and savor the thoughts and the feelings. If, whatever you were doing can wait, then take a walk. Enjoy moving and looking around. If possible go outside, enjoy nature. If not move around a bit OR sit and reflect, meditate and find peace.  Later, you can problem solve.

Create A Gap Between Chaos And Calm – Notice Your Breath

There is a trick to problem solving. You are a better solver of problems when creative. You are more creative when you are relaxed and refreshed. When you are playful and enjoying life you are better than when stressed and burdened and preoccupied.

In order to more efficiently solve problems put yourself into the right frame of mind and emotional state of well-being. Then your time spent and problem solving will be fruitful. Learn self control and the ability to manage your mood. It is a valuable skill. Use it.

Train yourself to become aware when you get agitated. Notice yourself moving into less than glorious feelings; notice the acceleration of negative thinking. Notice you are focused on what you do not want and your body is becoming stressed. Change it.

Release The Unwanted – Focus On The Wanted – Stay Centered

Learn to recognize the negativity and what it is doing to your body and then shift from chaos to calm. It gets easier the more you do it. You’ll notice yourself getting frustrated earlier on and change it quicker and quicker. You’ll develop the habit of becoming grounded.

Transform your life. Change your thoughts and everything can change. Be grateful, have fun, let go and breath. Learn to meditate. Take time each morning to center and ground yourself before you go about your day. This is an excellent way to start each day!

Practice becomming centered when you don’t need it. Then it will be available to you when you do. Whenever stressed, center yourself. Create a pause. Take a break. Create balance and then celebrate. Be grateful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it magnificent today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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