Success Strategies For Actors Filmmakers And Everyone Else!


“Do you have a big dream? Are you driven by something so huge you must do it? Do you feel you have a mission to fulfill? Many people do. Others haven’t a clue. Some don’t know what they want to do. Many just want to get a job and settle down. What do you want?

I love and gravitated to the film community at a very young age because we dream big. We want stardom and an illustrious career. We don’t think about landing a job and settling down.  We want it all. We want top of the line everything! We want to be famous and rich.

As a filmmakers and actor I encourage others to follow their heart. Make your dreams come true. Pursue any career or endeavor. The bigger the dream the more likely you will experience great things. The larger it is the more worthwhile it may be.  But…

The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In Their Dreams

Some people focus on a dream so large they never move because they think they will fail. These people never start. Fear of failure or even fear of success, stops them. Hey, if you don’t begin you won’t get anywhere. You can’t not move and expect things to get better.

Others pick a tiny goal and don’t move far at all. They tend to remain near to where they are. They play it safe and close to the vest. They don’t venture out for the same reasons. The only difference is they don’t dream large to begin with. They have tiny goals. Little ones.

I suggest you pick a big goal. One that is beyond anything you know. It may seem difficult to reach but not unreachable. It may be  little scary because it is out of your comfort zone. It stretches you. You have to grow to get it. You have to work for it to make it happen.

Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams

When you think about it you think YES I want this! It is a must have! It is big enough to be meaningful but not so big you give up before you begin. Get it? It should pull you towards it. You should want to pursue it. There is something magnetic about it. It draws you in.

Now consider this: At the end of the day if your ultimate dream didn’t manifest you still got further than if you didn’t pursue anything. If you had your head screwed on straight and you understand this you will have made incredible headway. Get it?

You will have had an incredible adventure all along the way. You will have noticed and experienced things you otherwise wouldn’t. You will have learned and evolved and grown in a variety of ways. All because you dared to go for it but weren’t locked into the outcome.

You Always Live The Life You Imagine You Get What You Focus On

What do I mean? You let it unfold as it does. You don’t micromanage the details. You aren’t a perfectionist. You don’t insist it must be a particular way. You are pleased with the results when they show up instead of being disappointed with how they are or the timing.

You allow it to happen even while YOU are making it happen. You celebrate all of it. If your head isn’t right then you may only feel disappointment that you didn’t get precisely what you wanted. You will miss everything you did get along the way. That would suck.

Don’t miss everything wonderful on the journey because you are too narrowly focused on getting your dream in a particular way. Some people never have romance because they are just too picky. They have too many demands or are so picky that no one can fulfill them.

It Never Gets Any Better – You Get Better – That’s Just How It Is

Some insist their desires be fulfilled a precise way. Hence, they miss their potential partners. Yes, know what you want but but be open to what shows up. Stop managing ALL the details. Allow things and people to show up and surprise you. Don’t insist how it must be.

Get it. Here are some tips for greater success in film or any area. Keep a great attitude. Contribute to others. Be a valued team player people want on their team. Go the extra mile and celebrate everyone’s success. Enjoy people. Chill out and relax. Sleep some.

Don’t look worried. Look like you are having fun. Actually have some fun! Live and let live. Allow people to be who they aren’t. Don’t try to change them to fit you. Get along. Keep working, commit and persist and never let doubts, fears or others tell you what to do.

Nothing Worth Having Ever Comes Easy But It Can Come Easier

First and foremost, attitude, commitment, and being a nice person will get you ahead faster than most anything else. THEN know the business and what the business wants is important. Lastly, know and be good at your craft. Strive to be the best and do your best work.

Remember, you can be the best and no one knows about it so be the good person people talk well about and your reputation will proceed you.  You can be the best that no one likes so while you may be good others prefer to avoid you. It PAYS to be both talented and nice.

Develop a positive stellar reputation for being the best and for being nice and a great collaborator. This will get you the farthest the fastest. Next, those who succeed the swiftest, apart from the occasional lucky breakthrough, work day and night for years.

Success Depends On Your Ability To Make And Keep Friends

The saying in Hollywood is, ‘It takes at least 10 years to be an overnight success’. It takes time and perseverance so don’t quit.  Keep at it and realize it is a blend of great attitude, business savvy and honed craft. These tips work for any career choice. Try them.

Finally, stay grateful. Be grateful for the ups and downs all along the way. Challenges help shape you and build character. Easy times are fun but the important times are the tough times. Learn to appreciate these and stay positive. Enjoy all of the ride. The fun of a roller coaster are the big highs and lows. Celebrate all of it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

You don’t need a reason to smile today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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