If You Aren’t Doing This Right Now You Won’t Live The Future Of Your Dreams!

“How do you experience more abundance right now? How do you overcome the limitations of your own thinking and feeling? How do you take action when you don’t feel inspired? What can you do to create and make the future, you want to have,  a reality?

Neville Goddard, and others, suggest that you feel the feelings now of your wish fulfilled. What would it feel like to right now get the goal or dream you desire? You get the job, the partner, the money, the home, the car that you have wanted; what does that feel like?

If you got it today how would you feel? How DOES it feel? This is where you must spend time in your visualization. Spend time each day feeling and living the joys of having received it already. It isn’t far off in the future, it is immediate. It is right now. Practice this!

You Are Already That Which You Want To Be

Some claim that is hard but you are already doing it. What? You say, ‘I am not. I have tried but can’t make it seem real.’ Okay, well try this on. I bet when the bills are due or when there is trouble you feel as if the bill collector already repossessed your car or home. You feel bad.

Am I right or right? You feel bad now. Most people live their worst fears over and over instead of living their best dreams over and over. I consider that poor taste and a major waste of time. In order to get what we want we must focus on what we actually do want to have.

Stop living the defeats, the worries and the problems, and feeling bad in advance of the situations. Stop it. Put an end to it. Commit to changing this. Switch from feeling bad about what you don’t want to feeling good about what you do want. Imagine you already have it!

Everything That Appears Without Was First An Inner Image

Start living fully in the good you desire. Feel good right now!  Feel happy right now. Feel fulfilled right now. Feel gratitude right now. When you do, you get back more of the good! It is time to stop getting more of the bad and get more of the good you really want.

Don’t you think? Whatever you hold in your mind expands. What you focus on you attract. If you are worried about problems and debts you get more. It seems endless. It is! When you start feeling abundant, really feeling it, you begin to create abundance. Get it?

It isn’t magical. It is your brain at work. You are doing it. You change your mental focus and your feelings change. You start feeling more like doing the things that get the results you want. You are doing it. When you feel you are on top of the world you attract good too!

Believe That You Already Are That Which You Want To Be

You are more attractive to the kind of people who can help you. Your mind is open to finding good all around. You notice opportunities because you aren’t caught up in worry. You maximize yourself, so naturally you maximize the likelihood of good things happening.

Begin right now! Decide to feel good. If you don’t know what to do, look around you for anything large or small you can be grateful for. Focus on that. Discover how many things are in your life right now you can appreciate.  Find those things you usually take for granted.

Start by being grateful. Make a list. Feel the gratitude. Enjoy the process. Have fun. You transform your thoughts from lack and negativity to abundance and positivity. You shape your present moments and your future. Take charge and make good things happen. Delight. Wrap yourself in the feelings of having already obtained the good you desire. Enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Make your day magnificent!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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