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How Setting An Intention Can Make Your Day!

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“Each day is an opportunity to rock your world. How you begin your day can determine how the day goes, flows and ends. If you want it to end well you need it to begin well, at the very least. Here is how you begin having more great days and fewer struggles.

After your first waking thoughts of, ‘I love my life. I allow, accept and receive all the gifts the universe has for me. Something magical is going to happen for me today,’ or another positive variation, set an intention. Direct your mind to consider what you’d like to happen.

‘I allow, accept and receive all the gifts the universe has for me’ is an intention. The thought directs your mind and your behaviors for the day. It sets a framework for you to follow. Allow, accept, receive. You can be surprised by what shows up or you can look for it or both.

The Power Of Intention Is The Power To Manifest And To Create

Make a decision, a positive determination,  of what you want your day to be like.  When you wake up in the morning plan for a good day. Realize that your expectations help shape what you find during your day.  For example, ‘today I will behave in loving ways towards Sue’.

‘Today, I will look for the best in each person I meet.’ ‘Today, I will feel more peaceful at work.’ ‘I will discover times to have more fun and delight throughout the day’. You could even specify 3 times during the day, or any reasonable number you choose. It’s up to you.

‘I will focus my attention on what I want to accomplish.’ ‘I will take one small step toward making my dream come true’. Determine what this may be and commit to it. In other words, how do you intend to utilize your day to make good things happen?

The Mind Is The Matrix Of All Matter You Get What You Focus On

If you get up each day looking for smiles you will find more than if you get up looking for frowns. Get it? It sets the frame for the day. Could you still find frowns? Of course, but if you are looking for smiles, you have a better chance of finding them. Seek and find.

When you anticipate good things happening you are much more likely to have good things happen. If you think the best about people you are much more likely to encounter people at their best. Store and remember your wins. Cut and forget your losses.

Determine what you want the day to be like and go out and live it. You can set at least one intention for the day. You could set more. You could even set a new intention with each change in activity or location. I’ll explain it but I suggest you start easy and build up.

Let The Power Of Intention Lead The Way – Set Positive Intentions

‘I intend to go downstairs and enjoy my breakfast. I will drive safely to work and enjoy the ride no matter what traffic is like. I will enjoy my co-workers. I will make 5 new contacts during this day. I will talk to Pete at lunch and help him out.’ Don’t do these all at once.

You do each one prior to the activity or the location change. You set your intention before going into the new activity or area. You set the frame for how you want it to be. Get it? This has the added benefit of making you consciously think about what you want during that time.

It takes haphazard out of it. It gives you a focus. What do you want? As you head into the kitchen how do you want breakfast to go? As you get behind the wheel how do you want the drive to go? When you enter the work place how do you want your workday to go?

A Good Intention Clothes Itself With Power – You Make It Happen

What do you intend to make happen? It helps you aim your thoughts, feelings and behaviors deliberately instead of just going through the day. It is a means of directing your mind. It is a pursuit.  It is what you intend to do. You commit and follow though on it.  Stay positive!

‘I will find and write down 25 things to feel grateful for before going to bed tonight.’ Then do it. Make it a point to keep your word. Don’t break promises to yourself or anyone else. Keep your word to you! This is most important. Do it! Then feel proud and grateful.

Your life can transform incredibly when you add the power of intention to what you do. Your focus and your ability to get things done, make things happen, will improve. You will develop a great new supportive success habit that helps you feel marvelous. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in your day!

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Keep The Faith During Turbulent Times

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“Times can be difficult. You or your family may endure hardship. Your neighborhood or city may be going though troubled times. Your country or the world. It can be environmental, financial, societal, or political. There are all manner of challenges and obstacles. It is true.

Whatever your burden; whatever your political persuasion; whatever your religious persuasion; whatever you  fears and concerns for the moment are, keep this in mind; THIS TOO will pass! Perhaps, not as quickly or in the manner you want, but it will.

Be patient, stay clam, fight the good fight civilly (in other words don’t give up because times may be tough) and allow for yourself to be pleasantly surprise. Don’t rain on other people’s parade to save your own. Help each other all be better off. Work as a team to improve.

Just Breathe – Have Faith Everything Will Work Out For The Best

If disappointed, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue to persevere. Always remember the pendulum swings both ways. Time is the great leveler and the great healer. Optimism and hope and love and peace are better than negativity, fear, hate and war. Forgive.

Build something better. Don’t lose hope. Keep the faith. Nothing lasts forever. The kite rises highest against the wind. Our challenges, obstacles and problems teach us lessons if we are open. They make us better and stronger. We develop muscle and strength. We win!

If we stop worrying and learn from these tough lessons we will be able to accomplish more of what we want in the future. Live and let live. Learn and grow. Laugh off the difficulties and be larger than the problems facing you! Keep the faith! A better day truly is ahead!

Let Go A Little And Just Let Life Happen – Relax And Have Faith

Focus on the good you want to bring about. Stop concentrating on what is wrong. Look at the solutions and work to make those happen. Appreciate what you already have right now. Never give in or lose faith. Focus on reason to be grateful and glad. Persevere.

Positive thinking IS NOT thinking ‘there are no weeds, there are no weeds.’  It is the systematic application of strong productive thoughts to resolve any difficulty and move ahead. Think the best so you feel the best. You are more resourceful at the top of your game.

This is why you want to learn to manage your thoughts and feelings You want to have control of your thinking, your mind, any time,  but especially in tough times. In order to be able to do that you need to practice and practice to build the skill. Make it a habit. Only you can.

If Things Haven’t Worked Out Yet – It Is Not Yet The End

Then when the going is tough you are prepared. Without opposition you don’t grow strong. Welcome difficulty for how it can make you a better person if you learn while going through it. Practice gratitude and positive thinking. Focus on the good. Focus on all you can appreciate. It makes a real difference when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Speak And Write More Powerfully And Persuasively

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I posted this previously, some time ago. However, it is useful to know and apply so I post it again. Study it and use it. Go deeper and learn more and your effectiveness will grow and grow. When you learn how to direct your own mind you become its master. Enjoy! Enjoy!

The following article I wrote for Joe Vitale long before he appeared in The Secret. It is based on my work from the 1980’s onward. The article is formatted as it was for Joe’s site and includes date and copyright. Truly, learn from this and master it. Benefits are great!

You may notice many things from this article that are common place today. They weren’t so common place back in the 80’s 90’s and early 21st Century. Much of my work is now widely used in other’s books and programs all around the world. This pleases me to no end. I’m glad to be able to help! The work made its way near and far.

Some even showed up in some popular movies. See if you can spot or recognize a particular reference from a wildly popular film.

How Questions Can Make Your Writing More Hypnotic  Article by Rex Steven Sikes

Did you know there are actually three languages inside the English language? That’s right, at least three!

There is the language of pictures or how things appear, how we see or view them in our mind as well as out there in the real world.

Second, there is the language of sounds or what we say to ourselves and what we hear on the inside.

And third there is the language of feelings, like when something wonderful grabs hold of us and makes us feel warm and special inside.

Knowing the three languages and incorporating them into your hypnotic writing makes your appeals even more powerful. Words like “paint, picture, imagine, bright, dim, flash,” are visual words.

Words that convey sound or auditory information are words like “discuss, hear, harmony, tell, say to yourself”. And words that help us feel things are words like “warm, cold, shudder, feel, grasp, walk through, get a hold of, heart to heart”.

By spicing up your writing with these words you help others begin to imagine more clearly what you are saying because you appeal to at least three of our five senses. And that’s a tasty thing to do that will spice up your writing and make it more vivid to the people who are reading your work.

But that’s not all there is. There is something even more incredible, that directs the human mind to pay attention. Do you know what that is?

Not yet, but I have just given you some great examples. It is the power of questions. You see questions direct the mind. That is true whether you are asking a question of yourself or another person.

Perhaps you say “Yeah, who says?” See there, you just asked a question! And the incredible thing is that this is what our brains are designed to do: Ask and answer questions posed to it and find solutions and new behaviors.

Brains love questions! That’s what brains do all day log. They go in search of things they can do that make life more interesting. Your brains already know how to search for and find information. The key is learning how to use questions to direct your mind in powerful and positive ways.

The problem with most people is that they already use questions to get results they don’t want. They ask things like ‘Why do bad things always happen to me?’ or ‘How come I never do anything right?’ or ‘How come others always get ahead?’ or ‘Why am I so stupid?’

And guess what? Your brain knows exactly where to go in your personal history to find the answers. What your brain does is go on a search, and then comes back with things like ‘Well, it’s because you stuck your head in the toaster when you were four years old’, or ‘You didn’t have the right kind of teachers, or parents,’ or ‘Bad things always happen to good people’.

You see, it is automatic. Ask a question of the brain and it answers in a great variety of ways. In fact the brain keeps on working on the questions long after the answers start being delivered. You know how that is, don’t you? You certainly do if you ever experienced that critical voice that keeps ragging and nagging on you long into the night.

Would you like to find a way to end that? Would you like to be able to direct your mind in powerful, positive ways? Do you want to be more influential and positively persuasive in person—and in your writing?

The key to having more wonderful things happen within you is to help the brain help you by redirecting what it already does well. If instead of asking questions like the negative ones above, we learn to instead begin asking questions about how wonderful things are, then the brain has a positive direction to follow.

And by focusing our attention on what we want instead of what we don’t want our brains can help deliver the good things to us. There is a rule that states, ‘What you focus on you get.’ So if you are focused on negative questions and negative things, the brain goes “okay I can deliver that”.

The brain isn’t biased. Good or bad, it just does what it knows. So we need to grab hold of it and utilize it to our advantage by redirecting it and then letting it run.

For example, you ask this instead: ‘I wonder how soon before I begin to realize how talented I am?’ or ‘I wonder how quickly I can realize how fortunate I am?’ or ‘How delighted will I be to discover my powers of persuasion increasing rapidly?’

You see, when you direct your mind to what you want, your brain says, ‘I don’t know the answer but I’ll go and find out.’ And that is the key! You ask a question which sends your brain in the direction of what is positive that you want to have, but to which you don’t know the answer yet.

If you are familiar at all with powerful hypnotic languaging, you will already notice the kinds of useful hypnotic language patterns I use in these questions. If not, well then be happy there is more for you to learn which will help improve what you do.

The incredible thing is your brain already knows exactly what to do. For example, if I ask you “Where did you get the shirt you are wearing as you read this?” Your brain probably knows what store, when, where, or that it was a gift. It won’t answer me by telling me you were abducted by aliens when you were a teenager or some other kind of frivolous answer.

It knows how to go after the class of information you present it with. And realize that I directed your mind with a question to the kind of information I was after. If others were listening to us as we spoke, their minds would be directed to where you got your shirt, as well. This is powerful to know although it may seem obvious.

So the key for your own personal improvement is asking yourself questions which lead your mind in useful directions. If you want positive results, you ask something like ‘How soon can I begin to discover the wonderful results I am already getting? And as I begin to notice those how many more can I discover that delight and amaze me?’ You would do the same if you were talking to, or writing to, another person.

Now let’s say you are selling another person a pen. And you ask, ‘Want to buy my pen?’ The person obviously can answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Because the question you asked didn’t lead to further exploration. It lead only to a single “I want it” or “I don’t.”

But notice if you ask ‘Do you know how delighted you will be when you buy my pen?’ You aren’t directly asking them to buy it. (Well, in fact you are using another hypnotic pattern known as embedded commands). You are focusing them on something they can’t yet know the answer to: And that is the amount of delight they may experience.

I call this Mental Aikido. You side-step the issue of buying by focusing them on a positive attribute of owning the pen: the delight. So they can say ‘no, I don’t know how delighted I will be,’ in which case you have a door open to go ahead and demonstrate it for them.

Or they say ‘Yes I know how delighted I will be,’ and then they go to buy it. Or they give you further information that would be necessary for you to know to go ahead and make the sale. Any which way you cut it, you now have a powerful tool in your hands to help you influence and sell. Follow?

You can influence others by directing your own brain! In fact, when you learn how to direct your own brain and use its already existing features in a user friendly way, you will enjoy more influence, power and happiness in your life. That’s because you turn your brain into a powerful ally. And you certainly would want to do that, don’t you?

While this method ofDirected Questions™ is something I teach for incredible personal power and life enhancement, I thought you might be interested in a strategy for being able to get your readers to really respond to your hypnotic writing. So here is something else you can use to really add to your hypnotic writing abilities:

These next questions are ones to ask yourself to help you become more creative and begin to be able to paint word pictures for others, so they can readily see what it is you are talking about, so that they more readily feel like going ahead with what you propose.

The brain and eyes are wired together. This means that when we move our eyes we access certain portions of our brain. When we look up we mostly access the visual portions of the brain. When we look laterally side to side or down left we mostly access the auditory portions of our brain.

When we look down to the right we mostly access the kinesthetic or feeling portions of our brain. We actually access more than just these areas but we access these areas in greater portions when we move our eyes in this manner. Hence, we can learn to move our eyes systematically to gain greater access to the wonderful information stored in our brain.

Step 1. Look up (don’t move your head, just your eyes) and say ‘What do I want to show my readers?’ ‘What is it I want them to see clearly and how can I best get them to picture that in their mind?’ Spend a few seconds entertaining that question while looking up, entertaining how you can help your reader picture in their mind what it is you want them to see.

Step 2. Now move your eyes down to the left and ask ‘What is it I want them to say to themselves as they read it?’ and ‘How best can I tell them what it is I what them to really pay attention to?’ Again spend a few seconds in your own mind entertaining how you can best help your readers say those things to themselves that you would want them to say as they read your writing.

Step 3. Now move your eyes down right and ask ‘What is it I want them to feel as the read my writing?’ and ‘How best can I get them to have these feelings?’ And spend a few moments getting a grasp of what you want them to feel as they progress through your written material.

Once you have asked those questions, now take a short break and do something else for a little while. Let your unconscious mind work on it. I used to go watch TV and get caught up in a show. But soon I would find the wheels start churning, and I would hop over to the typewriter (in those days) and begin writing. Things began to flow.

If ever I got stuck, I simply asked the questions again and took another break. Later I would go back and edit and re-write the paper to polish it. But this unlocked the creative juices in a very particular and powerful way.

You ask yourself how you can show them in your writing, tell them and get them to feel in your writing. You can additionally ask ‘What is it I really need to say to get them to buy? What do they really need to know? How can I best word my letter to really get my points across? How soon can I find the words and ideas flowing through me in a way that amazes and delights me?’

Or ask any variation of those questions that leads you to the results you want. Then take a break and let your unconscious mind go to work. But remember to come back to the project after your unconscious has had a little time to work on it for you. Often I found that once, maybe two or three times, were necessary to get it the way I really wanted it.

Remember you want your reader to be able to picture themselves using your product. You want them to imagine what it would be like to have it or to miss out on it. You want to paint vivid detail in the mind’s eye of your reader to help them to have the feelings of wanting, desire, or need for your product. Or to feel that’s enough to stop whatever they are currently doing and follow through on what your proposal is.

You want them to say ‘yes’ inside their head and hear positive sounds and voices as they read through your letter. Yeah this is great, this makes sense, wow I can do this yes. And you want them to have the feelings of desire, certainty and taking action.

You really want to take them by the hand and walk them through this process. Combine this with your other hypnotic writing skills and you become a real powerhouse.

So remember to ask the questions which direct your mind to what you want your reader to see, hear and feel. Direct your reader to what you want to be able to show them, tell them and help make them feel. You do this by using questions to direct your mind to what you need to pay attention to first in order to influence some body else.

By previewing in your mind what you need them to see, hear and say, and feel to themselves, you can begin to paint pictures with your words that will get them excited about your product or service in a way that makes them feel they have to have it.

And this truly is hypnotic, isn’t it?

Copyright Rex Steven Sikes IDEA Seminars 2000 If you’d like to learn more about directing your mind for success using Directed Questions™ and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) go to IDEA Seminars website http://www.idea-seminars.com for home study products.

It is another day. Celebrate!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Life Isn’t Difficult Or Complicated When You Do This


“Have you ever feel life is complicated?  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Do you get discouraged from time to time? If you answer yes, there is something you can do to free yourself from these feelings and move ahead the way you want more easily.

Remember this. Keep it in mind. Focus on it. Practice it moment to moment. You get what you focus on. Taking charge of life first begins by taking charge of your mind. To be successful and happy in life you need to control your thinking and gain the upper hand. You can do it!

It is not complicated. It is not always easy but it is absolutely doable. When you become aware of feeling other than you want examine your thinking. If it is negative shift your thoughts from what you are thinking about to something more positive. Feelings are a sign.

Don’t Limit Yourself – You Can Go As Far As You Think You Can

They let you know when you thinking isn’t useful for you. When you thinking sucks you feel it. Celebrate that you have such a wonderful alarm system. It gets your attention with yucky feelings so you can change them. Sadly, most people have learned to wallow in them.

You don’t have to. That is not what they are intended for. Acknowledge, accept and change them. Steer them to what you prefer instead. Bit by bit. Gradually, if you practice it and do it, you will learn the knack. It will get easier and easier. Just stick with it.

The best way to do this is to practice the positive thoughts in advance when you don’t need them. They will be very effective during practice and then later when you do need them. In doing this you build your habit for thinking positively and powerfully.

Good Things Come To Those Who Act And Make Them Happen

Your habits determine results. It begins with your thoughts, which produce feelings, which in turn produce or further the thoughts you think. If positive, and you feel good, you will have more positive thoughts. If negative, you feel bad and, more negativity results.

Your feelings determine your actions. Your actions determine the results you want. If you want great rewarding results begin with positive and powerful thinking. Get it? Practice positive thoughts, called affirmations, when you don’t need them. Plus, when you do.

Practice asking yourself Directed Questions™, positive questions so worded to direct your thinking easily and effortlessly to what you want, and visualizing positive results. Morning and night and anytime you have a free moment take the time and re-affirm.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

It will work wonders. If you do this daily soon it will become a practical habit that will help you increase your joy in life and accomplish what you want to accomplish. Remember, you always get what you focus on. You become what you think about most.

If your thoughts most of the time are positive, happy, productive thoughts that is what you get in return. Why? Because you produce it. You make it happen. Your thoughts lead to your feelings which lead to your actions and then the results you get. You evolved you!

Keep this in mind. Life IS simple. You create your experience by your own thinking and feeling patterns. What you believe about yourself and the world is what becomes true for you. Choose the best thoughts and practices and you can make your life marvelous. Do it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day the best day possible!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Stop Missing Out And Get What You Deserve


“How do you create the career, the lifestyle, the leisure, the love, the happiness, the wealth you want? What must you do to attract it and make it happen. What part do you play? You play every part. The future is your future. You make it happen. You can as you do this.

Live it in advance. Go into the future, decide what you want it to be like, and imagine it as if you already are living it. You want to be healthy, imagine being completely healthy now. You are fit, full of energy, your ideal weight. You are able to enjoy it this moment.

See it, hear it, feel it!  Experience it! How happy and delighted are you to have it right now? You wanted it and it is yours. Imagine it as vividly as possible!  Move like it is true and it is your reality. Sit like it. Act like it. Speak like it. Notice everything you can. Be it right now.

To Enjoy Enduring Success – Travel In Advance Of The World

Create the inner reality where this is true. If you want wealth how much did you get? Where do you live? Who are your friends? What do you drive? What do you where? What do you do now that you are wealthy? Be as detailed or specific as possible. Explore and discover.

After all it is your dream. Create it as rich and nuanced as you are able. Enjoy it. Feel how marvelous it is. If anything doesn’t feel right correct it, adjust it until it does. Believe it. If you don’t, adjust it until you do. You are a creator. You have the right to imagine anything.

I suggest you make everyone around you win. Don’t foster discord or dislike. This isn’t for revenge. Instead, if you need to, imagine forgiveness. and Cooperation. Create peace and harmony. Manifest love and light. This is your future. Make it everything you want.

Luck Is The Crossroads Where Opportunity And Preparation Meet

Do it. It is your imagination. Why not? If you answer why not examine what holds you back, why that is, who it comes from and whether you want to keep that thought or not. If not, change it. Affirm a new one. Affirm this new reality. Let go and live fully!

Create your future vividly while leaving room to be pleasantly surprised as it unfolds in actuality. Affirm and re-affirm what you want by staying focused on what you want and off of what you prefer to exclude. Do you understand this? It is important.

If you don’t want something create what you DO want instead or in its place. Don’t be stingy with yourself. Be lavish. Have fun and enjoy it. Be thankful. Everything first originates as an idea then it becomes reality. It doesn’t magically appear but you make it happen. You do it!

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

You keep filling your brain with what you want and how it feels until your brain gets it. As you brain does it assembles your resources and scans inside and out for matches in experience and people who can assist you. It looks for opportunities. YOU still have to take them.

You still create and attract and make it all work together. You will have highs and lows, easy times and challenges but through it all if you maintain your vision you can accomplish it. Napoleon Hill said, ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it’. This is true.

It takes time. It isn’t instant. Perhaps, it could be. Don’t rule anything out. Still, it takes time to organize your thoughts and behaviors and align these and become congruent. It takes time to assemble your resources and find opportunity. It all takes time. Never give up.

You Get What You Focus On – What You Focus On Expands

Stick with it. Baking a cake takes time. You get your ingredients together by shopping. You go to where you can put them together correctly in order and place in an oven. You set the temperature and the timer  and wait. When done, wait while it cools. Then enjoy.

You can hate and moan through the entire process OR you can be eager and excited and delighted knowing you are going to have delicious cake. You can be so eager you can almost taste it prior to making it. THAT is the feeling and way you want to live right NOW.

Live inside your future. Create your desires as fulfilled. Enjoy living in that reality. Spend at least a couple minutes of the day imagining and feeling that. Journal what it is like to have what you want. Keep visual reminders, pictures, Vision Board, slogans. Affirm. Believe!

What You Think About You Bring About – See It Speak It Have It

As you move through the day secretly imagine or pretend that is your reality right now. What does a healthy or wealthy person eat, do, think, and say? How does a healthy or wealthy person drive or place an order for an item? How does this person act each moment.

Live it. Feel it. Speak it. Affirm it. See it. Embrace, allow and accept it. Be thankful for it. Be truly grateful for everything you had, have and will have. Practice authentic appreciation. Love. Give and help others. Laugh and delight. It will happen more quickly as you do these things and become these things. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What And Why You Must Read To Be Happy And Successful!

Horizon bridged-path-phil-koch

“I write long posts often. There is a reason for that. Leaders are readers. People who read tend to get further in their lives than others who don’t. Most famous leaders and innovators spend large portions of their daily time in reading and most importantly in study.

Reading to  gain knowledge is important, but it is also important for brain development and health. When you read you make mental images and mental connections. When you watch movies most of the images and sounds are supplied for you. You don’t do much.

When you read and when you implement what you read you grow new neural pathways. You grow your brain, the structure is actually enhanced. When you write and take notes, BY HAND, in script, you enhance brain structure and grow new neural connections.

Reading Reduces Stress And Mentally Stimulates Your Thinking

When you review and re-write your notes you are helping to wire in your learning, to make it more memorable and available for use. Learning is active and passive. The more you put into your learning the more you get back the benefits from it. It is very brain healthy.

You should read daily, as much as you can, but a least a page. Fill your mind with that which you want more of. Inspiration, motivation, creativity, positivity; use your imagination. Your brain is like a muscle that grows the more you use it. Review, re-write and re-word often.

Put what you read into your own words. Share it with others. Talk about what the author wrote. Every week or two review your notes. Re-write them. Re-word your own notes. The more you frequently review the more insight and understanding you derive.

Reading Increases Your Knowledge Your Vocabulary And Memory

Today, people don’t want to read. There are too many electronic distractions. Today, people flit from thing to thing without keeping their energy or attention on one subject. Focus and concentration is lost. We need to re-develop that. Learn to concentrate again.

When you spend time reading positive and inspiration material you fill your mind and being with possibilities, as well as, know how. You open up your horizons and expand your world. There really is no replacement for reading. Spend time reading each day.

I know some people won’t read my blogs because they are long. I also know those who take the time to read my long posts will benefit in many ways those others won’t. Read, study, engage your mind. Fill your mind positively. Pick up a book and dive into it.

It Improves You Analytical Skills Your Focus And Concentration

Find out what books those who live ultra happy and successful lives like to read and read those. Read what thought leaders and millionaires are reading. Discover which books and authors influenced them onto greatness in their lives. Study success!

Spend more time reading and reviewing and re-writing and re-wording and you will change your life for the better. Make the material you read your own. Embrace and embody what you learn rather than just adding facts and figures to your knowledge base. Read, learn, delight, APPLY and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Second Powerful Way Of Seeing You Must Utilize And Why

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Have you worked with the first way to visualize? I hope so. Get good with it, if you aren’t already. Practice, become deliberate with your imagination. Remember what you can conceive and believe you can achieve. Correct repetition, for long enough, builds skill.

Here is the second important way to visualize. These methods are not in order of importance. We do both of them naturally. When you are able to do these purposefully is when you increase your abilities to perform powerfully and productively. You develop great skill.

You can change how you think and live and what you get in life! Playing with these components strengthens your ability to deliberately use your mind in beneficial and creative ways. The more you do it the more you can do, more easily. You ability grows.

The Subconscious Only Says Yes – Make Sure It Is What You Want

The other way to imagine is to see what you see as you look through your own eyes. If you walked along a beach you wouldn’t see yourself you’d see your surroundings. You might see your hands and body some, but not your face unless you looked in a mirror.

Seeing through your own eyes allows you to feel what you would feel right NOW in that present moment. You may feel things even stronger this way because you are imaging what you see, hear and feel in your body not watching it. The feelings are immediate, now!

Either way you can have powerful feelings. When you look though your own eyes you feel it as if it is happening and how it feels. When you watch yourself on a movie screen it may feel more inspiring and motivating. Do both. Be inspired and feel what it feels like to BE it!

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes – Focus Focus Focus

Both of these are great ways to visualize. For example, you want to buy a new house. See the house and imagine yourself in it. See yourself with family and friends. Notice everything about the house in detail. Decor, where things are. Be thorough.

Fantastic. Watch yourself enjoy dinner, party, sleep, whatever you do in the house. Be as detailed and specific as possible and enjoy the good feelings you have as you imagine this. Savor the feelings. Feelings are most important. They send this message to your brain.

Keep the feelings. Amp the feelings. If you feel inspired, motivated, happy, proud, powerful, this is good. You use the mental movie to create the feelings. Your brain gets the feelings and goes ‘Oh, Okay I get it!’ This is an extremely important concept to keep in mind.

Believe In Yourself And Your Ability To Create and Make It Happen

The other way to imagine it is to walk from room to room and see and feel what that is like from your point of  view. Look through your eyes as you did in the beach example. See the people as you would in everyday life. See their faces, hear their voices, feel their touches.

Imagine these people congratulating you on your new purchase. Feel them pat you on the back, shake your hand and hug you. Hear their voices and what they say. FEEL how good it feels to have this home and their congratulations. You did it! You got what you wanted!

Imagine waking up in bed in the new home, eating your meals. Imagine relaxing in the comfort of your home. Enjoy walking the grounds. Park your car in the driveway or garage. Live the experience of being in your new home from your point of view.

To Live In A New Reality You Must First Conceive Of That Reality

Obviously, you don’t just magically make a new house appear. There is a process of acquiring it. The first step is to know what you want and why. This give you the ooomph for all the rest. You make it extremely desirable. Your obsession. What you must have.

You imagine yourself having it. Living it. Being it! This informs your brain. Your brain works on it. You begin to get ideas, intuitions and insights. This is what it means to begin to take inspired action. You must follow through in everyday life. Your brain works for you.

Imagine scouting the house, taking the tour, buying the house, closing on the house, celebrating, moving in, celebrating some more, feeling wonderful, living in the house. Be detailed. Make it vivid. Make it real. Create the process for yourself.

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Visualize both ways. Affirm it. Declare it with emotion and enthusiasm. Believe it and expect it. Conceive it and believe it! Enjoy creating your future. Feel grateful for what you have! Delight and be thankful! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Live fully this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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