Listen To The Silence Or Fill Your Mind With Positive Thoughts: Which Is It?

“I was asked this question. ‘I find it to be a bit contradictory.
Saying “Listen to the silence” but then fill it up with positive thinking and focus on other things. So, which one is it?’ I will answer it here. Does it seem contradictory to you? It need not be contradictory.

Both are useful. You can do both at different times. Both are applicable. There is no contradiction. Music is made up, or filled up, with many notes and chords, but it is the silence between those that allows you to appreciate them. Without silence you’d have noise.

Nature is filled up with many trees and blades of grass and rocks and stones, but it is the gaps between them that allows you to notice. It is not one or the other. The river has banks on both sides. Sometimes you enjoy being on the bank. Sometimes you enjoy being in the river.

Silence Is A Music Of Its Own – Silence Is Alive

Consider a dotted line on paper or the street. There are dots and   spaces. You can focus on one or the other or both. When you focus on both it is a dotted line. If there were no spaces it would be a solid line. You can observe thoughts and the silence at the same time.

Get some rest, sometimes. You will appreciate both when you do both. Find the silence. Rest in it. Enjoy it. Find the gaps between thoughts. Look for the empty spaces. Empty yourself. Be open and allow. If you are full you can’t take any new things in. Be empty.

Listen to silence. Be still and know. Be very quiet and still and listen to your own heart. Listen to your inner wisdom. To do that, some of us have to quiet down, first. We have to notice there is silence to attend to it. Some people flit from thought to thought without rest.

Once You Accept Yourself You Become Beautiful

Then you can appreciate even more that which is there. You can enjoy the positive thoughts and feelings even more. Get it? It isn’t about excluding or having to choose one or the other, it is about both. You can sit on a river bank and silently watch leaves floating.

You can do the same with your thoughts whether positive or not. To do that you must first start observing or listening and allowing. Let go. Practice awareness. Allow and enjoy. Practice gratitude! Find delight and enjoy! Include! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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