Be Careful Group Think Can Kill Us

“It is the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, others, circumstances, events and the world, that make up our reality. We have back stories, we continually remind ourselves of, when we interact with others. We create the outer by repeating the inner.

Our stories, ‘our history’ have great affect on us as individuals and as a collective consciousness. There is no escaping the affect of these stories, these versions, we adhere to. We make reality conform to what we think and believe it is, by the decisions we make.

We create our reality every moment. We choose.  Sure, the outer world influences us, but it is our reactions  or responses that determine the outcomes we get. We create reality. Consider, mob mentality. Something happens, people erupt. They react. Even kill.

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams And You’ll Own The Future

They act of one accord. They create the continued circumstances or events. Some people get swept up with out even, ever, knowing why. People can get caught up! There is group think. It can work for or against us. Be careful. We need to seek accurate versions.

We believe what we are told, what we have read, what is passed down, often without question or investigation. We believe our pundits and leaders; just because. We believe what we tell ourselves because we have repeated it forever, without investigating it.

We make up our individual and collective conscious realities by what we believe and whom we associate with. We believe opinions, mistaking these as fact. It is difficult to gain access to accurate information, whether personal or otherwise. Still, we must seek to.

Once Your Mindset Changes Everything On The Outside Changes

We create our outer world by how we imagine it. We create it by whom we agree with, about it. Often, these agreements are about how we are limited, or at the affect of circumstances, god, powers, weather, economy, traffic, other races and religions and more.

We look for evidence that corroborates what we already think. Rarely, do we look for counter-examples or versions, or evidence that would provide a different way of thinking because we don’t like to be wrong. We avoid Cognitive Dissonance. We must feel right!

If you want it to be otherwise. If you want it to be different. If you want to begin creating more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, you need to decide to begin. You need to choose to make it different. You need to develop your mindset and act differently.

Once You Awaken You’ll Have No Interest In Judging Those Asleep

To start, you need to refuse to accept those thoughts that don’t support you positively in accomplishing what you want. You need to turn away from them and toward those positive, optimistic thoughts that get you closer to what you want. It is deliberate thinking.

Don’t fight the old thoughts. Let them go. Shift, give your attention to new thoughts. You only create more of what you have had when you fight the old. What you resist, persists. To change it, you need to shift away from it. Energy flows where your attention goes.

Repeat these new thoughts as affirmations. This is important! Repetition is how we create habit. To develop new positive, powerful thought habits that assist you in making the results you want a reality, you must think differently from the past. Think new!

Assumptions Are Dangerous Especially When Made In Anger

If you want your life and world to  be different, begin by making it different within you. Start telling yourself different stories. Repeat new, positive stories about how you are creating your world each moment. Stop telling victim stories. Stop participating in the old.

Each of us can transform, how we think and act, on an individual level, in our daily lives. We can affect the world at large. If we hold positive beliefs and expectations, we CAN make a difference. If we don’t buy into ‘negative group think’ we can begin to alter things.

Who we hang around with makes a difference. Who we associate with and what we believe and think, as a group, makes a massive difference. There are peace groups and hate groups. Choose how you want to live in the world and how you want the world to be.

It Is Wiser To Find Out Than Agree And Suppose – Seek Answers

Seek to improve the world through positive changes that makes it better for ALL people. Seek to include, rather than eliminate. What we resist, persists. Don’t hate, hate. Seek love and peace instead. How we think, and what we think, determines the results. Get it?

This is why gratitude and daily, moment to moment expression of it, is so powerful. You fill your mind with positive thoughts and you feel wonderful. You tell different, magnificent, marvelous stories. When you are focused on blessings, small and large, everything changes!

When you delight and vibrate high, and are on top of the world, IS when you create and attract most easily! Get it? So don’t get caught up in less than glorious drama and circumstance. Stop creating discord. Create a better now and you create a better future. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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