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Be Careful Group Think Can Kill Us

“It is the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, others, circumstances, events and the world, that make up our reality. We have back stories, we continually remind ourselves of, when we interact with others. We create the outer by repeating the inner.

Our stories, ‘our history’ have great affect on us as individuals and as a collective consciousness. There is no escaping the affect of these stories, these versions, we adhere to. We make reality conform to what we think and believe it is, by the decisions we make.

We create our reality every moment. We choose.  Sure, the outer world influences us, but it is our reactions  or responses that determine the outcomes we get. We create reality. Consider, mob mentality. Something happens, people erupt. They react. Even kill.

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams And You’ll Own The Future

They act of one accord. They create the continued circumstances or events. Some people get swept up with out even, ever, knowing why. People can get caught up! There is group think. It can work for or against us. Be careful. We need to seek accurate versions.

We believe what we are told, what we have read, what is passed down, often without question or investigation. We believe our pundits and leaders; just because. We believe what we tell ourselves because we have repeated it forever, without investigating it.

We make up our individual and collective conscious realities by what we believe and whom we associate with. We believe opinions, mistaking these as fact. It is difficult to gain access to accurate information, whether personal or otherwise. Still, we must seek to.

Once Your Mindset Changes Everything On The Outside Changes

We create our outer world by how we imagine it. We create it by whom we agree with, about it. Often, these agreements are about how we are limited, or at the affect of circumstances, god, powers, weather, economy, traffic, other races and religions and more.

We look for evidence that corroborates what we already think. Rarely, do we look for counter-examples or versions, or evidence that would provide a different way of thinking because we don’t like to be wrong. We avoid Cognitive Dissonance. We must feel right!

If you want it to be otherwise. If you want it to be different. If you want to begin creating more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, you need to decide to begin. You need to choose to make it different. You need to develop your mindset and act differently.

Once You Awaken You’ll Have No Interest In Judging Those Asleep

To start, you need to refuse to accept those thoughts that don’t support you positively in accomplishing what you want. You need to turn away from them and toward those positive, optimistic thoughts that get you closer to what you want. It is deliberate thinking.

Don’t fight the old thoughts. Let them go. Shift, give your attention to new thoughts. You only create more of what you have had when you fight the old. What you resist, persists. To change it, you need to shift away from it. Energy flows where your attention goes.

Repeat these new thoughts as affirmations. This is important! Repetition is how we create habit. To develop new positive, powerful thought habits that assist you in making the results you want a reality, you must think differently from the past. Think new!

Assumptions Are Dangerous Especially When Made In Anger

If you want your life and world to  be different, begin by making it different within you. Start telling yourself different stories. Repeat new, positive stories about how you are creating your world each moment. Stop telling victim stories. Stop participating in the old.

Each of us can transform, how we think and act, on an individual level, in our daily lives. We can affect the world at large. If we hold positive beliefs and expectations, we CAN make a difference. If we don’t buy into ‘negative group think’ we can begin to alter things.

Who we hang around with makes a difference. Who we associate with and what we believe and think, as a group, makes a massive difference. There are peace groups and hate groups. Choose how you want to live in the world and how you want the world to be.

It Is Wiser To Find Out Than Agree And Suppose – Seek Answers

Seek to improve the world through positive changes that makes it better for ALL people. Seek to include, rather than eliminate. What we resist, persists. Don’t hate, hate. Seek love and peace instead. How we think, and what we think, determines the results. Get it?

This is why gratitude and daily, moment to moment expression of it, is so powerful. You fill your mind with positive thoughts and you feel wonderful. You tell different, magnificent, marvelous stories. When you are focused on blessings, small and large, everything changes!

When you delight and vibrate high, and are on top of the world, IS when you create and attract most easily! Get it? So don’t get caught up in less than glorious drama and circumstance. Stop creating discord. Create a better now and you create a better future. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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How To Stop The Struggle Inside You!

“Your mind will always believe what you feed it. That is what it has been doing since you were born. Your subconscious mind doesn’t evaluate the content you are presented with, to determine whether it is right or wrong, or good or bad for you. It just accepts it.

It learns unconsciously through repetition. You and I have been fed some pretty crappy programming while growing up. Our mind’s believed it. It accepted it. It is not the truth! You and I only think it is. Get it? It is not YOUR programming. You borrowed it. We did!

You borrowed it before you knew what you were doing. Hence, you have lived from it as if it were yours. It isn’t! You can change it. That is what we have to do in order to transform. We aren’t responsible for the programming we adopted, but we are for changing it.

Think Positive – Be Positive And Positive Things Will Happen

Once we become aware that we have some crappy, limiting beliefs and programming we are 100% responsible for changing it. If you want your life to change, you have to change some things in your life. The ancients knew this. Buddha knew this. We aren’t our thoughts.

So we can change our thoughts to better serve us. Napoleon Hill pointed out we can begin to believe anything, any new thought, through repetition, and by the intensity of our feelings. This is how we were originally programmed. This is how we change it, too.

Feed your mind what you want it to believe, instead. Choose supporting, positive, helpful beliefs, instead of the limiting ones. Fill your mind with these. Repeatedly affirm with strong emotion, daily. Control your thinking. Manage the process and you become free.

What Consumes You Mind Controls Your Life

Stop limiting yourself. Start  feeding it faith. Feed it optimism. Feed it strength. Feed it hope. We become what we think about most frequently. What we focus on expands. Fill your mind with positive, optimistic material repeatedly, consistently, for long enough.

Your mind will accept it. You will begin living from the new thoughts. You will develop the positive thinking habit. Your life will transform. ‘Be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind’. Renew your mind and be transformed!

Do you know the story of the two dogs? A wise old native told his young son that within him were two dogs fighting. ‘Which one wins?’ asked the boy. The wise man replied, ‘the one you feed’. What are you feeding YOUR mind? It makes an incredible difference!

A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life – Change It

Feed it gratitude. Feed it positivity. Do it daily. Moment to moment. Make this a part of your mission. That which occupies your thinking determines the results you get. Shift from the negative, less than glorious, crappy, thinking and believing. Do it. You can do this!

Shift from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ and ‘I can learn to do anything’. Anything IS possible when you believe it is! Henry Ford is famous for saying, ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.’ Think you can! Begin today! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Make it matter and enjoy it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Are You Failing Because You Are Distracted? Yes!

“My recent blogs were devoted to two concepts; why you fail and is media, and more, distracting you from your goals and dreams? There are many factors that usurp your power. If you aren’t able to realize the power you have, you may never maximize your potential.

The distractions, those deliberately imposed, and those that simply arise in daily living, compete for your attention. They rob you of focus. They lead you astray when you succumb to them. Your thoughts become diluted so the results you get are weakened.

If you are distracted, you may never realize your true self and what you are capable of achieving. Because you are ‘caught up’ you miss out. Napoleon Hill called it ‘drifting’, as a cork bobs along in the current. There is no power in drifting. Power is in your focus.

Everything Is Energy – Your Thoughts Begin It …

Power is in your decisions and determination. Power is in managing your thoughts, feelings, and actions. If anything can distract you, it will lead you away from what is most important. If it can take you away from pursuing your goals and dreams, it will. You lose out.

That is why, social networking, popular books, movies, music, gossip, bad news, is dangerous. It takes you out of the game. Your focus isn’t on who  you can become, and what you can accomplish, it’s caught up in the bad news and banter on your feed. Focus is everything!

Energy flows where your attention goes. What you focus on expands. You become what you think about most frequently. I’m not saying there isn’t room for entertainment or frivolity that makes you feel good. There is plenty of room for it. It’s how much time is spent?

… Your Emotions Amplify It – Your Actions Increase Its Momentum

If most of your time is caught up in media distraction, daily distractions, traffic and nuisances in work and home life, then less time is spent focused on what you want. If you get what you focus on,  how will you get what you want, if you’re not focused on it?

You have to control what you pay attention to. That is why it is important to read and listen to material that inspires and motivates you to continue your pursuit, daily. It is why you need to hang out with positive like minded people who are making things happen.

It is the reason you attend seminars and events and invest in yourself. All of these help you to stay focused on your goals and dreams, and expand your imagination to include more good things. Spend more time on what is important, and less time on what isn’t.

Take Back Your Attention – Energy – Time And Emotions 

Affirm and visualize. Enjoy making your world what you want it to be. Contribute to others positively, and allow them to contribute to you. That is much better for you than the latest bad news or gossip. The goal, of the powers that be, is that you spend money trying.

If you become what you want to be, you live life on your terms. You have choice and power. You can opt in or opt out. If you are always struggling you are spending your time, energy and money to become. If you never become you keep struggling. Get it? It’s a cycle.

Put an end to the distractions. You get nowhere drifting and being wishy washy. Focus! Focus yourself. Become a laser beam and enjoy the process. Find the people, things, and circumstances you are grateful for and focus on these, instead. You’ll get more bang for this buck than discussing headlines. Get it? Practice gratitude. Live fully. Delight in life. Manage your thoughts and your feelings and actions and results will align. FOCUS! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Discover delight each instant!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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First Tame The Mind Then Transcend The Mind

“Enlightenment can happen in an instant but it often happens in stages. We progress in the process of remembering who we truly are. You must first tame the mind and then transcend it. The difficulty for most people is they do not realize that you have choice.

Becoming aware that you have choice, is a first step. Taking control and managing your thoughts, brings you that awareness. Become aware that you were thinking less than glorious, negative thoughts and feelings and shift, instead, to positive, thinking and feeling.

You begin to manage your thinking process. It begins with awareness and by exercising your choice. You choose to move from negative to positive. You take control and manage your mind. You become its boss. You stop being the victim of your own mind.

Mind Is A Beautiful Servant But A Dangerous Master – Go Beyond

Once you take control of your thinking, and learn to shift your thinking, manage your thoughts and feelings, you’ll begin to realize you are not those. You are not your thoughts. Most people do not recognize this important difference. You are not your thoughts!

You are beyond those. YOU ARE beyond those. When you begin to realize you’re beyond those, you are not your thoughts, you’re not your feelings, you are not the body, then the possibility of transcending emerges. You are the one choosing.  YOU are!

This is an important realization to embody. There is someone who is choosing. Presently, if you are like most people, you aren’t in touch with the one who is choosing, because most people identify with their thinking. That is the illusion, the maya, the deception.

No Meditation – No Life – Know Meditation – Know Life

First, learn to change the mind, to manage and control it. Then, realize you are the one making the choices beyond the mind. You are able to watch it and decide which to choose. Then, you actually choose and implement the changes. You are beyond the mind.

You have always been.  You just don’t know that yet. Perhaps, intellectually you can entertain the concept, but it is not your present reality, yet. You just don’t experience it because you’ve been living as a victim of the mind. One day that will end. You’ll wake up.

Tame the mind and you go beyond it. When you go beyond it, is when you can discover your original self. You come home to the fact that you are source. You have always been source disguised as a fragment. You are the ocean in the drop. You are one with all.

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart – Think Less Feel More

The drop is always still the ocean. There is no difference. You just don’t know it, yet, but you can and you will.  Tame the mind and you’ll transform the mind. Transform the mind and you will transcend the mind.  You will become one, and be at home inside yourself.

The charade, the game will end when you realize who you truly are. So be grateful. The game of playing hide and seek with yourself will end and you will be one. Be grateful that you have chosen to play this game. Be grateful because every moment, every person, every event, every situation is designed to help you wake up. All of it IS a blessing. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Make each moment marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Everything Is A Blessing!

“This mindset that may seem difficult to adopt or accept at first,  but if you do, you can get fantastic results. Any time we want to change or add in new behaviors or skills, we must first overcome inertia and the tendency, we have, to remain the same. That’s just how it is.

Overcoming inertia is the part of the process where most people give up. They try for a while and then throw in the towel claiming it is too hard. Of course, it seems that way at first. If you never played basketball or chess, starting out can be tough. It just is.

There are many new and different things you have to get used to. If it is fun and the end result is deemed most desirable, you might keep going long enough to get proficient at it. Getting over that beginning hump is the key to progressing long term. You just have to keep at it.

Happiness Can Only Exist In Acceptance – Accept And Allow

This mindset can seem tough, at first, but the payoff can be enormous. The resistance to it will be old, chronic thoughts and conditioning. Our limiting beliefs will raise their heads. So, get over that and commit to moving yourself forward. It is truly worth it.

Adopt this mindset, this way of thinking and viewing the world.  Whatever it is, whatever happens, all of it, everything included, IS as it is supposed to be. It is what it is!  You are lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to experience it. It is all good.

Ultimately, everything will turn out for your good. It is all a blessing and you may not yet be able to see around the corner, what is coming, but it is all an incredible blessing, no matter what it is. It is all as is should be. Accept and allow and feel blessed. Celebrate.

Become A Generous Giver And An Incredible Receiver

It is an opportunity to explore new things you may never have considered. Stop labeling. Most of our problems are due to our thinking about them. It is how we chronically consider the situations that occur in our life that upset us. It is our perception of them.

Consider it all a big game. Life is one big, fun, adventurous game. It includes all kinds of drama, and scares, and heartbreak and good things and thrills, that a really fun game might include.  All of your challenges and hardships are part of the game.

They are there for you to have fun.  They are there to help you transcend. They aren’t there to hold you back but to strengthen you. Everything you encounter, good or not so good, is a blessing. You are living here. That is a gift. Whatever is going on is a gift. Life is a gift!

Accept The Present Moment As If You Have Chosen It – Accept

Imagine everything IS as it should be. It is all designed for your ultimate good. You are strong enough, big enough, you have all the resources, you can overcome any difficulty, ride out any storm and you can play, have fun and win the game. It is an adventure!

Remember, I am not saying this is true, I am saying this is a mindset you adopt. I am suggesting how you think about things determines whether you sink or swim. If, when you encounter difficulty, you label it as bad and overwhelming, that impacts your results.

Develop a powerhouse mindset that gets your through any troubles. Develop a mindset that is compassionate towards yourself and others, while being strong willed. Love, have peace, support others, allow them to support you. Be confident, have fun, explore.

What You Deny Or Resist Delays And Persists

Life is process. Stop resisting what comes your way. What you resist persists. Instead, allow, accept, invite and receive. Think, ‘I am bigger than my problems. They are here as a blessing and as an opportunity for me to grow, evolve and develop.’ Try this thinking hat on.

You might not grow and evolve as much as you could if these challenges were not present. The reason why most people have problems is because they fight them. They keep the problems going by attempting to resist them. They try to ignore, BUT they live them.

They think about the problem, speak about it to self or others. They label it bad. They feel bad. When feeling bad they aren’t at their optimum so the issues persist and they spiral downward. They whine, complain, excuse and continue into the mire. Thoughts!

What You Face And Accept You Conquer 

All of us have problems. Get over the notion that life may be free of them. Instead of judging them as bad things consider them blessings for your own good. Live as if everything is a blessing. All of it, every itsy bitsy bit of it is good. All the drama is good. It is all good!

When everything is a blessing, when every moment is a gift and every second is a joy, then your life can be truly magnificent and incredible. That is when you are invincible and unstoppable. You can manifest and create whatever you want, whenever you want. When your mindset and being are aligned you live more fully. Live in gratitude and joy. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why Some Succeed While Others Fail

“Some people think one’s ability to think positive is silly. They don’t believe it is good for anything. In fact, they believe it may be hoping against hope that something comes to pass and that most positive thinkers only end up getting disappointed. Do you think this is true?

I think it is possible that anyone, at anytime, could get disappointed. Things don’t always work out as planned. That is for certain. I don’t think positive thinking will get you to do anything.  BUT, you will get better results with positive thinking, than with negative thinking.

Positive thinking doesn’t ensure things happen a certain way. It means you have control over your mind to look for solutions when things go wrong, instead of spiraling down in defeat. It means you have trained your mind to look for possibilities and opportunity.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

Things may, and do, go wrong for the positive thinker. But the positive thinker overcomes that which goes wrong. The positive thinker overcomes because the positive thinker has trained their thinking in the same way an Olympic athlete trains to do their best.

It is worth it to learn to control your thoughts and feelings. Your mindset and attitude do control how far you travel. Some people are stopped by limiting beliefs, thoughts of fear and anxiety, or for any number of reasons. The optimistic positive thinker may not be.

The positive thinker doesn’t succumb to excuses, reasons, blames and complaints because the positive thinker is conditioned to rise above them. Positive thinking is learning to be in charge of your mind so you can get the results you determine to get.

You Get What You Focus On – What You Focus On Expands

Positive thinking is brain training. It is training your mind to submit to you. You are in charge and your thoughts support you. Your feelings support  you. You take inspired actions. You get more of the results you go after, because nothing detours or stops you.

The positive thinker finds good in all. Finds opportunity and blessings hidden in problems and challenges. The positive thinker is able to adjust, to find or create ways, to succeed in the mission. The positive thinker is able to delight in the journey and not be distracted. The positive thinker celebrates everything!” Rex Sikes

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Celebrate today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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