Reverse Engineer Your Dreams And Goals

“This evening June 15, 9pm EST I will go live on FaceBook. Join me. If you read my blog, be there live, with me: Beyond NLP – Creating Your Best Life. We’ll have a great time. Plus, I’ll answer questions. Adjust for your local time. See you later! All the best!

A big tip to manifesting what you want is to begin at the end. Reverse engineer it. You already have what you want, how incredible does it feel? What do you feel? Enjoy. Bask in these feelings and emotions. Be excited about having it. Feel it!

When you feel it this way, you then KNOW it will manifest, even if you don’t know how. You don’t need to know how. You only need to believe and know that it will. Be open to limitless possibilities. Expect unexpected good. Enjoy living the dream before it is reality.

Act As If You Are Already The Person You Want To Be

When you do, it becomes reality. What you conceive, and believe, you can achieve. When you believe it, and feel certain, because you already feel all the incredible feelings that accompany making your dreams come true, the doors open up to you, being able to have it.

You make it happen. Enjoy it Be glad. Be grateful. Good things can come your way. Receive goodness into your life. Delight in it. Appreciate it. Be thankful for all things. If hardship arises, know inside it will all work out. Trust and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes




I’m going to share some powerful tips, advice, approaches and principles needed to transform your life in incredible ways! Join me!

I’ll answer  your questions you send in.

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Live it large!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. Will your call be recorded? Not available this evening. I read your daily inspirations. Wonderful. I could listen late this evening.

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