You’re An F’ing Creator Act Like One!

“The very act of thinking is a creative act. You imagine it. You visualize it. Whether or not you act on it, you have begun a creative process.  You initiated something and you put it out there. The more you focus on it, the more you bring it into being. You make it happen.

So, if you are worried about debt and lack, you continue to create more of it. If you are anxious and fearful about anything, you are negatively goal setting. Your continued attention causes energy to flow into that which you’d prefer to avoid and YOU make it happen.

You can’t not create. The only question is WHAT you create? Either it’s positive, supportive and something you want OR it’s not. This IS why you want to take control of your thinking process and make it work for you, instead of against you. YOU make things happen!

The More Responsibility You Take For Your Past And Present …

This IS WHY you you don’t want it to run on and on the way you have been using it, but WHY you want to learn to manage your thoughts and feelings. The first step is to take full responsibility as a creator. You create your experience. You respond or react to it.

Whether the world influences you, or whether you orchestrate all of it, doesn’t matter, because your choices determine your outcomes. Your responses or reactions determine your results. Whether you put it into action, or react to it, you are responsible for what you get.

Do you understand this? One or the other doesn’t have to be ‘the case’ or ‘the truth’ in order for you to be ‘at effect’ of the cause. When you live ‘at effect’ you don’t have much say or control. The same is true if you are creating what you don’t want. Do you get it?

… The More You Are Able To Create The Future You Desire

You don’t have to understand electricity to use it. You don’t have to believe in it for it to work, or not. It doesn’t have to be true, or not, in order to benefit or be harmed. It simply is. You simply create your world, whatever you think that to mean. Take responsibility for it.

When you do, you put yourself in the ‘at cause’ position instead of the ‘at effect’ position. You are the progenitor, the catalyst, the reason for things happening. IF THAT IS THE CASE then you can create differently, if you are wise enough to choose to. Get it?

You no longer are a victim of your thinking, you become the victor. When you accept full responsibility for everything, whether this notion is actually true or not, it puts the power back in your hands. You are where the power belongs. You are the power, not the victim.

Love The Life You Have While You Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Act like a creator. Act powerful. Decide. Act positively on your own behalf. Stop whining and blaming and excusing and start owning up. When the buck stops with you, YOU CAN do something about any situation. You can change the situation OR your attitude. Get it?

It is up to you! If you can’t change the situation, change what you think and feel about it. Find or create a way to be resourceful, anyway. Adjust and continue. Make the best of a ‘bad’ situation. Take charge. Be the victor NOT the victim. Make what you want happen!

Whether true, or a reframe, you are responsible for creating every moment of your life. When you fully realize and accept this, true magic begins to happen. Change can be instantaneous. Miraculous! Accept 100% responsibility for creating your life. Make it happen!

This Life Of Yours Is 100% Your Responsibility – Act Like It

Why the picture that accompanies this post? Well, that bale didn’t get there by itself. Someone had to decide to do it. Someone had to have previously planted. Then someone harvested. It begins with an idea and then it is translated into reality. It didn’t happen on its own.

Be grateful. Be thankful. Find the good in everything. Your whole life can change. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes, the earlier we learn it the easier it is. AND it is never, ever, too late. Of course, information that is not applied, remains information. Information put to use can transform lives. All the best. Again, thanks for taking time to comment and share. You rock!

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