How To Live And Feel More Abundantly

“There is the story of the of the poor widow who had nothing but gave from her limited supply, versus the uber wealthy, who gave little in comparison. The widow gave generously from her meager supply. The wealthy gave stingily from their plenty. Hmmmm.

The widow is the role model for giving. She would be get back or be rewarded. That is the example set forth in the story. Giving comes from the heart not the pocket. If you want to live abundantly, you need to feel abundant. Your mindset should be on plenty not on lack.

The widow gave generously from the little she had. She is bound to get more. The wealthy ones gave little from their wealthy supply. Their hearts were more closed. Hers was more open. When you are open you are bound to discover opportunities and receive more.

Giving Opens The Way For Receiving – Enjoy Giving – Delight

At a  restaurant, do you order based on the price or by what you are hungry for. Do you get what you want or do you limit your choices by cost? When shopping do you limit yourself because you can’t afford items? When you give to others, do you limit your gifts?

There is nothing wrong with being frugal. Many millionaires live below their means. They look for bargains and discounts. Saving your money and wise investments are smart steps in becoming financially free. The wealthy don’t buy everything either.

The point is, do you feel wealthy or not? Some very rich people may not feel wealthy while some with far less may feel very rich. It is a mindset, a belief, a practice and a habit. Some people are generous givers, others withhold and are not. Abundance is a mindset!

Become A Generous Giver And An Excellent Receiver – Enjoy

Try giving more. That may mean you tip a little better. You tip more frequently. You don’t qualify your giving but give it freely. You don’t have to go nuts, you just do a little bit better than you would have. You don’t even have to give money. Give more smiles. Anything!

Give compliments. Give a hand. Help someone else. Share some tips and suggestions. Turn someone on to a new restaurant, a new shop, and new service. Give referrals. Share some tips and advice. Recommend some books or blogs. Give someone a ride. Help out!

Give of your attention. Give of your time. The point is to practice being generous, to feel good about giving. When you give, you open the doorway for getting back. Give to give. Give to put a smile on someone’s face. Give with no expectation of return. Simply give!

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes – Feel Blessed

Give because you can, as the poor widow did. It isn’t the size of the gift. It is the heart of the giver that matters. If you give because you feel blessed and are thankful and grateful for whatever little or plenty you have, you are operating abundantly. Get it? I hope so.

You create more abundance when you feel abundance. When you feel blessed and grateful. When you enjoy life so much you want to help others feel good too. Share whatever you can share to help others move forward. Share and allow others to share with you.

A closed mind and a closed heart generates little. An open, generous mind and heart, generates a lot. This is why it is said your return is 10 times or more. What you give, can exponentially return to you. Allow it. Accept it. Receive it by giving it. Welcome it, when it returns.

Practice Abundance – Feel Like You Already Have Everything 

Practice gratitude. Inspire yourself and others. Seek to feel your best. Delight yourself. Delight others. Share. Give. Share blessings and give thanks. Enjoy assisting others because you are helping yourself too. From abundance to abundance. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Photo by me.   Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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