This Lie Can Help You. This Lie Can Help Others!

“Are you born smart or can you be made smart? Is genius an inner trait or does environment matter? What if, by your words and actions, you could influence your son or daughter to greater heights? Would you? Can a genius be made? It seems the answer is yes.

Here is one brief example I share with you. Click the link to watch this video. It is less than 2 minutes. Watch it. THEN use the back button to return here.


Okay, okay… It isn’t true. It never happened, according to some. BUT it could have. Plenty of times the opposite occurs. Someone injures another person by their words or actions. Let this, short, untrue, video story, stand as an example. Remember it. Apply it. Live it!

Uplift and edify others. Emphasize their strengths in your mind and theirs. Diminish their weaknesses for them, in your mind and theirs. Be glad you know them. Be glad you can help inspire. Be thankful. Be grateful for everything about them. Feel blessed. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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