To Live Abundantly You Need To Notice Abundance Now!

“Have you ever noticed that when you choose to recognize abundance around you, celebrate it, and feel abundant within, more and more good, just naturally and easily starts to come into your life?  When you acknowledge and celebrate you open these doors.

If you haven’t noticed it, yet, it is an indication your attention is not where it is most beneficial for you.  You will want to make some changes. If you’re experiencing lack, and troubles, it indicates that is where your focus is. You’re paying attention to circumstances.

This can be difficult at first to understand and to change. It is absolutely possible to do so. We’ve grown up conditioned to pay attention to events, people and times that are upsetting. From the media to our parents the focus typically is on the ‘bad news’.

You Get What You Focus On – What You Focus On Expands

We entertain it. We talk about it. We share it with our family and friends. We moan, fret and lose sleep over it. When someone comes along and says, ‘you don’t have to just change your focus’ it can be difficult to receive, but it is possible and it is necessary. Get it.

If you always do what you always did you always get what you always got. You will get more of the conditioned same that you always have. Results will be haphazard and life will be tougher. Energy flows where your attention goes.  Gotta change!

People create more lack and adversity when they choose to see what’s lacking and what is wrong. You get what you focus on. It does come back to you in a variety of ways. People focused on lack and problems are never satisfied. They always need more and more.

Energy Goes Where Attention Goes – Focus On What You Want

When you ‘need’ you create more needing. You get more of whatever you are focused on. Concentrate on what is good and what you have. Focus on abundance. Stop noticing what you don’t have now, and concentrate on what you do have now. Be grateful.

Appreciate where you are in life, on your journey. Stop focusing on how you aren’t at your destination yet. You get whatever you focus on whether what you focus on is positive or negative. SO focus on the positive. Focus on abundance, on health, on love, on peace.

I repeat:  Look for the good. Notice abundance all around you. Feel the good. Feel blessed. Feel healthy, wealthy and happy. Savor and enhance the good feelings. Vibrate high! Keep a gratitude journal. You will begin to notice more coming to you. Mindset is everything!

Renew Your Commitment To Abundance Mindset Each Moment

Your mindset and attitude determine what you create and attract. Keep in mind, it is what you create that matters the most. Begin focusing on what you can do! Do you want to live the best life ever? Then enjoy everything, be grateful, feel blessed and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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