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If You Aren’t Right Here You Are Missing Out


“Some people struggle and worry and never seem to get ahead of the curve. They hope and wish and fret to no avail. They miss most of their life because they are too caught up. They try but can’t secure the future nor repair the past. They need to stop and get present.

Some people think that focusing on the present is like being in a barrel on the ocean drifting wherever the current takes you. For me, focusing on the present is like being in a sailboat and navigating whatever the universe presents. Life is what life is right now.

Some people want to escape what is. Don’t. Whether you face choppy, windblown waters or calm sunny seas you accept what is. You adjust and go with the flow.  You don’t give in. You don’t give up. You do whatever is necessary or enjoyable IN the moment.

The Art Of Life Is To Live In The Present – Be Here Now

You keep your destination in mind as you attend to what is currently going on. You know where you want to go yet you live right now. You enjoy the present moment. You enjoy the journey as it unfolds. You accept and overcome the obstacles as part of the journey.

It is what IS. You enjoy the fun, exciting moments. The calm moments.  The boring moments. Whatever IS is what IS.  You accept wherever you are in the moment. You allow and embrace it. It is your blessing. There truly is nothing else but right now. Breathe it in.

Your mind tries to escape into thoughts of past or future. Those don’t exist now. You exist now. Live in the present and become aware. This moment is all you have. Live in it. Live it fully. Stay with right now. Bring your attention to here. Allow now to be all it is.

Past Might Be A Nice Place To Visit But Not A Good Place To Stay

I repeat. The past is gone except for what your entertain in your mind. The future has yet to unfold even if you spend all your time welcoming it or worrying about it. It isn’t here yet. Fully appreciate what is going on now! Be grateful for all of it. Live in full gratitude.

Be grateful for the obstacles and challenges. Be grateful for every experience; event; thing and person; for all of it is a gift to you. You are alive. You get to experience this present moment. Others do not. You are blessed to have this moment, whatever the moment is.

When you are filled with gratitude and appreciation for what it IS, for whatever IS, then you are free. Then you are free to transform your self and the world around you. It isn’t even that you are doing it. You keep what you want, your destination, in mind, and allow it.

The Present Moment Is All We Have – Concentrate On Now

You make it happen by doing right now what it takes to bring it about. Your focus is on this step in the journey. When it is time to take the next step you do. Step by step you get where you are headed. Enjoy right now. Be present. Don’t miss it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy Now!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Keep The Faith During Turbulent Times

horizons -ice-cave-phil-koch

“Times can be difficult. You or your family may endure hardship. Your neighborhood or city may be going though troubled times. Your country or the world. It can be environmental, financial, societal, or political. There are all manner of challenges and obstacles. It is true.

Whatever your burden; whatever your political persuasion; whatever your religious persuasion; whatever you  fears and concerns for the moment are, keep this in mind; THIS TOO will pass! Perhaps, not as quickly or in the manner you want, but it will.

Be patient, stay clam, fight the good fight civilly (in other words don’t give up because times may be tough) and allow for yourself to be pleasantly surprise. Don’t rain on other people’s parade to save your own. Help each other all be better off. Work as a team to improve.

Just Breathe – Have Faith Everything Will Work Out For The Best

If disappointed, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue to persevere. Always remember the pendulum swings both ways. Time is the great leveler and the great healer. Optimism and hope and love and peace are better than negativity, fear, hate and war. Forgive.

Build something better. Don’t lose hope. Keep the faith. Nothing lasts forever. The kite rises highest against the wind. Our challenges, obstacles and problems teach us lessons if we are open. They make us better and stronger. We develop muscle and strength. We win!

If we stop worrying and learn from these tough lessons we will be able to accomplish more of what we want in the future. Live and let live. Learn and grow. Laugh off the difficulties and be larger than the problems facing you! Keep the faith! A better day truly is ahead!

Let Go A Little And Just Let Life Happen – Relax And Have Faith

Focus on the good you want to bring about. Stop concentrating on what is wrong. Look at the solutions and work to make those happen. Appreciate what you already have right now. Never give in or lose faith. Focus on reason to be grateful and glad. Persevere.

Positive thinking IS NOT thinking ‘there are no weeds, there are no weeds.’  It is the systematic application of strong productive thoughts to resolve any difficulty and move ahead. Think the best so you feel the best. You are more resourceful at the top of your game.

This is why you want to learn to manage your thoughts and feelings You want to have control of your thinking, your mind, any time,  but especially in tough times. In order to be able to do that you need to practice and practice to build the skill. Make it a habit. Only you can.

If Things Haven’t Worked Out Yet – It Is Not Yet The End

Then when the going is tough you are prepared. Without opposition you don’t grow strong. Welcome difficulty for how it can make you a better person if you learn while going through it. Practice gratitude and positive thinking. Focus on the good. Focus on all you can appreciate. It makes a real difference when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Universe Abhors Desperate People Just Like You!


“Have you ever dated a person who was needy, desperate and clingy. It really isn’t much fun is it? They may tend to be doubtful, fearful, always checking asking, ‘you love me right?’ Sadly, their insecurity and need to be needed or wanted often drives us or others away.

Have you ever known or been with any one like that? Have YOU ever been like that? I mention this because that same uncomfortableness occurs with the Law Of Attraction (LOA). Consider this; your neediness is actually keeping what you want away. It prevents you.

Sometimes we want something so bad; a relational partner; a career; fame; fortune; a better job; to get out of debt; a new car; that we don’t get it precisely because we DO need it. It may seem counterintuitive, but we actually push away what we want to attract.

Change Your Thoughts And You Change You And The World

That’s why I started this blog post with a provocative title and dating question. If it makes you uncomfortable to be with a person who is desperate, perhaps, it makes the universe uncomfortable as well. For demonstrating my point I personify the universe AS an example.

I don’t think it is the universe or god not letting you have it because you want it but that your energy, instead of attracting and creating it, actually holds it at bay. Neediness tends to repel people. So, perhaps, it is the same with anything we desperately want. Get it?

The idea is to focus on what you want. Desire it intently. Want it badly as a preference but don’t need it. Be able to be okay without it. Be happy if it shows up or doesn’t. When you are feeling that way, vibrating that way, it has a better chance of coming to you. Get it?

Don’t Believe Everything You Think – Choose Thoughts Wisely 

Don’t we get annoyed with demanding, inpatient, petulant people who demand it must be this way and now? Aren’t we put off by people who are needy, clingy and desperate? Worriers bother us. So become a champion attractor and creator instead. Resolve to do it.

Know what you want. Want it. Learn to be totally and completely happy whether or not it shows up. How? This IS the art of learning to manifest what you want by being grateful. Be happy with what you already have. All of it! The good and not so good. Find the blessings!

Focus on the good in everything. Find the positive side to your troubles, challenges, situations and bothersome people. Live with zest, zeal, passion and enthusiasm. Be thankful for all of it. When you are you have a different quality about you. You vibrate differently.

Happiness Doesn’t Bring Gratitude – Gratitude Brings Happiness

You are happy and fun filled. You exude good feelings and positive thoughts and expectations. You know things will ultimately work out for the best no matter what. You have faith. You believe. You are certain. You take action and work to make your dreams come true.

You live qualitatively different right now! In doing so you open up your own neurology to take better advantage of opportunity you might otherwise miss. I’ve discussed this many times before. The brain’s job is to find matches with what we already believe. It works.

You can transform your life when you start living as a victor instead of a victim. Stop losing out and start winning by adopting that winning feeling first. You have to believe you are going to win in order to actually win. Once you do you open up grand doorways.

How You Vibrate Is What The Universe Echoes Back To You

The Secret is to live with passion. Be grateful. Delight in the tiniest moments. Make your problems mole hills and reframe them as lessons and opportunities. Put fear and doubt and need into the past. Be thrilled. Be excited. Be thankful. Be expressive AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Find more reasons to celebrate each moment!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Giver’s Paradox


“If you want to increase your wealth, affluence, happiness and all goodness in your life practice giving for giving sake. Give to give! Don’t give to get. Give because you want to help and you are compassionate, kind, caring, thoughtful and sensitive. Give to give.

Think of others first and give. You don’t have to do it all the time. You don’t have to give away the farm. You don’t go into debt giving. You simply experiment and learn the true joy and blessings of giving. It is easy. Tip the doorman, the barista, your waiter a bit more. More.

Be generous instead of stingy. Someone said, if you get caught up in ‘should I give this much?’  Go ahead and give it. Err, on the side of too  much rather than on too little or the exact amount. Be generous and joyous. If you resent or regret any of it you are not giving joyously.

Cheerful Givers Don’t Count The Cost Of What They Give

Treat someone. Buy dinner. Pay for a movie. Devote some time. Hang out. Help them with a chore or situation. It doesn’t have to be just cash you give. You can give your time, energy,  effort, attention, companionship, respect, and money. The point is you give.

If you are giving to get something in return you are missing the blessing. You need to give without expecting anything back. You need to give without keeping score. You give because you want to. You don’t need thanks. You want to give. Here is a personal story.

I gave someone money for groceries once.  A few hundred dollars. It was a gift or a loan. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to treat it. I knew they needed a helping hand and I could help out. Well, later the people didn’t even remember what I had done. Details don’t matter.

Blessed Are Those Who Give Without Remembering – Give Freely

Suffice to say it is all good. They didn’t remember and never said thanks. I didn’t want to point it out. I hoped they’d remember. They didn’t. I started getting bugged by it. Get it? My good deed actually had a lot of strings attached. Still, I never reminded them.

That wasn’t the point. The point was I was trying to be a good guy but I also had a bunch of unconscious conditions attached. When the conditions weren’t met I began to feel resentful. What does resent have to do with generously giving? Get it? It was my issue not theirs.

That kind of giving may be better than not giving at all but it isn’t in the spirit of letting go and giving simply to give. Once you give, you give! You don’t set conditions or terms on it. You don’t take it back You let them do what they want with it. Don’t decided for them.

What Goes Around Comes Around – Give Without Conditions

My parents often had conditions. They’d say, ‘we’re going to gave you this but we don’t want you to spend it or to touch it.’ Or.  ‘you can only use it for this’; their particular reason. I hated that. I liked receiving it but felt obligated in ways I didn’t want to be obligated.

When you give simply to give, with no expectations or strings, you are truly blessed. Don’t look for the blessing. Give and let go. That is the trick. It is as tricky as enlightenment. Seek enlightenment with everything you have but if you want enlightenment it eludes you.

It only comes when you ultimately give up seeking it. This is true of many things. Let love go and you find it. When you don’t have needs you are rich. When you have needs you can’t seem to make ends meet. If you give to get you get nothing much back at all.

You Get Back What You Put Out – Celebrate And Enjoy

If you are happy with who you are and what you have your life can be truly incredible. Plus, you get more! It is an amazing paradox but one that affects us all. Let go. Give freely and you end up getting more back. Be delighted! Celebrate everything!”

Today, is all we truly have. Live fully today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Good Things Always Come Your Way If You Are Open To It


I interrupt our series of blogs on ‘How To Get People To Do What You Want’ to share with you some wonderful bits about today. I enjoy the notions of synchronicity, coincidence, and happenstance. I enjoy the notions of attraction and manifestation. l like mystery.

I like magic. The mysterious and delightfully wonderful and bizarre mystic Gurdjieff wrote a fascinating book titled ‘Meetings With Remarkable Men’ which could be a book that I write. My life has been filled with remarkable people of high intelligence.

I have been surrounded by incredible spiritual mystics, deep thinkers, movers and shakers; people of vast wealth and influence, and great talent. I have been fortunate to have had, and today, still gain access to remarkable people of tremendous insight.

Create A Positive Atmosphere In Your Life And Good Will Happen

Many of the most influential people and profound mentors in my life have been powerful women. Many of these in the areas of health, and show business. Today, I was fortunate to be invited to lunch by a very, very wealthy influential gentleman who’ll remain nameless.

From Noon to 3:30 this afternoon I was delighted to spend time listening and learning and conversing with he and a few other friends he had invited. He bought us lunch and we hung out. At one point, I asked what he attributed his great success to.

He looked me in the eye and said, ‘I listen. I learned to listen well. I listen to everything and I remember it. I am a sneaky listener too. I listen to others when they talk. I listen so I can connect with people. I listen so that attention is off of me and on the other person.’

Be Patient The Best Things Happen Unexpectedly – Remain Open

He continued, ‘I listen. Then I know what is important to other people. I learn what they want and feel they need. Then, I know how to speak with them and help them begin to feel more fulfilled. It’s about the other person; not about me. I’m not that interesting.’

Later in my day, I I met a younger man who said he spent most of his life in special-education. Not as an instructor but as one labeled with special needs. He told me about himself. It was fascinating what he was doing with his life. He was making things happen. It was great.

He had a very positive attitude. He was a person of faith. He mentioned that he was learning to do something by watching YouTube videos over, and over, and over again. He’d watch powerful speakers speak and we would learn their positive messages.

Sometimes Good Things Need To End For Better Ones To Happen

He also mentioned he was learning to do dry wall. He stated it was basically very simple. The process  was measure twice cut and once. If you screw up do it again. It was simple and to the point. Mistakes were learning points but no big deal. Learn and improve.

One of the things that struck me most in what he shared was he said, ‘I can teach myself anything I want.’  And he does. Here’s a guy who spent his entire life labeled as a special needs kid stating he can teach himself to be anything he wants.  AND he is!

He recently moved to this area and was getting to know people and enjoying it, although it was much colder. Eventually, he hopes to move to the southeast. He was a fascinating person and his attitude is indeed marvelous. I enjoyed my time with people today.

Focus On What Matters Stay Positive – Good Things Will Happen

Each morning I wake up and my first thoughts are, ‘I love my life. Today, something magical will happen for me. I accept and allow all the unexpected good and gifts that come my way. What can I do to be of service? How might I help?’ I love waking up celebrating.

Then I find out how these manifest themselves. Every day I am delightfully surprised in big and small ways. Sometimes big wonderful things come my way and sometimes I am tickled. Each day I’m open proves to be fascinating and I meet remarkable people.

I learned a lot from two people at different ends of the financial spectrum today. What a fabulous blessing! I love my life. Let’s all look for what we can enjoy, delight in and learn from. We are surrounded by opportunity each and every moment. Let’s celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today, live, love, learn and laugh!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Experts Reveal: You Are Missing Out And You Don’t Even Know It!


“You don’t know what you don’t know! You can’t know what you miss and do not notice. It is obscured from your view. If you can’t see it you won’t have seen it. I hope you get this important point. Many people walk around with blinders on. Actual blinders of perception.

Research points out that your (our) Reticular Activating System (RAS) looks for matches in your experience and your history that mirrors your internal world. As within so without. Whatever you focus on is what you get. Whatever you don’t focus on you miss.

This is an incredible point to understand. There are opportunities all around you. Opportunities exist all the time. People all over the world are taking advantage of opportunities YOU do not see. Opportunities you CANNOT see. Opportunities you keep missing!

What You See And Hear Depends On The Kind Of Person You Are

You are missing opportunities day and night. In every aspect of your life. Your thinking determines what you are able to notice. How open minded or closed minded you are determines what you will discover and entertain. Most of us are closed minded in many ways.

One of the ways is conscious and is based on our previous conditioning and conclusions we come to as a result. We see this in the political and religious arenas a lot. Both sides believe they are right and have a monopoly on the truth and correct action.

Another way is simply by not paying attention. We are hooked into what is going on around us by what we think about going on inside us. We are focused on problems, debts, and  issues that occupy our thoughts and our time. We focus on lack and limitations.

If Our Perceptual Doors Were Cleansed Everything Would Appear

Both of these ways means we obviously will miss out on what else might be there. The first because we refuse to accept that there is any value elsewhere. The second because our focus narrows down and spotlights problems. We literally shut off peripheral seeing.

The last way I will cover in this post are our distractions. We are distracted and do not focus on what we want. We wish and hope some but mostly pay attention to daily life needs, the internet news, taking selfies, and doing things that don’t add up to very much.

It isn’t that we shouldn’t do them but we forgo putting our energy into where it counts most. We need to focus on what we want and make it a burning desire to the exclusion of everything else. We do this until our brain grabs it and runs with it. When it does voila’!

Be Thankful For What You Have And You’ll End Up Having  More

Our subconscious, our RAS, looks for matches that are most important to us. It looks for opportunities. You begin to notice them as you do other models of cars, just like the one you bought. I bought a PT Cruiser. I rarely noticed them until I did. Now I see dozens daily.

You don’t know what you don’t know. You aren’t aware of what limits you that you aren’t able to see. The best to do is focus on what you want so you are able to recognize opportunities to help you make that happen. You have to open and focus your mind.

Stop missing out all the good stuff. Start taking advantage of everything that exists out there for you. If you think the world is limited you will find plenty of limitations. If you think it is abundant and filled with all sorts of incredible things you will find that too.

Every Man Takes His Own Limits As The Limits Of The World

Your world is actually what you make it. What you think it to be OR what you don’t think is to be! Of course, what you don’t think you won’t know you aren’t thinking it. It is a loop for certain. Think the thoughts that bring you the best. Think the best thoughts!

This is HOW it works. If you think, ‘nah can’t be right’. YOU will be correct in that. For YOU it won’t be right. IT will not work until YOU change your thoughts from how it can’t to thoughts of how it can. Whether you think you can or can’t you are right. Get it?

It is simple and straightforward. Either your thoughts serve you or they do not. Choose to think and focus more on ones that serve and support you and you will find more opportunities and resources. It actually works that way. Open up! Get your brain working for you!

The Eyes See Only What The Mind Is Prepared To Comprehend

Gratitude is another way you find opportunity. Count your blessings and you will find more blessings to count. You will find things you didn’t recognize or realize were blessings and benefits. They are there. You just missed them by being caught up in other things. Stop. Become grateful. Your world will change in incredible, mind blowing ways. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate each moment today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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More Crap? I Don’t Need This! How Can I Handle More Crap?


“The events of yesterday has kept us busy. A lot is going on revolving around it. That is normal but it is easy to forget that lots of other things are going on too. 99.5 % of what happens in life is good. That is worth remembering. Focus on the good. Be grateful. Enjoy it!

Today, while working dealing with the event things I needed to get some holiday food shopping done. I did some banking and drove to a grocery store. Went in, came out, tried to drive away. I didn’t get as far as the exit driveway when I realized I had a flat tire. I pulled over.

It was snowing some. The parking lot very busy. I drove the car over to a side lane, out of the way as much as I could get and put on the emergency flashers. My first thoughts were along the lines of ‘crap, I don’t need this.’ It was very brief and I laughed. Then I realized.

Life Is Like A Camera Lens Focus Only On What Is Important

Of course, I don’t, but perhaps I do. Who can actually say what is needed? Perhaps, this is exactly what is needed. I don’t know. I then thought, ‘okay bring it. I can handle this. It doesn’t matter what is going on, where I might need to be, the holidays, nothing. It is okay.’

‘I am bigger than my problems. Bring it on. Thank you’. Whatever is going on will work out for good. Now, a flat isn’t that big of a deal but in my past, I have been pretty aggravated over getting one. I called for a tow. Normally, a lengthy on the phone process was short today.

I was told a truck would be there within an hour. That was good. Normally, they tell me 45 minutes unless there are other circumstances. I sat in the car for about 20 minutes feeling grateful and knowing some good ultimately will come of this. Watching snow.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – It Is All Small Stuff

I got out. Went back into the store, told them, that car with the flashers on is mine, I am waiting for a tow, incase someone complained. My phone rings. The tow truck arrived and is at my car. Less than 20 minutes later I am on the road. Donut spare on the car.

I call the tire company from the road and tell them. They say they can’t promise anything but will try to work me in. Bring the car by. I attempt to notify others and it occurs to me I can drop the tire and have it fixed and later return with the car for them to put it on.

We do. I chat with gentleman at repair store. I leave, go home. Unload groceries. I had just bought set of four within the month. Actually, I bought eight within eleven months. I’d had trouble with the other brand of tires and just replaced them all. The store closed.

Life Can Be Hard Sometimes We Make It Harder Than It Actually Is

They still have the tire. I am mobile. I got a call with a bad news good news which do you want first. Turns out tire can’t be repaired. They don’t have one in stock BUT they can get one and the tire will be replaced for free. Good deal. Tomorrow my tire should be fixed.

Meanwhile, I am mobile and they don’t have my car over night. So what is good? Who knows? Why did it happen? Who knows? I don’t care. What does it mean? Again, don’t have a clue? BUT it is okay. AND I didn’t lose it. I was calm, centered and actually grateful.

Everything seemed to happen much more quickly than normal. Was that because I was and am grateful? I don’t know. People are faced with difficulties all day long. We had a pretty big ‘not so glorious experience’ yesterday. How would I rate this one? Not so bad, really.

Dreams Can Come True – Expect The Best – Say What You Want

In contrast, very minor. However, in my past this might have been the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Even though the event isn’t a big deal, it’s a flat, I may have stressed about it and complained about it and been mad about it. You know what I mean, right?

Today, I could laugh and it didn’t get to me. Yesterday, while serious and not what anyone might call a good thing was a good thing. How? I don’t know fully, yet? Already, however I am seeing evidences of how it is. It has been an amazing couple of days. And 99.5% is good.

Attitude does make an incredible difference. I am not suggesting I never stress out. I am sharing with you my responses over the past two days.  Life is good. I love my life. Shit happens. I still love my life. The more I do the better it gets. Shit may still happen. It is all okay.

Happiness Is A Decision – You Get To Choose Each Moment

I continue learn and realize to it isn’t about what happens. It is all about how I respond to what happens and how I take charge of myself. I can be in charge of me but I can’t control the externals. I don’t actually want to anyway. The more I am grateful the better it is.

The externals will be whatever they will be. My creation, my attraction, predestined or haphazardly random. It will be as it will be. I have learned it is what it is. However, I can adjust and continue. I can call the moment whatever I want. What I say IS what I get.

If I call it bad then it is. If I call it good then it is. Others may or may not agree, but for me, it is what I say it is. I am not making rules for others either. Their declarations determine their experiences. If I can share anything, a learning, it is be grateful. Love it all. Embrace it.

Live Simply – Dream Big – Be Grateful – Give Love – Laugh Lots

Everything does change with gratitude. It doesn’t mean magically you get a new tire. Perhaps, it does. I mean yes, maybe it does sometimes or all the times. You decide. I know living with gratitude for everything is transformational. It changes ME! I determine my experience. I love my life. 99.5% is good. That is where I choose to focus. You can too. Let’s celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

Create a blessed day for yourself!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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