Understanding Is An Amazing Thing: We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know!

“Most of us seek clarity and understanding. We want to learn and grow and develop.  Here is an amazing thing about understanding. We understand what we understand. Even then we may only partly understand or miss many things. We never know it all. Duh, right?

What we don’t understand, we DON’T understand. Most importantly, we may not even realize, we don’t know what we don’t understand. In other words, we only, always, have a partial picture. We never get or know all of it. All our understanding IS incomplete.

We tend, however, to think otherwise. We tend to think as if we know everything, when we don’t. One of the ways this manifests is when we face crises or bad times and are certain things will get even worse. We don’t think it will turn around. We focus on bad times.

Life Is Much Better When We Realize We Don’t Know Everything

Get it?  We don’t know what we don’t know about the ‘bad times’, and we can’t see the future, we can’t see, yet. Get it? It is not certain and it is unclear, but we may act, feel and think it is certain. We should not. We should remain open to the potential for change!

We need to recognize we don’t know everything! We only know what we pay attention to, and we can’t pay attention to everything. We only pay attention, for the most part, to the things we have been conditioned to pay habitual attention to. It’s Habits! Not only that!

We pay attention in the manner in which we were conditioned to habitually pay attention to things. That is why the saying, ‘if you want your life to change, you must change some things in your life’, is crucial to understand and implement. Things will remain the same.

Insanity Is Repeating The Same Thing Expecting It To Be Different

More next blog. Meanwhile, explore the possibilities that you don’t know everything about you and your situations. Be open to the possibility that you could transform everything for the better, now, instantly, or over time. Anything good, is possible. Consider this.

What if you could develop the strong, certain belief that you always land on your feet, no matter what? You are bigger than any obstacle. Unexpected good always ends up coming your way. In the end it always works out for the best. If it ain’t the best, it ain’t the end yet.

Try those on for a change! Practice gratitude and appreciation for everything. Delight in challenges because within all adversity are hidden seeds of possibility, equal good, and important learning that can move your forward. Feel wonderful, think positive and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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