The Difference In Rich And Poor Thinking Makes The Difference!

“The wealthy, tend to grow up with examples of privilege and prosperity, of having and of having more. Many grow up around deal making and accumulation. Their mindset, developed from early on is ‘If I want it, I can have it.’ They think, ‘it is mine, I deserve it.’ So it is.

The rest grow up in differing backgrounds. Some have more, many have little. They grow up with struggle. They learn, ‘work hard and try to get ahead.’ Get a good steady job and maybe you can retire with something  if you work hard enough. You can become self made.

Their mindset is often of poverty and lack. They didn’t have much and often had to limit spending or tighten their belts. They may resent the wealthy as much as the wealthy have disdain for the poor. The rich and the not rich are worlds apart, in mindset and practice.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Not all rich people are jerks. Not all poor people are lazy. Stereotypes abound. We must get past these. Where the rich have advantage we can learn from. Their mindset is truly one of entitlement. ‘I was born to this so I deserve this. I always get my way.’

When one can think like that and not be selfish or a prick one can make incredible things happen. If one can embody the idea that, ‘I can make things happen and I can get things because of the type of person I am’, one is more inclined to do so. It can be very positive.

Working hard and steady is very positive too. We should take the best attributes from both sides and apply them. Just eliminate the nasty bits. Maintain a positive ‘I can do it’ attitude. ‘I can make it happen. I am worthy. I deserve it.’ And you can.  Mindset matters.

You Become What You Think About Most Of The Time

Be generous too. Be kind and giving. Help yourself out and help others, Privilege sucks, if one thinks one is better than anyone else. That same attitude can exist with the poor, as well. Never imagine yourself as better than another. Simply be the best you, you can be.

I’ll add some thoughts in another blog. Meanwhile, practice gratitude. Be thankful for what little or lot you have. Enjoy yourself, your family and friends, your time, your place, your things. Be grateful for all of it. Delight in all your experiences. Your problems too. When you live with gratitude you can transform all of it. Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

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