Why You Can’t Handle The Truth

“Why people, why you, can’t handle the truth is that you have been conditioned your entire life, right from the start, to put the blame and the cause for your circumstances outside yourself. You blame others, god, the weather, luck or bad luck, the economy, the government, your kids, life partner, boss, friends and strangers.

Your parents, teachers, friends, media of all kinds, news, music, books, magazines have told you to. You have always done it so it is  a reliable neural habit. You look for people or things to blame when things go wrong. True, sometimes you blame yourself.

However, you don’t put yourself as the cause. You don’t put yourself in the driver’s seat. You don’t take control so you aren’t running the show, even though you actually are. You’re getting what you don’t want because you haven’t been intentional or deliberate about it.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

You may think you are but you have developed habits of putting the power and authority for your life outside of yourself. You have shifted it from where it belongs to places that are meaningless. Once you claim your true power, things begin to change for the better.

When you accept 100% responsibility for everything, even if it isn’t true, you’ve the mindset of someone who can be victorious over their difficulties and limitations. Be a champion and win. Stop letting obstacles and blames and excuses run you. Instead, you run them!

If you want to create your best life ever you must decide to be in charge and then actually assume control! Oh, the powers that be, your family and everyone else will say you are crazy but you must learn to manage your thoughts and feelings and take right actions.

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Brought You

Let them go wild. Better yet, don’t even tell them. Silently put yourself in the position of power. Claim it back. Yes, it is easier to say and only takes a moment to decide but you can do it. You can accept responsibility, your power and begin to master it. You just do it!

It takes time to master the new way  because you’ve habitually operated the other way since birth. You have been conditioned, but you can override and change that conditioning to be more productive. You have already been creating. Now do it on purpose!

Let go of the old way. Let go of what others, and the powers that be, think. Start creating your best life. If it is to be, it is up to you to make it happen. Look for the good inside the not so good. Activate your attitude and feel blessed by all circumstances. I mean it. Do it!

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You

When you can consider all circumstances a blessing you are free. When you can find the good in anyone and everyone you are free. So practice. Make it a habit looking and finding the best. Shift from the negative to the positive. Be thankful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control You Can Master Anything!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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