What And Why You Need To Prioritize

“Do you feel worn out at day’s end? Do you sometimes feel as if you work and struggle to get ahead, you are very busy, but still don’t make much progress? Do you ever feel you are spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere fast? If yes, to any of these, you need help.

People often confuse activity with accomplishment. They work harder but not smarter or more productively. Could this be you? If yes, you need to learn the secret of super successful people. They make it a point to prioritize and not get caught up in distractions.

Few watch television or spend their day on social media. They do read, they do listen to audios and they hang out with other successful people. Success rubs off. When you are around high vibe people you are influenced. You can feel the difference.

What Is Difficult At First With Practice We Will Do With Ease

They attend events and prioritize their own personal development. Success breeds confidence and more confidence, breeds more success. They also prioritize their day. They know you can’t manage time or get it back, but you can manage your priorities. They do!

Ask yourself, ‘What is important for you to do?’ List it in importance from most to least. 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Choose what is most important. No one can choose these for you. You have to make that decision. Only you can manage your priorities? What is important? List it!

Ask yourself, ‘Is this a priority?’ Most people put their time, effort and energy into nonessentials. Learn to understand what is important and moves you forward. Is watching Netflix a priority and moving you closer to your goal? If not, nix it. Choose those that do.

Start To Live As A Champion And A Winner – Stop Missing Out

Everyday, choose your own priorities. If it isn’t helping you it is hindering you. You must decide. Is ‘this’ supportive and essential or non-supportive? As you continue to do this you will find your life changing. You will get right about a lot of things.

When you realize your true value you will stop wasting time. Time you never get back. Manage your priorities. Discover the incredible difference it makes when you do. You will feel better. You’ll become more productive and positive. You will achieve your dreams and goals quicker. So do it! Enjoy the process and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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