The Difference Between The Haves And The Have Nots

According to sources there is a disparity in the thinking between rich and the not so rich. For example, Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame,  says the rich have feeders and the poor have eaters. The rich invest in things that bring them more money, the poor don’t.

The poor buy things they think will make them happy. The rich know things don’t make them happy so they tend to invest in themselves. They better themselves and make themselves worth more. The poor spend money buying things that don’t improve themselves.

That is a big difference. The rich invest in their education and personal betterment. The poor do not. When the rich want to do something they decide to make it happen. Frequently, the poor complain about how they are held back from doing what they want.

Attitude Matters – Mindset Is Everything 

Mind set is everything. If you decide you can’t you most likely won’t. If you decide you can, you may not succeed but at least you attempt it. You continue to grow and expand, to reach and excel. The more excuses as to why you can’t the less you get to enjoy.

Simple but profound differences. The rich attend functions, events, seminars, and hang around with other rich people discussing how to make things happen. The poor don’t attend events and mostly talk about how they have problems and how the world is against them.

Please understand this is not an indictment on the poor. As with any group of people there are fine, wonderful and positive people worldwide. This is a general difference between those who have taken the initiative to make life great and those who have not.

The Quality Of Your Life Is Determined By The Actions You Take

Many poor people think only of having a job and work hard to get ahead. Yes, some of the poor are the hardest of all workers. They just don’t get paid much and remain poor. They work for others. Instead, they could create businesses where others work for them. Get it?

It is mindset. A very wealthy friend told me recently, ‘I make money! It’s in my DNA. It comes easy. I  do things that make money. I create. I have always created. Ever since I was a child I found and created ways to make big money. It is fun, easy and I love it. It’s energy.’

Not everyone thinks like this. Not everyone has his wealth. They could, but it would mean changing their thinking. Hard work doesn’t make one rich because if it did all the hardest laborers would be wealthy. Traditional education doesn’t either, or more would be.

Only You Can Make Your Life What You Want It To Be

Many fabulously rich people dropped out or didn’t even go to high school or college. They invested in themselves in other ways. Remember, birds of a feather flock together. If you want get rich you must do what they rich people did, and do, to get rich. Get it.

Hang out with forward, positive people who are pursuing their dreams. The people who attend events and seminars. You will meet them there. They go to meet others and learn some things. Associate with people who are winning the money game. Become one of them.

Stop spending on items. You don’t need a bigger better car, or TV or Starbucks everyday. Cut back on your expenses. Save money.  Invest in yourself. Invest in your self-improvement and personal, and professional, development. Take charge of your thinking and feeling.

Take Charge Of Yourself – Your Thoughts – Feelings And Actions

Learn to believe you can do anything you set your mind to. Develop your mind. Design it and design your life. Never let anything hold you back. Move forward. Learn and grow and expand. See a brighter bigger day. Determine to make it happen. DO these things and you will begin to be on your way. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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