This Is The Only Act That Results In Success

“What is the most important thing you can do? I even bet you know what the answer is. If you are like many people, you know what to do but you don’t do it. That is a major part of the problem. That IS the problem. That is why you are stuck and don ‘t get results you want.

You know what to do but you don’t do it! The most important thing you can do is take action. Knowing what is right but not doing it means you  don’t actually know. You won’t get results. If you know you should think positive  but don’t, why expect positive results?

If you don’t act on the good information you have nothing will change. People say they WANT to do things but then they wait for conditions to be right. This is the big lie. Conditions are always right, right now, OR they are never right. Down the road doesn’t matter.

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills

If you put things off, for whatever reason, lack of money, lack of time, problems mounting, whatever it is, it is an excuse and only perpetuates your procrastination. You must act in order to change. You must change things NOW for things to change. Get it?

They won’t change on their own. The time, other than now, will never be better. If you have issues, now is the time to resolve them. If you think negative and hold yourself back, now is the time to stop stopping yourself and begin to move forward.

It’s okay if you’re afraid. Courage comes from acting anyway. It doesn’t come by waiting for fear to disappear. Sometimes you just have to do it. Decide and act on your decision. Commit. Otherwise, the longer you wait the more you will talk yourself out of it.

The More You Do The More You Are Capable Of Doing

You will believe your own lies. You will swallow your own excuses. You will perpetuate the same ole, same ole, story and never get out of your debt, your rut, your mess, your mire. Act and make a difference for yourself. Even a tiny step is better than none.

Tiny steps in the right direction get you out quicker than no steps. Stop waiting. Put off your procrastination and take action. Act in your own best interests. You reasons, blames, excuses, finger pointing, your story, all  keep you stuck. Stop and take charge.

You never will, until you will. Face it! You won’t, until you do it. If you like being stuck so much, stay there and be quiet about it. Stop complaining. Enjoy it or do something about it. Doers do. Talkers talk. Which are you? You can transform yourself, but will you?

Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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