Stop Giving Your Mind Your Power And Your Rights Away!

“We live in confusing and chaotic times, according to some. We also live in very good and wonderful times. Elements counter and combat each other. The world has always had sunshine during great catastrophes. Both exist simultaneously.

There is no judgement until a human renders one!

All is good is a perception. All is bad is a perception. Judgements on both sides. As an individual we need to choose which we want to be our predominant mindset. This makes all the difference in how we experience life. If we don’t choose, we already have chosen.

We must come down on one side or the other. We can focus primarily on all that is good, while not ignoring the bad, we can work to create what we want. We don’t succumb to the bad but we focus our efforts on solutions and creating what we want instead.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

We know we don’t want the bad so we work on creating what we do want. It is a simple concept. Some focus mostly on the bad and try to escape from the harm. They keep running from that which they don’t want. Sadly, they may not know where to run to. This is a problem.

This is why we utilize the bad, what we don’t want, to clarify the good and what we do want. We specify what we want and they work to accomplish it. We do so without blinders but we shift our attention away from what we don’t want TO what we do want!

This makes all the difference. Energy flows where attention goes. One gets exhausted running from the bad. One may get invigorated creating something beautiful. Where you focus and put your attention and energy determines what you get back and experience.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Which do you want? Especially in these confusing days. We have so much hurled at us moment to  moment. Social media, news, our culture, our family and friends. We are constantly bombarded by distractions, negative thoughts, energy and activity all day long!

We seem to be lead by chaos and confusion. That is a principle way to divide and conquer. Half truths and lies perpetuated for effect.
Governments have ruled this way. It appears the way we are being led. It is time for people to wake up, seek accurate information.

Get accurate information when and where you can find it. Stop swallowing everything that happens in a news cycle. The instantaneous nature of our internet life is mind numbing and dulling. Learn to wait and see. Evaluate before swallowing.

What You Focus On Expands – You Get What You Think About

Stand up for yourself and your rights. Be vigilant. The great distraction is instant news. Just as it is instant text and phone calls. It is great you can be reached anytime and anywhere AND it also has a downside. How often are you distracted by your own phone.

Interruptions rule our day. Subliminal messages in songs, and shows and news and billboards. I don’t mean the nefarious kinds but those can be included. Learn to think and feel and act for yourself with the great good for all in mind too. We have become too selfish.

We are too self absorbed. If there are nefarious forces they will rule over us because we are too busy to notice our rights and privileges being stripped away. We are too  busy seeking after and obtaining the next shiny object. Like fish we are lured astray. Hooked!

Seek Accurate Information – Don’t Be Swayed By Opinion

Caught! Stop. Claim your mind back. Claim your life back. Help make the world better for yourself and your family and neighbors. So not be led astray. Lemmings follow lemmings right over the edge. Stop! Think, and act wisely! ACT!

Don’t be caught up in advertising and social media. Some of it is good. Some not good. Focus on what you want to build that is better while aware of what you want to avoid. Turn your focus to creating the best life and along the way celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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