The Secret Revealed: To Stop Screwing Things Up You Must Do This First!

“All the actions in the world won’t make up for a crummy mindset. You can do and try anything and everything and still your results will be haphazard and mostly less than effective and poor. Actions does not replace mindset yet that is what most people attempt to do.

Most people try to make things happen. Mostly, they spin their wheels. They try to fix things or make problems go away or be better but they miss the key ingredient for doing that. You can be very busy with problem solving activity without accomplishing anything!

Einstein pointed out, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.’ Mindset must come first. You must learn and develop and maintain the proper positive, powerful mindset. From mindset come the right actions. Mindset rules!

You’re Where Your Thoughts Take You Thoughts Become Things

Without having the right mindset, all the actions in the world won’t make up for it. Yet this is the key most people miss. Why? Because we have been conditioned to ‘do things’. We have been told, ‘get educated, get a job, work hard.’ We haven’t been told ‘attitude first’.

Once you have the right mindset in place everything else follows. We have been told to put the cart before the horse. Change this and you begin to change everything! Get the right mindset and then you will be led to right actions by your feelings. You use your inner GPS.

The actions you then take, step by step are those that feel right. From the right mindset follow the right feelings. From the right feelings come the right action steps leading to the positive results you desired in the first place. Right mindset leads to right results.

The Brain Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think – Think Positive

You must design and maintain your mind to be more effective and get the results you want in your life. You transform yourself first and then all the right actions follow. When troubles come you are better equipped to naturally, effectively and easily resolve them. Get it?

Do you? When you evolve yourself you make good things happen. Why? Because you aren’t wasting your time, spinning your wheels in activity, but you are productively creating what you want to happen, bit by bit all along the way. Create yourself and your best life ever!

Take charge of your mindset! Focus on the positive. Be grateful and express your gratitude. Discover how everything IS a blessing. Stay focused. Stay the course. Remain optimistic. Let go of blocks and limiting beliefs. Enjoy life. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
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