How To Make The Most Of Your Life

“Part 4 in this series. I create the future I want to manifest. This was an incredible leap forward for me. Instead of living life looking back, I started looking ahead. Instead of letting things happen to me, I decide what I wanted to have happen. I took control of myself!

I took control of my mind, my life and the results I was getting. Instead of driving down the road looking in the rearview mirror, I began to focus on my destination and how pleasantly I could get there. I decided, I shouldn’t ignore the present that would be silly.

I just don’t have to react to it as if I were a Pavlovian dog salivating to a ringing bell. I decided I would celebrate and appreciate the present. To do this I had to think that it was worth it even when it may not seem that way. I’d look for the good within the bad.

Mind Stretch To A New Idea Never Returns To Original Dimension

I made it a point to look for whatever good I could find in whatever was going on and I would accentuate it. If I experienced calamity and problems, I’ d find whatever was good in the situation and accentuate that. Anyone can learn to do this. Even the reader!

Certainly, accentuating the problem or bad feelings didn’t make me think, feel or do any better. Focusing on the good did. I learned I could chose what I paid attention to. Even if my first thought was to find the bad, my second thought became,  ‘what is good about this?’

I learned I could direct my thinking. I found as I did this things changed for me. No, not over night but gradually. I became a different person. I became positive, confident, happy, free, and powerful. Things that would have bothered me no longer did.

Skill To Do Comes From Doing – You Get What You Focus On

I became more flexible. I could adapt more easily. I got much better results than I had. I didn’t try to change the world around me, which is what many people attempt to do. Instead, I changed myself and discovered when I did, the world, somehow responded too.

The coolest thing was and is, even if nothing changed in outer reality, other than me and my relationship to reality, actually everything did change. It’s kind of like nothing changed BUT everything changed. That may be a difficult sentence or concept to grasp right now.

So I’ll share more next time. For now. Focus on the good and the new. Focus on what you are grateful for and appreciate about you, your experience, the people around you, and all circumstances. Mine for the gold and dig for the diamonds. They may be difficult to find at first but keep looking. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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