How To Become A Champion

“It is the consistent, persistent, daily actions that bring success in all things, your family, your health, your wealth and career, your life. Daily dedication to doing something positive moves you closer to your goal and makes all the difference.

Start with a clearly, well stated goal. One that is a passion or a ‘burning desire’ for you. See it in  your mind’s eye,  the mental images of your ultimate goal. Envision it daily (as often as possible) and infuse it with positive energy and enthusiasm. Keep at it!

Do not give up! You keep at it until you get it. This IS your daily regime. Your mental nutrition. Visualize and affirm it. Declare it yours. Imagine you are already it. Imagine you already have it. Live the future in your present. Act as if your future is right now.

Persistence Guarantees That The Results Are Inevitable

Keep your goal alive in your mind and in your sights. Keep it burning. Stay passionate and enthused. Believe in your heart and know in your head that you will have it. YOU will ATTAIN it! You will make it happen because you will never give up. You will see it through!

Once you quit, it is over.  So you must not stop. Keep the faith.  Keep going no matter what is going on, or not going on, around you. Do not let present circumstances distract you from getting to your end game. Champions do. this.  Their mindset is everything!

Keep this goal burning hot in your mind. Focus on things to be grateful for. Feel good about your progress. When you do, you are opening up your mind to discovering greater opportunities, events, situations and people that can help you to reach your goal.

Champions Keep Playing Until They Get It Right – Keep Playing

Your mind awakens and you can think more clearly and easily about how you will make it happen. You form plans using your creativity, your intuition and your smarts. You may have to adjust the plan as you go along but  that is just part of the process.

Each day you move forward and make adjustments as necessary, but no matter what you keep moving forward toward your ultimate destination. This is how champions condition themselves. They develop their mental powers and take charge of their lives.

YOU WILL GET THERE as long as you keep going toward it. No matter how long it takes, or how many detours there happen to be, you will get there if you just never stop! Persistence means you keep going even when you may not feel like going. Just keep going! More next blog. Meanwhile, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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