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How To More Easily Keep Your Resolutions!


“Do you make resolutions? Are there things you want to accomplish in the coming year? Have you had some difficulty in past years keeping your resolutions? Read on I’ll share with you how can you most easily keep doing those things you resolve to do.

The simple definition for the word resolute is admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. It is the time to be resolute. For some reason we like landmark dates. The 7th year isn’t as meaningful as the 10th year. The New Year means more than March 3rd.

Silly us. You and I can make resolutions anytime! Anytime is a good time to resolve to do something that is positive and beneficial for ourselves and others. We need not wait till the end or beginning of the week or year. Yes, it’s easier to keep track but we can begin now.

Immature Mind Hops Around – Mature Mind Follows Through

We make promises to ourself that we hope to keep. Therein is the rub. We don’t make a resolution by hoping.  We make a resolution by committing. We are to be are purposeful, determined and unwavering? Is that you? If no then maybe you need some help.

First off what is your big resolution? I will go to the gym this year, everyday for an hour and lose 50 pounds. Fantastic! Will you keep it? If there is any doubt, if you waver in thinking about it what is the likelihood you will keep it? It would be better to chunk it down.

It would be better to say I will exercise 5 minutes every day. Yes, it could be more but make it reasonable and something you can do with or without the gym. I will walk more and sit less. Each time I get up to pee I will rebound for a minute.  Add exercise into your day.

No Matter How You Feel Get Up Dress Up Show Up Never Give Up

Build gradually and add more. Each time you do put a star on a piece of paper where you can see it. Yup, a star like the kind you may have received when a child. Pick your color. Or cross off each day on a calendar. At the end of 7 days gift yourself in a small way.

Give yourself a reward. Maybe go to the movie. Get a massage or pamper yourself in some healthy way. Enjoy some time with friends. Every day notice the sequence of consistent stars or Xs and resolve not to break the sequence. Keep it going!  This can work wonders.

Resolve to eat one healthy food and one less junk food. Resolve to get up 5 or 10 minutes earlier without the snooze button. Resolve to meet one new person a week. Resolve to smile more. Resolve to add more laughter and delight. Aim at what you want and make it simple.

Commitment Means Staying Loyal To What You Said You Will Do

Work toward the large goal in steps tiny enough to do every day but not so small they are boring or insignificant. Notice your progress by keeping track visually. Don’t break the sequence! Reward yourself every so often. Find an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Realize that champion athletes frequently don’t feel like training or conditioning but they do it anyway. They delay instant gratification for the larger reward. The prize is important enough to them to do this. Plus, they often find a coach or teammate to work with.

Having support or an accountability partner to inspire you, to compete with, to mutually assist in your goals and resolutions will help a lot. Sometimes keeping a commitment to a friend is more important to us than keeping promises to ourselves.  That is good.

It Is The Follow Through That Makes The Difference – Keep Going

However, keep promises to yourself too! If you say you will do something positive and good follow through on it. Make your word the law. Develop mental toughness. Bootstrap it. Get serious enough with yourself that you do it regardless. Chant positive affirmations.

Create a powerful mantra you declare to see you through. When the mind is right all the rest follows. If you are lazy and procrastinate you need to get your mind in order first. Your feelings will follow your thoughts and your actions stem from your feelings. Get it?

Keep in mind when you get in a boat to go sailing. Even if you have no final destination. You just are going to lazy about sail. You really do. You actually don’t just drift about unless you purposefully  take your hands of the rudder and sail and lie back to drift. Understand?

No Limits On Anything  The More You Dream The Farther You Get

You decide each moment which way to go. You also know at some point you’ll head back to the dock. You are always deciding and doing even when you don’t realize you are. You make decisions each second of the day. Learn to make your decisions serve you.

Deadlines are important too.  Again, chunk it down but keep it interesting. Instead of saying I’ll clean the whole house by Friday. . Say I will clean the kitchen counter this morning for 20 minutes or 10 minutes. In the afternoon do another set or pick something else.

Decide to sneak up on it and do it. In order to change you must leave your comfort zone sometime. Procrastination and laziness is staying within your zone of comfort. If you want to make your life different you will have to make some changes or it will remain the same.

Keep Your Head Up Your Heart Strong Wear Your Invisible Crown

Commit. Remember to be resolute means admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not do something. Whatever you are resolute to do don’t stop. Keep going! Don’t break the sequence. Keep on going!

Step by step you get there. Have fun. Enjoy it! Be committed to it. Make your word the law. Keep your promises to you and others. Delight and reward yourself for your progress. Celebrate doing it and your progress. Be thankful to do it. All helps you move forward.

Have a blessed new time keeping your promises! May you make all your dreams come true. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate each moment today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What Victor Hugo Knew And Why It Is Important For You!


“Do you plan your day or do you just let it unfold? Some people prepare and make lists. Others wait to see what happens. There is good reason to make plans for your day. Just as you make plans for travel you want to make plans for each day. Check out this quote.

‘He who every morning plans the transaction of the day and follows out that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through the maze of the most busy life.  But where no plan is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered merely to the chance of incidence, chaos will soon reign.’  Victor Hugo

Set intentions for your day. Commit to making those happen. Each day there is something you can do that will make you feel good. Perhaps, it is making your bed, clearing the dishes, taking the dog out. Some domestic task you can determine to get done and do it.

Our Intentions Create Our Reality – Set Intentions – Keep Them

You also have professional or job related intentions you can set. Make that sales call, keep that appointment, turn in your reports, get your deadline work done on time. Whatever it is you can set the intention and carry it out. Each day do a task you can be proud of.

There are mental mindset intentions you can set and keep. Resolve to repeat your affirmations 2x a day. Or choose to do it a 3 or 5x. Resolve to stay positive; look on the bright side of a troublesome situation. Commit to inspirational reading for 20 minutes.

Health intentions. Make it a point to eat healthy. No processed food. Commit to walking for 20 minutes 2x a day or 1 hour. Commit to reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke by 1. Commit to exercises for 5 minutes. Commit to drinking more pure water.

Live Less From Old Habits And More From New Intended Habits

Relationship intentions you can set include saying I love you and looking into the eyes of your family members or partner. Doing something special the other person wants. Calling a friend. Helping a co-worker. Smiling and nicely treating a stranger or someone elderly.

Financial intentions include paying yourself first when you get your paycheck Put 20% aside for yourself. Stop buying expensive coffee. Save that money and invest it later. Begin to learn to manage your money. Investigate investments. Donate to a worthy cause.

There is always something small you can do in the different areas of your life. Take a look and find small things you can do daily. Make these habits by repeating them for 90 days. SMALL THINGS you will do consistently for long enough to become habit. Then switch.

Everything That Happens Begins With An Intention – Notice This

At the end of the day celebrate what you did. Make a big deal about it no matter how small or insignificant the task seems to be. What is important is you planned to do it. You decided and committed. You kept your commitment. You did it! Be grateful and celebrate!

When it comes to weekly, monthly, yearly goals or your big giant dream you can work in a similar manner. Set an intention for making some aspect of it happen. Complete a portion of what is needed each day. Even a small bit is better than no bit. Inch your way forward.

As long as you are progressing toward creating what you want by taking actual action steps you are doing it. You are in the process of manifesting your dreams and creating your future. You are taking charge. You don’t have to try to do everything at once. Bit by bit.

Another Name For Intention Is Decision Decide To Do It And Do It

As you grow accustomed to doing and successfully completing what you commit to you might add some more. You’ll know when it’s right. Never bite off more than you can chew. Keep it interesting and stretch yourself a bit. Stay a bit hungry. Don’t be too comfortable.

Lastly, make a commitment to write down 25 things you feel grateful for in the different areas of your life. Promise to look for what is good and new. Feel really thankful for what you already have. Intend to focus on appreciation at least 3x during the day. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Discover how incredible you are today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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50 – 50 – 50 Don’t Miss This 50 – 50 – 50


“My philosophy honed from over 40 years of training, and the rest of the years of my own life, is go ahead and dip your toes in the crap pool but dive into the wonderful, incredible pool. Immerse yourself in the goodness by keeping yourself focused on positive feelings.

Does this mean we are never angry, fearful, doubtful or sad? Absolutely not. It means we feel what is going on. We allow it. Accept it and then move on. We acknowledge difficulties but we don’t get caught in them. We don’t wallow in our problems.

Too many people bask in the crap when they could, read that again, they COULD bask in all the wonderfulness life offers. They do it because they were conditioned to do it. They really don’t know, or have any better way to think or behave. It is all they know and do.

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To It Takes Perseverance

I am for being a mental warrior, a champion. Bring discipline to your mind and feelings so you can discover what is possible when you do. If you don’t do it you won’t know. AND what you don’t know and have no experience in YOU don’t know and have no experience in.

That doesn’t mean you will never know only that you don’t know how it could be different right now in your present. In order to know and experience the difference you must do something different. You do understand this, right? If you do not know YOU DO NOT KNOW.

You cannot keep doing things exactly the same way and expect things to change or be different.  If you always do what you always did you DO ALWAYS get what you ALWAYS GOT. That is how it works. This isn’t rocket science it is quite simple and easy to grasp.

Will It Be Easy – Nope – Will It Be Worth It – Absolutely

You keep doing things over and over again that you may not want to because habits are reliable. They work automatically. They are neural pathways of behaviors that you learned through repetition over time. They are well practiced and rehearsed. They are habits!

This may include negative thinking and limiting beliefs, feeling sad or anxious, or biting your nails, twisting your hair or smoking. Each habit is developed either by repeated exposure or repeated practice. For something to become a habit you have to do it over and over.

You may not have considered it practice to smoke but each time you sucked on a cigarette you were practicing the habit, and developing the habit of smoking. Same is true about biting your nails, feeling bad or thinking you are worthless. You did it enough times to master it.

Focus – You Can Do This – Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill

You learned a skill that resulted in less than glorious thoughts feelings and behaviors. Get it? It actually is a learned behavior as is any skill you have ever learned. Walking, talking, reading, writing, and each and everything that you do well. Those are habits too.

There is the opportunity to change each of less than glorious habits. Since you learned them to begin with you can learn to replace them. It takes focus, dedication and perseverance. Many people try quitting smoking many times using many methods.  Right?

Because they haven’t quit yet doesn’t mean they can’t quit. Unless they decide it is impossible and keep doing it. You can do anything you decide you can do. To change, first decide you are bigger than the challenge facing you. Second, cut the problem down to size.

You Get What You Focus On – If You Dream It You Can Do It

Approach it with successive baby steps. You are bigger than your problem and you break it into tiny manageable bits. It is like climbing a ladder to the top. You go up one wrung at a time. You eat and elephant bite by bite. You travel one step after the other.

Some people have never learned to do this. If you haven’t yet then this is your starting place. You need to first learn how to think powerfully and positively. Learn to manage and control your thoughts and feelings. Everything is easier after you learn this.

Master your thoughts and feelings and your challenges become more easily dealt with. You transform yourself into a person of solutions instead of a person who has problems. Is it easy? No, not always. Some days it is harder than others. BUT It is simple.

Instead Of Why You Can’t Give Yourself Reasons Why You Can

It is not complicated. You can do each piece. Are push ups easy when you start doing them at first? Nope. Do your muscles get sore? Yep. The same is true of mental conditioning. You will have good days and bad days. Get over that. That is what life is, sunshine and rain.

You can have far more better days, feeling better than ever before when you apply yourself and learn how. It can be incredibly amazing but you won’t know until you actually do it. If you begin and quit you won’t know. You have to succeed to know what success is all about.

If you are like some people, you will claim you tried it, but IT doesn’t work. You assume because you gave it a shot, but didn’t continue, that you know all about it and how it doesn’t work. The brutal truth is you didn’t do it long enough or well enough to succeed at it.

What The Mind Of Man Can Conceive And Believe It Can Achieve

That is not to blame you. That is to get you to take responsibility for what you do. Hey, if you don’t like snails after you ate a few, you are allowed to say, ‘I don’t like snails. I tried them and I don’t enjoy eating them.’ Okay, just own up to what you did and what you don’t do.

Perhaps, you didn’t try all the possible variations until you found one you did enjoy, but you did try them and didn’t like them. Saying ‘I don’t like them’ is not the same as saying ‘snails are horrible’ or ‘nobody should eat snails because they are bad’. Do you get this?

Yet this is what many people do. They give something a shot and then conclude there is something wrong or not valuable because they weren’t able to make it work for them. You must hang in there. It isn’t that IT works it is that YOU work. You make the difference.

Start Where You Are – Use What You Have – Do What You Can

Don’t say, ‘I did a bicep curl a couple times and nothing happened. Bicep curls are foolish. Any one who does them is wasting their time.’ That may be your opinion but who cares. Opinions don’t matter much when it comes to reality. However, they help shape the reality.

Opinions shape your experience. It is likely you may not know the benefits of bicep curls or snails because your opinions may prevent you from ever trying them again. SO YOU WILL NEVER EVER KNOW and if you are okay with that so am I. Just own it.

Don’t blame others or circumstances or make excuses or whine. Own that it is not for you after a couple of non-successful attempts. Admit that you don’t know if it works or not. Maybe it does maybe it doesn’t but YOU are not willing to find out. THAT at least is honest!

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge – Talk Is Cheap – Do It

Be honest with yourself and others. If you do things that others have done for centuries, that have worked for the people who have made it work, it is likely, ultimately, it will work for you too. Figuring out how to make it work seems more important than giving up.

But that is just how I think about it. Make it work. Find or create a way. Develop your power and your mental toughness and positivity to the point where you can make, create and attract what you do want. Make it so. That is the choice you have. Do it or don’t do it.

If you decide to do it realize you are not an expert to begin with. You need to have realistic time expectations. Everything takes time. An oak tree takes time to grow. It takes time to get good at baseball, playing a piano, becoming a chef or chess player or a swimmer.

Only You Can Change Your Life – No One Can Do It For You

Yes, you can get some experience early on but to become proficient, to become a master, takes time. Learning to control your thoughts and feelings and behaviors after however many years of not doing this, will take some time. Everything takes SOME time, doesn’t it?

It may surprise you how quickly things can begin to shift for you, especially if you do a little bit daily. BUT expect to be in for the long haul. If you commit to ‘I will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes’ you are well on your way IF you really mean it.

That is why people who bottom out often become great successes. They have no other choice. It is either move upward or stay on the bottom. Once they decide they hate the bottom and won’t accept being there any longer they move to get what they want.

Change  I Can’t Into I Can – Pretty Soon You’ll Say – I Did

You can too. I hope you don’t have to bottom out to do so, but if you think about it as if you have no other choice but to succeed, then you can. It is either I do this or… If you are 1000% committed and there is no stopping you YOU will succeed.

Now let me tell you about a man whose story I was recently introduced to. You know that an Iron Man Triathlon is one of the most grueling forms of self punishing competition there is. You swim for miles. Bike for miles. Run for miles. It is brutal on the body.

Some who attempt don’t finish. Some do one so they can say they have. Can you imagine how you must feel doing one of those? If you make it, it must be elating. If you make it I image it must hurt too. I have never done one so I can’t say. I can imagine, however.

A Positive Attitude Gives You Power Over Your Circumstances

From reports I have heard some people suffer a lot. They do, however, consider it worth it. Some, in spite of the pain and hardship decide to do another one. Can you imagine that? All the training. The sweat, blood, tears. Then the competition. Let’s do it again! Huh?

James Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy, has done a few. He decided to do 50 Iron Man competitions. That is a heck of a lot of triathlons, wouldn’t you say? 50 and he completed 50! Isn’t that amazing? That is truly being dedicated. WOW, can you imagine that?

NOT ONLY did he complete 50 competitions he did it in 50 days AND  in 50 states! Do you understand this? 50 of the toughest competitions mankind has in 50 consecutive days in 50 STATES. That meant do the ironman and travel. That meant no recovery time.

Do It – Be Brave Take Risks – There’s No Substitute For Experience

That meant do it, finish, travel to next competition and do it again the very next day. Then do it again and again. He completed all 50 in spite of the fact that every expert, athlete, doctor and triathlon competitor said it was impossible. They all said not doable. NOPE!

Not only not doable but lunacy to think it possible. Right? They told us the 4 minute mile was impossible. They said, we would never fly or reach the moon. Who said it exactly? Why the experts of the day, of course. The authorities. Those in the know. All said NOPE!

Mr. Lawrence was told he could not succeed! BUT HE DID! He holds the records. The most Iron Mans in a year. He first did 30 in eleven countries. That was 2012. In 2015 this 36 year old swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and ran 26.2 miles each and every day for 50 days.

Positive Attitude Changes Everything You Get What You Focus On

My point? He is born into the same world you and I are the same way. The difference between you and me and him is he decided he would do it then he set out to accomplish it. He didn’t think magically it would be attracted to him. He created the challenge.

He met the challenge with no other talents other than being human and committed. You and I COULD do likewise. Perhaps, we could even surpass his record if we would only try. Even if we didn’t reach 50 we would do more than we might have because we had a goal.

Because we were committed to going further than we ever had before. If one can do it, others can. After the 4 minute mile was broken numerous people did it within months of the record being set. Since then it has constantly been broken again and again.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t – You’re Right

That is because once something is done by one person others begin to believe it is possible. If you believe something is possible you are well on your way to achieving it. If you don’t believe it possible you won’t ever personally know because you won’t attempt it.

Or you will give up after awhile stating , ‘I knew it couldn’t be done’. Don’t let your own thoughts prevent you from being the best you you can be. Learn to take control of your thoughts and emotions and behaviors and make the world your oyster.

Find out what you can do when you put energy into it. This is how you evolve yourself. This is how you overcome adversity and defeat. YOU meet it head on realizing YOU are bigger than any challenge. Develop the champion mindset and don’t let anything stop you and you will be triumphant. Do it. Celebrate it! Then celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it happen today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Without You: It Just Is Not The Same And Here’s Why

Horizons distant-rise-phil-koch

“What is sad in our world is there are actors who don’t act; dancers who don’t dance; writers who don’t write;  poets who don’t do their poetry; musicians who don’t play music; athletes who give up and people who do not pursue their passions and dreams.

Don’t quit. Live your dream. Make it happen. Life is too short not to indulge your talents and abilities, your imagination and creativity in some fashion. Live your art, your craft, your skill. Share it with others, share with the world. We need you! You inspire the rest.

Bring   more positive passion into your life.  Bring more imagination. Bring more creativity. Bring more of yourself. It is who you are! Bring play, bring delight, bring joy.  Live your life and fill your hearts desire . Feel your dream . Live your dream.

To Practice Any Art No Matter How Well Makes Your Soul Grow

Even if you do it only as hobby, do it. It needn’t be a career unless you feel it must. Use your time well. Don’t give up. Do what you want to to accomplish. Achieve, and succeed. Live large! Feel fulfilled in joy and delight. There is satisfaction in creation and completion.

You, your talents, are a necessary part of everything. Share. Lift your voice up. Even if not one single other person cares, you do. You matter. Your passions matter. Your art, your performance, your ability matters, as does your sharing of it. Share yourself! Live it.

Don’t put your light under a basket, let everyone see it. It is the people who imagine, who create, who pursue ideas who lead all the rest. Each of us has something to offer. Seek it inside yourself and bring it forth. Explore it, discover it, adventure and share!

You Were Not Born To Just Pay Bills And Die – Share Your Passion

All the world benefits from good people doing good things. Let your light shine! Play, create, dream, imagine, build, delight and enjoy. Be glad for your passion. Appreciate yourself and your abilities. If they are raw and underdeveloped take time and develop them.

The world needs you. You are here for a purpose. There is a reason whether you know it or not and whether you understand it or not. You are a valuable part of all it. You really are! We really do need you! Share yourself! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Explore, adventure, discover and delight today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Whatever Your Excuse Doesn’t Matter: Change It Part 5

Horizons the-mount-phil-koch

“Some people have the belief that change is difficult. Some think that change is easy for others but difficult for them. Some people believe without pain there is no gain and it must hurt to change. Others believe you must wallow around in your pain and hurt endlessly.

Some believe you must understand why you are the way you. Whole schools of therapy arose for this purpose. Uncover why you are broken. Some people believe they are broken; that they sabotage themselves; that they are afraid of failure; or afraid of success.

Whatever one believes you can divide the beliefs into two groups; support beliefs and non-supportive beliefs. Either they support you, uplift you and help you move forward or they limit you pull you down and inhibit your movement. Increase or decrease – that’s it!

Belief Creates The Actual Fact – Positive Or Negative

It doesn’t matter why you have limiting beliefs. You know you have them. You were born. You grew up. It is as simple as that. Accept it! Move on. Learn new beliefs! Learn to respond to triggers instead of reacting to them and your life will improve immensely. It will!

Stop trying, stop  wallowing and trying to figure out why things are they way they are. Decide this is the moment when you change and move forward. Beliefs are either about increase, can do and will do, what is possible. They are positive and you feel good thinking them.

There are those that are about decrease, can’t do, won’t do and what you think is impossible. These are mostly negative and you feel less than glorious or down right bad when you think these. Neither beliefs are true. Either they are useful and serve a purpose or not.

In The Sky There Is No Distinctions Of East And West …

If you believe your beliefs are true, gospel, and unadulterated reality THAT is the first belief you might wish to examine and change. Otherwise, you probably aren’t going to bother doing anything because your beliefs dictate you instead of you dictating them.

You are a victim of your beliefs instead of their master. The most desirable outcome is to learn to become the master of your thoughts. YOU think them, Thoughts SHOULD NOT think you. You can learn to be the master of your thinking and your destiny.

The beliefs you currently hold are habits of thought. You thought these over and over again at one time until they became automatic. Triggers from the outside initiate the process. Some external or internal stimulus occurs and you react out of habit. Pretty much it!

… People Create Distinctions In Their Own Mind And Believe Them

Thoughts arise, feelings follow. What you think determines how you feel. Then what you feel determines your next thoughts. This is how we spiral into negativity. We could have spiraled into positivity the same way by thinking positive thoughts.  So we want to change this.

We want to end the old limiting belief habits and adopt new ones. We make new habits the same way we did the original ones. This time, however, we are doing it consciously. We decide we want to change them. Earlier, we just wired them in without choosing.

Now we choose. When we do, guess what. The old habits arise and it feels tough. Our decision is the stimulus. The old beliefs come rushing in reliably as they always do. The new ones will rush to your support just as reliably. Once you train them to. New for old!

You Can Have Anything You Want If You Quit Believing You Can’t

We must condition our mind to accept the new positive beliefs and wire them in. We replace the old habits with new ones the same way we learn to go to a new address when we move homes or workplace. At first we may find ourselves going to the old address. It’s normal!

Eventually, our brain learns NOT THAT address but THIS ADDRESS and we now reliably go to the new one. The old one isn’t lost we don’t go there any longer UNLESS we choose to. The same applies to changing our beliefs. We don’t lose anything. We exchange them.

We replace old beliefs that don’t support us with new ones. Once replaced they work automatically instead of the old ones. We laid down new neural path way habits. We actually altered the structure of our brains too. We evolved in positive ways. All great benefits.

Believing In Yourself Is The First Secret To Success

The point of these recent posts is for you to examine the limitations you think you have and neutralize them. Then build new positive beliefs by repeating them over and over with strong positive emotions. It is the positive powerful emotions that lock them in.

Feeling good when chanting affirmations often is how we wire in the new beliefs. You can write them out too. It is great. There will be times when you don’t. Times when you backslide. That is all part of the process. Step forward a couple steps, back step, forward again.

As long as you consistently and persistently continue to move forward you will arrive at your destination. Detours and all. While traveling your old beliefs will rise up and your new ones will be challenged. All part of the process of trading in the old for the new.

Always Believe Something Wonderful Is Going To Happen

It is simple but not always easy. You need to use will power from time to time. Some moments will breeze by others seem to take forever. All part of the conditioning, rewiring process. Brains learn from emotion, repetition, over time. You train them like a pet.

You make your brain the servant instead of it being your master. Gain control over your thoughts and beliefs and you will discover a most wonderful and amazing world. You will create, attract and manifest more and more of what you want to include in your life.

You will become the person you always wanted to be, if you choose to. Life gets better and better. There will always be challenges but you play a different game now. You play to win and you love a good challenge. It works this way. Don’t delay begin today! Enjoy it and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Imagine being the change you want to become and smile!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Don’t Keep The Faith And Persist You Will Lose!

Horizons an-autumn-walk-phil-koch

“Sometimes you think right and do all the right things, yet, nothing seems to happen. What you want still seems far off, removed from you. Will it happen? You begin to worry, doubt or fear it may not. After all, you don’t see any results from your efforts? What gives?

There is the Chinese bamboo plant. Once planted, it is watered and nurtured for up to 6 years. The plant remains underground with no evidence of growth. In the 7th year the plant sprouts and grows 90 feet within 2 months.

Can you imagine? Nothing all that while, then suddenly! So when did it grow the 90 feet? Did it not grow at all during the first many years and then suddenly grow 90 feet? OR was it growing the entire time? Obviously, it must have been growing the entire time.

Be Positive Patient And Persistent And You Will Get It

If it wasn’t watered or taken care of, in any given year, it would have died. It was always growing even when you couldn’t see it. The same is true of your goals. When you do the right things consistently and for long enough they will come about. Even though invisible now.

You must have faith. Expect good things to come to you. Even though you cannot see it. Even while it is invisible maintain the faith that something good is about to happen. It may not be right away. It could take years. Keep the faith. It will happen. Believe in yourself.

Ancient texts, historical records, are full of examples of people who kept going when it seemed pointless. There are countless stories of people who persevere against seemingly insurmountable odds.Odds give way to a new reality. For 7 years the plant grows underground.

Do The Right Things Consistently For Long Enough – You’ll Get It

Then one day it sprouts and grows to over 90 feet in a short period of time. The invisible becomes visible. Once your results start coming, look out. They may come faster than you can imagine. So don’t give up just because you don’t see any results, yet. Persist.

Stop comparing where you are to where you want to be. Be patient. Be steadfast. Maintain a positive attitude. Continue your due diligence in thought, feeling and right inspired actions. Be grateful and enjoy, Your day is coming. Expect it with certainty. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day and discover what is good and new.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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It’s Best To Stop Fighting And Surrender To Success

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“Is success a struggle? Do you work hard but feel like you are spinning your wheels? Napoleon Hill wrote ‘Think And Grow Rich’ because he discovered modeling and studying 520 of the world’s wealthiest successful people that it was 99% mental and 1% effort.

With the correct mindset action becomes inspired. With the right attitude and beliefs supporting you, you are able to more effectively plan and work your plan, smartly. Work becomes pleasure. You don’t feel like you are working. You love what you do. Still, you work at it!

He pointed out that first you must know your purpose clearly. It should become a passionate burning desire, and you must absolutely believe you can and will make it happen with certainty. Then you must never give up. Learn from obstacles and persist by will power.

Will Power Is A Muscle – The More You Use It The Stronger It Gets

I want to shift our focus today to will power. There are many things Hill added into the mix that are important. Will power is one many people miss today, or so it seems. I also want to provide you with a way of doing things that helps move your forward with your goals.

When I use the term will power I mean that by an act of will you continue on toward your goal or ultimate purpose. It is you doing it from inner strength and fortitude. When I say control your thoughts and persist through will power I mean keep at it. As I think Hill did.

When negative thoughts arise you can acknowledge the thought, even thank it.  Appreciation goes a long way. Then shift your attention to the opposite, the positive thought, think on what you want instead. Re-focus you attention of what you want to include.

Stop Saying I Wish And I Want And I Hope – Start Saying I Will

Drop what you want to exclude. Don’t fight the negative thoughts. Accept, thank and let go. What you resist persists. Don’t wage battle, instead re-direct your attention. Energy flows where your attention goes. Yes, you may have to re-direct any number of times at first.

Eventually, you train you brain, your subconscious, how to work the way you want it to. It is a conditioning process. It is a training process. Be dedicated. Be committed. Be rigorous. Be persistent. BUT you don’t have to fight yourself. It is better if you don’t.

Be gentle. Be accepting. Be forgiving. Be in favor of you. Be encouraging. Be kind. Be friendly. Pat yourself on the back for whatever you do. Even when you don’t do it as you want. You did it however you did it at the time. There is no blame in that. Accept it.

What You Focus On Expands – You Get What You Focus On

Frustration, anger, blame and self-loathing don’t get you where you want to be faster. In fact those tend to prevent you from changing swiftly and easily. So use will power to carry you through and to stick with it but don’t be hard on yourself. Be committed and gentle.

Strength can be many things besides force. Let go. Learn flexibility. Bend don’t break. Shift your attention away from negative thinking toward positive thinking by focusing on what you want, what you like, what you enjoy, what you are grateful for. Place attention there.

Withdraw your attention from what you don’t like, what feels bad, what you don’t want, what is upsetting, what you want to eliminate or exclude and turn it toward what feels better. Place it on what feels the best. The goal: feel as best you can for as much of your time.

When You Stop Struggling – You Float 

If you have to do it 10 times or 100 times a day so what? In the process you are moving from the less than glorious to the glorious. You are shifting your awareness, your attention, your focus, you energy, your vibrations to something positive and good feelings.

You are training yourself to pay attention and enjoy good thoughts and feelings. Eventually, this will become your default setting. You’ll wire in new neural pathways. The negative processes will re-write into positive ones. You’ll develop new success habits of thought.

From a mindset that is predominantly positive you can then accomplish your purpose. Your mindset and attitude, your thoughts and feelings, your beliefs support you. Your act because it feels right. Your actions become inspired and enjoyable instead of dreaded.

Focus: Start Being Positive About What Is Right

Because your thoughts, feelings and actions align you develop positive habits and begin getting more positive results. You have moved from the less than glorious results into new and glorious ones. You trained yourself into having patterns that support you.

So be gentle. Don’t fight it. Go with the flow. When the water is raging go with the flow. People drown more quickly fighting the current. It exhausts them. Going with the current. You can seek to swim toward shore eventually. Keep going in the right direction.

Get it. Let the current carry you too. Use the momentum you create to keep moving forward easily. Stop resisting, keep persisting. All the while enjoy. Delight, be grateful. Discover what you can presently appreciate. Fill yourself with gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight yourself and others today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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