How To Stop Being Dick-Headed

“There are those who are open and skeptical. There are those who are skeptical and closed. There are those who are closed, skeptical and cynical. These are the one’s we typically call ‘a dick’. Or we call them something worse. Bottom line: Stop being a dick! Yes, you!

Me too! Stop being a dick. Drop dick-headedness and seek to be a new and different, open person. I prefer the term agnostic. Why agnostic?  Because we really don’t know what we don’t know. We only know what we THINK we know and that is not very much.

We don’t know how things might turn out but we often fear the worst. We could expect the best, yet only a few do. We just don’t know how much we don’t know either. It is true fools think they know everything. They think they have the only correct version.

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know And We Don’t Know That

Those foolish people are closed minded. They refuse to see the many sides of every proposition. Don’t you think it odd many of us claim to know everything. Not only that we claim to know what is best for everyone else too. Pretty sad when you think about it. Narrow!

Yet, that is the way of the world. That happens when people create societies. We end up pursuing norms more than we pursue exceptions. We swallow the cultural kool-aid on how we are limited, broken, victims and worse. We can think otherwise but don’t/

We don’t because most don’t fully realize they could. So instead of discovering new ways of being they defend to old vehemently. They don’t need to but they feel as if they do. We could argue over objective versus subjective ‘truth’ endlessly. We’d waste time.

Stop Defining Yourself By Your Limits – Have A Parachute Mind

There are militant minded people of all persuasions. I prefer staying as open and educated and enlightened as possible without taking any of it too seriously. I prefer to learn and continue to learn, to discover and to grow and expand what I think is possible. Don’t you?

So stay open. Decide to become aware when you react instead of respond. Decide to learn how to master that tendency so you can become freer. Seek to find the good in all situations. Stop being quick to judge and allow things to unfold without bias. Let go. LET GO!

When you stop defending the old you have more energy to nurture the new. Look for the blessings, the positive. Speak to bless, heal and prosper. Focus on gratitude and joy. Be happy. Find moments and make them magical. All moments are! Every moment you have is the only moment you  have. Don’t squander the moments. Savor them. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch

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