How To Powerfully Deal With Negative People And Circumstances

“I think everyone is who they are. People are who they are choosing to be, whether aware of that or not.  It is up to each of us to learn the lessons available to us by choosing to be around them and interact with them. Whether they are nice or not, it is what it is. A choice.

Lessons abound, whether we consciously realize the opportunity or not. As the saying goes, ‘the kite rises highest against the wind.’ People who push our buttons are actually blessings for us. We have the opportunity to become aware and release that which triggers us.

Are their people you may wish to avoid? Sure.There is nothing wrong in wanting to protect oneself and protect one’s energy. What you choose is what you choose. Accept responsibility for your choices without blaming yourself, or anyone, complaining or excusing.

I Am Choosing This – I Am Choosing This – I Am Choosing This

Are there people who exude one form of energy over another? Yes but again, there is a learning, a blessing and opportunity in resistance. Resistance makes your muscles grow. It makes you transform and evolve when you willingly to allow it to. Get it?

There is learning and blessing and opportunity in being challenged by people and circumstances. This is why I say, whenever I am confronted by people or circumstances,  ‘I am choosing this’. Being with this person or this circumstance IS my choice for the moment.

I choose to go through this and learn whatever it is I need to learn. I don’t know how it will work out, but I know it will work out for the best. I turn my attention away from the person or circumstances to what I need to learn to be a better person. I let go of all else.

Your Power Is In Your Awareness And In Your Choices – Focus

I attempt not to make gospel my beliefs and choices. I try not to act as if some authority dictates anything I think or say or do is ‘true’ but rather, it is useful for transformation and moving into higher realms. Opportunities are tools for change. I utilize them. You can too!

Consider that the enlightened individual is forever dealing with the unenlightened all the time. The unlenlightened surround the enlightened person. The saint is forever dealing with the non-saint. It is what it is. It all is a matter of labeling, judging and perception.

If you don’t call it a problem, it isn’t one. The situation still exists but it is however you perceive it and whatever you define it as. Get it? All your problems are YOUR problems. They are of your own making even if they come from the outside. Examine your perceptions.

Speak Only To Bless Heal Prosper Inspire And Motivate

Face your beliefs and your filters. Problems are the result of you calling it that. If you called it something else, you could think about it and respond to it differently. If you called it an opportunity or blessing you’d think and feel differently about it.  Get it?

If you honestly called a major disappointment a mere annoyance you would not be affected by a major disappointment. You could and most likely would feel differently and handle it differently. Everything is what you say it is, when you think about it. Get this!

It’s what you think about it, consider it, and believe it to be. Your thoughts, reaction, judgement or response keeps you trapped or brings you freedom. It is completely up to you whether or not it is a problem, whether it’s a circumstance or person you’re dealing with.

It Is What You Say It Is – What You Say It Is – Is What You Get

Perceive everything as a lesson! If everything is good and it’s an opportunity you may not have discovered, yet, but could if you looked, you would have a different experience. If you believe it to be a blessing and are grateful for it, your life would be different.

You’d be free. You’d be more resourceful. You’d vibe higher. You’d have  every reason to celebrate and delight in all. You’d live from a higher source, a higher power. You can do this! You can transform yourself by learning to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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