Rule Your Mindset And You Will Master Your Results!

“An important mindset to adopt is to realize YOU are responsible for every aspect of your life. Your perceptions, judgements, beliefs, your paradigm runs the show. Create a powerful mindset to operate from and you dictate how you respond to circumstances. This is true!

Instead of being a victim of circumstance YOU become their victor. YOU champion over problems and obstacles because YOU decide to be bigger than any obstacle or circumstance. When YOU condition yourself with this powerful mindset your problems shrink and flee.

YOU must realize that YOU are the ultimate authority in your life. YOU decide what things mean. YOU can assign any meaning to ANY event YOU decide to. IT is completely, solely up to YOU and ONLY you. YOU can reframe any event. YOU are responsible. Only YOU!

The Mind Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Think

No one else dictates how you respond. No circumstance has this power over you. Unless YOU give it the power to triumph. YOU must claim back your power. YOU are the final authority as to what things mean in your life. YOU are the chooser. YOU and YOU alone decide!

YOU can look for the good, the positive, the beneficial, the lesson in any circumstance or adversity. YOU and YOU alone determine how things are and how they will go. YOU are the lord of your life and your mindset. YOU are the chooser. No one else. NO ONE ELSE!

Nothing else can assign meaning for you. No one else can assign meaning for you. STOP reacting from old, prior, conditioning. Drop it! Let it go. Only YOU assign the meaning that is. YOU Choose. YOU make happen. Claim back your authority and your power. Be a victor.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Tiny David rushed the giant Goliath and prevailed. He declared victory in advance! Get it! Declare victory over your troubles. Proceed with faith that YOU will make happen what YOU want to make happen. Decide that YOU will persist and prevail! Get it?

Daniel turned his back on the lions in the den. He looked away from the ‘bad’ and look toward the ‘good’. He looked to his faith. When your mindset is right you can accomplish anything. When you decide YOU will win YOU can win. YOU create your best life! YOU do it!

Anything YOU can conceive and YOU can bring yourself to believe you can, and will, achieve. YOU can achieve! Be glad for challenges and less than glorious circumstances because they shape and sharpen you. There are lessons and opportunity to discover!

You Become What You Think About Most Often Every Day

The kite rises against the wind. Muscles are developed by resistance. Be thankful for all. YOU decide what things mean! YOU assign the meaning. YOU can change the meaning and affect of any and all circumstance when YOU choose how YOU want to respond! Practice gratitude. Manage your mindset! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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