Do This And Your World Will Change!

“There is a practice that can help you get more of what you want in life.  It is powerful. It is simple. It is easy to apply. When you do you will find yourself transforming in thought, feeling, actions and the results you get. It is a game changer. Once you do it you’ll know why.

It is true that it rains on the rich and the poor. The sun shines on both the good and the bad. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Some readers may feel because of this that they aren’t going to engage in the following practice.

They miss the point and they will miss out. You will only know the benefit by actually doing the practice. Knowing comings from doing not from observing, listening or doing nothing. The proper fruit of knowledge is action. Take action and discover the good that comes.

What We Want To Do With Ease We Must First Do With Diligence

Giver’s get. Whatever you want, give it first. Grease the wheel. Take action. Take the first step. If you want love, give love. If you want peace, become peaceful. If you want money, give money. Give from a place of abundance. Give from your heart. Give freely. You’ll receive.

Expect to receive. Just don’t expect to receive from the same source you gave to. Don’t give to receive, give to give. Simply know in doing so you will receive. You must be willing to let go and not hoard. Give freely. Let go and enjoy giving. Make room for more by giving now.

In order to put new things in your closet you may need to make room by letting go of the old. Let go. Let go of thoughts and ideas that hold you back. Make room for new. Let go of old feelings and attitudes. Allow yourself to be refreshed by the renewing of your mind. Get it?

Go First – Initiate – Have Faith – Let Go – Allow – Give – Receive

Give in faith and trust that all will good and work out for the best. Develop an attitude that good always comes to you. Give your best and the best comes back. You don’t need to give everything away, that isn’t the point. Give to let go. Give to stop clinging. Give to benefit others. Give from a place of love and fulfillment. When you do you enrich yourself and your world. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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