How To Get Your Imagination To Work For Your Success

“If you are working with your Vision Board and Vision Book that is great. Einstein said,’ Imagination is more important than knowledge. Work with your imagination and build that muscle as you do any muscle, through repetition.  Use these often and be delighted.

Feel wonderful and positive when you look at your Vision Board. If you don’t change or adjust it until you do. You want the images to inspire, motivate and make you feel wonderful. It is important to vibe high! You can customize  your Vision Board and Vision Book.

Go out window shopping. Dream big. Take photos of you in the location you want to be in. You can photoshop foreign locations if you wish. Actually, being there and trying on items is best. Try on the clothes you want to have. Take a photo wearing them in the store.

Visualize You Goals And Start Living Your Dreams Right Now

Put on the watch or jewelry and have a friend snap a pic. Sit behind the wheel in the car of your dreams and get your picture taken. Do a walk though of the house on the market that represents the one you want to own. Grab a pic. Print them out and use them.

Actually being there, feeling and holding the items, wearing them, sitting in or on them, being with them, makes it all the more real when you visualize. You will have felt it, felt the weight, the texture, smelled the smells. You will have experienced having it. Get it?

The more real to is to you the quicker and easier you are able to internalize it. You see it, smell it, feel it, hear it, taste it. All your senses are invoked. Then you can, more easily, imagine already having it because you have experienced it before. It is real to you.

Wrap Yourself In The Feelings Of It Already Being Yours

Put these photos on your Vision Board or Vision Book and use them daily. You may also wish to journal about what it is like to already be, do and have what you want. Tell the story you want to tell. Keep it positive and in present tense. The more real the better.

You are it, do it and have it right now. These practices keep you concentrated on what you want most. Remember, what you focus on you get! Be thankful for what you already have. Be thankful for what is coming to you. Celebrate everything! “Rex Sikes

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  1. I think , I will go to shopping mall when i read your words today . you know my think and my planing today. Yes I will go to shop poster or shop book . mmmmmmm. You can know my think …


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