What You Think And Say Greatly Matters

“Each of each of us would benefit greatly to develop the ability to see beyond the present negative circumstances. We need to learn to exercise our ability to not be impacted by less than glorious circumstances. We need to stop judging and become lighthearted.

To the extent we can be nonjudgemental is the degree to which we can triumph over our individual circumstances and move forward more easily creating the life we want. Our perceptions create and shape our reality. We need to stop judging! Become carefree!

When circumstances are negative how does you react? If you react the way you always do then you’re not free. If you can learn to respond instead, and to choose differently, instead of knee jerk react,  then you have possibilities. To do this, stop judging.

What You Say Is What You Get – What You See Is What You Get

Then you become open to numerous, potentially, infinite possibilities. We need to go beyond our judgements, our biases, and be able to hold different views of our circumstances. How we view our circumstances makes them so. When we label, we freeze them.

When we label, we declare what it is. Our thoughts and words have power. They have the power to free us or trap us. If we declare something bad, then it is bad. Get it? Whatever we think or say about it makes it so. However, we can choose to think differently.

When we think differently our perceptions change. If instead of it being a problem we call it an opportunity then we have an opportunity. It is always there. It remains hidden until we declare and affirm that opportunity exists. Our thoughts are important.

You Become What You Think About Most Each Day

How do you wish to go through the world? How do you wish to perceive things that arise in your life? Is it trouble or a new situation? Is it a problem or an opportunity? It is all how you perceive it. Can you learn to suspend judgement and make it work for you?

If we aren’t able to get past our perceptions about circumstances then we are a victim of them and not the victor.  We need to learn how to take charge, manage our mindset and transform our thoughts and hence our circumstances. We become what we think about. We get whatever we focus on. Get it? Learn instead to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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