How You Define Yourself Is Critical!

“Some people allow circumstances to define them. Some allow circumstances to defeat them. But, not you, never. You, define, the circumstances. You, are never the result of circumstances. Instead, you, create them. You triumph through them. You rise above.

When you take 100% responsibility for everything that happens or comes your way, then you are the cause, the creator and not the effect, nor the creation of circumstance. You recognize it is your thinking that makes something so. What is IS by your declaration.

Speak only to bless, heal, prosper, inspire and motivate. Never get caught up in telling stories of woe. Redefine yourself as someone magnificent. BE powerful and positive. Know that you’re in charge and any mess you create you resolve. The mess is only for your good.

The Brain And Mind Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think

From chaos stars are born. Once you know you are in charge, and you are, you don’t have to suffer. You realize it is all for your good, your evolution and transformation. Believing makes it so. You know that whatever you believe and think you create and attract.

If you believe circumstances to bigger or greater than you are, you will fail. You will suffer. You will be at the effect of a lie. You will miss out. You will give away your power. Circumstances can never truly define you, unless you allow them to. You define you! Get it?

Therefore, you manage your thoughts and feelings. Make sure you vibe high. Make certain you believe the best. Focus on the positive. Focus on the ‘I can’. So don’t let your thinking bring you down. Practice gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “How You Define Yourself Is Critical!”

  1. Hi, so i feel ive hit a kinda “life wall” carreer is not utilusing my skills or passion, but fulfils current purpose. Ive hit a mental wall with my two blogs, energy levels are low and im desperate to take things to next level, i. E blog posts (im loving writing) research ways to help people out of “being poor” or exploring and reflecting on mental health in the other. I know a shop of some description is next level stuff but trying to think of great products is hard. If i was to pray id get the response that i am the product.. And if so then how do I market myself.. Sorry alot there.


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