You Will Suffer Until You Realize This!

“The timeless principle is, there is cause and effect. You are the cause of the effects. You make things happen. From within so without. Yet, most people have it backwards. They think there are external causes that they are at the effect of. Hence, they suffer.

It is true we think there are outer circumstances and it is accurate that there are influences. However, we react or respond to these through the filters of our brain and mind. We have neurological and perception filters. We see through the filters of what we believe.

We see through the filters of the conclusions we have made about the world and our experience. What we experience in life simply goes to prove us accurate.  What we believe we see. What we don’t believe we don’t experience. Many believe the same things.

People Think It Is If I See It I Will Believe It – That Is Backwards

We grew up in a culture. We were educated by others. Beliefs and perceptions get handed down purposely or otherwise. People get stuck victims of circumstances. Those who succeed and prevail are those who most likely put themselves at cause and make it happen.

Everything happens from within you. This is the great teaching of spiritual masters through the ages. This theme runs through all traditions but it is difficult for most people to get it because it requires one shift away from their conditioning to new thinking.

It requires one take TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY for everything that happens in their life. Most people balk at this notion because they have been preconditioned to think things happen to them. They don’t. They happen because of us. Let’s pretend for a moment.

Your Beliefs Cause You To See What You Do And Don’t – Filters

EVEN if this were not true it would be a useful frame of mind to adopt because instead of whining and complaining about things the person who takes total responsibility would take steps to change what they didn’t want into what they did want. They’d take charge.

They wouldn’t be a victor they’d be a champion. Get it? When you accept responsibility for everything it means you run the show. It puts you in the seat of active power. Wouldn’t you prefer to be a champion than a loser? Mindset rules all of our life.

It determines our feelings and our actions. Hence, mindset determines the results we get or don’t get. ‘If it is to be it is up to  me!’ Is a great saying because it let’s you know WHO IS responsible. You are! I am! Get it? Take responsibility and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “You Will Suffer Until You Realize This!”

  1. Slowly, oh so slowly, these ideas are puncturing early conditioning. My brain knows this to be true, my inner self is resisting. But I am experiencing positive changes and learning to be kind to myself when I stumble. Thank you for these blogs. They help to keep me on track.


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