How You Stay In Or Get Out Of The Suck Cycle

“How can you begin getting what you want to get? How can you begin to become happier, healthier, wealthier and more successful? Is there something you aren’t doing that would make the difference when you did it? Yes, there absolutely is.  Do this and transform!

Tell the story, to yourself, repeatedly, how life is already the way  you want it! You are already the person you want to become! See it in your mind. Visualize the dream. Affirm it daily. Convince yourself you are the person of your dreams, living your dreams right now.

Live it. Act as if. Pretend it purposely, enthusiastically and vividly. Play and have fun. Delight and give thanks. We impress upon our subconscious our wants and desires through enthusiastic, emotional repetition. Determine to make what you want, happen. Do it!

Turn Your Desire Into A White Hot Burning Obsession 

The reason so may have troubles is when feeling anger, sad or negative they affirm life sucks. They whine, blame, complain and wallow in the negativity and low vides. Hence life does suck. We get back what we put out. Learn this and stop the suck cycles.

We move forward positively and more readily the more we let go of negative circumstances, people and issues. The less we notice we aren’t where we want to be yet, and the more we imagine we already are, and act and feel as if we are, the quicker we close the gap.

It is what we did as children. We pretended whole-heartedly. That is the way one makes things happen. Live it and do it. It does not come to you as if by magic you make it happen from your power within. Think, feel and act like a success and you will eventually be a success.

Believe You Can Do It With Absolute Certainty Persist And Persist

You are already. You just don’t recognize that yet, fully. Sometime, sooner or later, you will look back and go ‘wow, how far I have come.’ Keep playing and having fun. Stay focused. If you do it haphazardly you will get haphazard results. If you commit to it and do it consistently you will get consistent results. Delight and enjoy. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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