What To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck And Down!

“Sometimes we get stuck. It seems out forward progress is delayed or comes to a standstill. We hit a roadblock, obstacle or plateau. This IS a normal part of forward movement. Just as we encounter detours or setbacks when traveling from one location to another.

When this happens keep applying the principles. This is the time many throw in the towel. Don’t. Stop. Recognize that this ‘delay’ is part of the process and continue to apply and adhere to the principles and practices you have been. Keep going. Keep going!

Progress requires diligence, patiences, commitment, persistence and consistency. You get your best results when you keep going, especially in the tougher times. Tough times, just like resistant exercise builds toughness and character. It is for your benefit.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Brought You – Focus On The Good

Sometimes we see the obvious results of our efforts while at other times we do not. It is similar to planting a seed and having to trust it is growing all the time it is invisible underground. Not only do we develop character but we exercise and develop our faith, too.

Nothing is ever wasted! It is all good. Keep the faith. Keep working your program. Continue step by step moving forward. In time, the tough times, the boring times, the times of lack or frustration, the plateau will give way and good things will happen again. Trust!

It is not a straight line to happiness, success or peace. The trail may be fraught with pitfalls. Still, you can do it, and make it, if you believe you can and never give up! Time to put your backbone to work.  Continue to manage your thoughts and feelings. Goodness is here.

You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You – Focus On The Good

It is a blessing, and learning, when you keep moving forward with faith, during hard and when results are invisible. You gain more from these times then when it is easy. Continue on. Choose to keep moving forward. Keep making good things happen. See the good. in all of it. Find the blessings. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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