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The Parable Of God The Farmer And The Wheat Crop

“So many readers responded favorably, I thought I’d share another story. God was minding his business when approached by an old, weathered farmer who had an axe to grind. God could see the man was not pleased. ‘ What gives?’ Asked God. ‘Need something?’

The man said quite angrily, ‘You may be the  big guy, you may be top dog, god, yada yada yada ,who flung the stars into the sky and created the world, but you don’t know the first thing about farming. You are not a farmer at all! You have got a lot to learn, pal!’

God asked, ‘What do you suggest I do? The farmer said, ‘Give me a year! One bloody year. Leave everything to me. Don’t interfere. Let me run it. I’ll take care of everything. You do what I say because I know what works. You’ll see how it works. You big enough to do it?’

What We Call Failure Is Necessary –  Through Struggles We Learn

‘At the end of a year there will be no poverty at all. You will see!’ God was game. He gave the farmer one year. The farmer asked god for the best of everything. Great weather. No storms, no lighting or thunder. No high winds. No high heat. Everything was perfect.

When the farmer wanted rain it rained. When he asked for sun he got sun. The wheat crops were growing fast and high. They grew taller than they ever had. Everything was perfect and comfortable. Everything was easy and the farmer was thrilled and delighted.

He approached god and said, ‘What did I tell you. Take a look at these crops. Bigger and better than ever. Did I tell you, or what? We have a bountiful harvest coming that will feed people for a decade! Aren’t you glad you put me in charge? You learned something I bet.’

Man Needs Difficulties – They Are Necessary For Health

When the crops were harvested there was no wheat inside. Empty! The farmer was shocked and dismayed. He asked god, ‘What happened? What went wrong?’ God said, ‘Because there was no conflict, no storms, no challenges to the crops, they didn’t grow’.

‘You avoided everything that would cause them to grow strong. You wanted everything perfect and comfortable which made the wheat impotent. Storms, high winds, dry spells, lightening all challenge the crop and help it grow strong and firm and vital. You avoided that.’

“Struggle is necessary for it to be vital. Challenge is good for the soul of the wheat.’ Don’t be like the farmer. Don’t try to escape challenge learn that it is as necessary as night is to the day. Muscles grow through resistance training. So do we. Understand this and you will grow strong and move forward faster. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Are You Cut Out For Happiness And Success?

“‘Success is the steady progression toward the realization of a goal,’ said, Earl Nightingale. Some give up while still progressing. They quit, throw in the towel on their career, romance, business or life goals. When quitting isn’t an option, most people can succeed.

Statistics demonstrate that most people quit right before they would have succeeded. Most businesses fail within a couple years. Had they been able to stick it out, they’d have soon succeeded. Are you cut out for success? Will you do what it takes to get to the top?

Mindset is the key factor that determines how far you go. You either decide you are all in, or you decide to opt out. No one can tell you when to cut your losses and change direction, but you. Of course, you can take advice from worthy mentors. That might be wise.

Winners Never Quit – Quitters Never Win – Which Are You

Choose someone one who has what you want and started out as you did. This mentor should be successful and knowledgeable in the lines you desire to get mentored about. Don’t go to a farmer about banking or a banker about farming. Get it? Go to a qualified expert.

When it comes to mindset, you can make awesome progress in your evolution alone, and especially with a good mentor.  Mindset determines how far you go, your level of commitment and persistence. Make it a point to daily work on your attitude.

Commit to positive, powerful thinking. Take charge. Learn how to direct your mind to go after your goals; to make happen what you want to make happen. Stop wishing and hoping things change and change them yourself. You can, when you realize you can.

Winners Fail But They Don’t Quit – Winners Fall But They Get Up

It is all up to you. Champions know this. It’s time you learned it, too. Champions aren’t born. Champions are made. They condition their mind and body and finely hone their mental and physical skills. They invest in themselves; their time, energy, even money, in making it so.

Don’t you think you deserve to be a champion? I do. I believe you can. You must believe it, too, because it doesn’t matter what I believe about you. Take hold of your thinking and feeling power and begin to make these work for you. When you do, truly, you will celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Stop Stopping Yourself! Keep Going!

“What is it that stops most people? A thought, a belief.  What is a belief? A thought you repeatedly think over again. What stops most people? A belief, a thought, repeatedly thunk (sic ;))  that limits you. A mental package of energy is what stops most people!

People don’t THINK they can. They think they don’t have enough money, love, free time, fun, of whatever. They believe that someone or something prevents them; the government, their parents, their upbringing, the weather, others, their own self, you name it.

They whine, complain, blame and excuse. STOP enough already!

Sometimes you just have to push on through! Be a warrior.  No matter what the obstacle is, decide you are bigger than it.  Let nothing stop you, not even yourself. Go for it. Make it happen. Act in spite of your mood or your fear. Act! Push through. Don’t be a wimp.

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Stop, stopping yourself. Quit, quitting. Never give up. Forget about wallowing and whining. Let go of distress and put your chin up, your chest out and stand tall. Feel your backbone and imagine you’re a giant. Marshall your resources and do something positive. Anything!

The overall goal is to feel your best most of your time. Make it a point to do that, no matter what you are facing. Resolve to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful. Be happy! Delight and consider everything a blessing. Practice gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day amazing!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

Stop Being So Petty And Your Life Will Change!

“Life is filled with woes and challenges. So are the games we play. If we weren’t challenged in sports or board games of any kind, they would be dull and not worth the time spent. Life is filled with ups and downs. You can moan about it, or decide it is an adventure to enjoy!

Believe you can handle any situation that arises. You are bigger than any obstacle or challenge. You can learn from adversity instead of buckling under it. Focus your mind on what you want. Let go. You can’t control everything, but you can appreciate everything!

Give yourself room. Know that, believe with certainty, that things will always turn out for the best, given enough time. With the right attitude and focus you can over-come doubts and fears. You can overcome anything that prevents you from living your dreams

Obstacles Do Not Block The Path They Are The Path  – Enjoy All

Stop being petty and stingy with yourself. Start being your biggest fan. If you have to be selfish, determine that will include being, doing and feeling your best, and making the wisest use of your choices and time. Give generously to you, and others, and you’ll get more back.

Look for the good. Notice abundance all around you. Feel the good. Feel blessed. Feel healthy, wealthy and happy. Savor and enhance the good feelings. Vibrate high! Keep a gratitude journal. You will begin to notice more coming to you. Mindset is everything!

Your mindset and attitude determine what you create and attract. Keep in mind, even more than attraction, it is what you create that matters most. Some people just focus on the wrong things. Begin focusing on what you can do. You want to live the best life ever then enjoy everything, be grateful, feel blessed and celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

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MENTORING AND COACHING CANDIDATES, and those interested in learning more, come join me. Programs available.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch!

Your Greatest Power Is In Making Decisions

“When you decide to move forward all of your inner resources align to make that happen.  When you make a congruent decision everything can positively change for you. Tremendous power, positivity and potential combine the instant you truly decide.

You set in motion forward movement. Once you decide, anything, it is important to take some action steps towards fulfilling it within 24 – 48 hours. Taking some action, no matter how small, tells your brain you are serious about the decision you made. So, follow through.

At the same time, all of your subconscious beliefs, limitations, conflict or issues rear their ugly head. This is why doubts occur. You make a decision to change and then face doubt. Don’t worry. Relax. It is a normal part of the transformation process. It really is.

A Decision Has The Power To Transform Your Life In An Instant

For example, you think,  ‘I’m going to be more loving to my children, or partner, no matter what.’ As soon as you make that decision, the subconscious, the universe, infinite intelligence, or god, whatever you call it, gives you every opportunity to adhere to that decision.

You may get every kind of behavior from them, or circumstances or event that seems to challenge your ability to remain loving. Conflicts arise. Issues now face you. You just want to be loving no matter what and now the shit hits the fan. What is up with that? What gives?

Well guess what? You face these ‘dilemmas’ in order to learn how to remain loving no matter what. These are situations for you to learn, develop, evolve and grow by because, otherwise, what would your decision or pledge be worth? Your ability to remain loving is tested.

Everything Changes – Become Aware – Delight In The Process

The universe conspires to make you the best you there is. In order to be the best at what you decided you have to clear out those blocks, those issues, those limiting beliefs, those negative thoughts and doubts that prevent you from being loving at all times. Get it?

If it were easy, you never have to make the decision. You get that? You get the experiences you need as a means of educating you, teaching you, and assisting you in becoming the better person you decided to be. Resistance makes muscles grow stronger.

It doesn’t matter what you decide. If you decide you want to become rich, you can bet you will most likely face every issue about poverty and money difficulties and lack that you harbor within you. They’ll come flying up in your face. This is a good thing! It really is! Get it?

If You Always Do What You Did You’ll Always Get What You Got

How else will you ever get rid of, or drop, that old prior conditioning that has held you back. You encounter it so you can let it go and move forward. Whatever you decide, the counter side of it will come at you. Most people run from this. They complain. They whine.

They blame god, the universe, the economy, other people, and claim the universe sucks and nothing to is working. BUT it IS totally working! It’s helping make you a better you!  It’s a blessing in disguise! It IS an opportunity. Please, understand this. Please!

It appears to suck but it is offering you everything you need to move forward and go higher. It is assisting you. It’s helping you live from your decision and the commitment you made. Yes,  you’ll be challenged.  You’ll be tested. This is a good thing! Feel grateful.

You Always Have The Power To Choose

You are blessed. Be thankful! You have the opportunity to let go and transform. Diamonds are created under pressure.  When those moments come, even if you succumb to them, even if you aren’t loving every moment, this is how you learn to be. Fall, get up!

You get tested. You pass. You get tested. You fail. You fall. You get up and get tested again. You pass or you fail. It is a process. In this process  IS how you become more loving, or become rich, or whatever it is you want. You grow by being challenged.

You evolve through being forced to be loving, or maintain the faith, in situations when it would seem reasonable to not be. When you get this, and if you understand this point, so much of your life will change. There is great power in making a decision! It’s good!

You Are Choosing Every Moment Whether Or Not You Realize It

Just know, that when you do, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter the opposite of what you’re hoping for, as a clearinghouse, to become the best you possible. You should be grateful. Be happy and celebrate all of it. Appreciate the process.

Lessons keep coming until you actually get it. Once you have learned and you have altered you’re mindset, your feelings, and your behaviors; once you have transformed, you don’t need the lessons anymore. You only need them until you get it. Do you get this?

These circumstances, issues and doubts come up, again and again, so that you can see them, recognize and become aware of them and drop them. They are flashlights illuminating what otherwise would be left in darkness. They arise so you can move past them.

I Am  A Product Of My Decisions Not Because Of Circumstances

It is a blessing that won’t seem like it unless you make it a point to recognize it as a blessing. If you say, ‘oh my god it’s happening again! Why is it happening? Why do these things always happen to me? What’s wrong? Why am I doing these crappy things?’

Then you’ll stay that way because what you focus on is what you get more of. If you blame yourself, or others, and whine and complain about yourself, and your behaviors, or theirs, the challenges you get, you will never get past them. Instead, you will perpetuate them.

Because you will spend all your time with whining and blaming and complaining. In order to get past this and evolve you need to accept the process, recognize it for what it is and be thankful. It truly is a blessing helping you release old crappy conditioning.

Your Destiny Is Shaped By The Decision You Make – Celebrate

Your decision triggered it. Be glad! Contained within adversity are seeds of opportunity. You get that which seems ‘not so good’, the challenges, along with all the real cool things that can occur as a result of your decision. Move forward boldly and with compassion.

Make decisions. Follow through. Accept the process and enjoy all of it. Your entire life can now transform for the positive in incredible ways. Transformation means you trans-form. Things change and become different. You rise from the ashes a Phoenix. Love yourself, be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes



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