Demand The Changes You Seek!

“Do you want to know how to make things happen? Many people want to make the Law Of Attraction work for themselves. Do you? Seems people try things only to give up. Then they claim whatever it was they tried did not work. Have you done this? I have, for sure.

Often, it isn’t that what we try doesn’t work, it’s that we didn’t do it long enough to learn how to make it work. We dabbled instead of diving it. We tried it, but we weren’t committed. Those who determine to do it, no matter what the cost, most often do succeed.

Mindset is everything. Decide you will do it now! Some people say, ‘I will’ but never get around to it. Say instead, ‘I must!’ Then do it now. Then you can say, ‘I am doing it. I am making it happen. If it is to be it is up to me.’ Be a leader. Become a leader of yourself. A champion!

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Make It Happen

Become a commander and command it into being. Stop hoping, and wishing, and dabbling and begin doing it right now. Think, ‘I can do this. I am doing this.’ Then lead yourself the way a good leader leads others. Inspire and motivate yourself. Take positive action. Persist.

Command it! Demand It! ‘In the beginning was the word’. Speak only to bless, heal, prosper, inspire and motivate and transform. Speak to create. Plant a seed and allow it to grow. Stop concentrating on the harvest and focus on living fully between now and then. Get it?

Act as if you already have the harvest. Live the benefits, right now on the inside. ‘Command ye me’ said the Lord of the Bible. “Prove Me and I will make the invisible visible.’ Trust yourself and the process. It is doubts and fears and comparison that create suffering. STOP IT!

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way

Let go. Focus on being the dream. Speak it into existence. Speak it! It will be there at the appropriate time. Meanwhile, live with trust and faith, love and peace, gratitude and delight. You will transform yourself and your world when you do. It is all a process of becoming.

When you consider everything IS A BLESSING, in your heart and mind, everything WILL be a blessing. So look for the good in every circumstance and person you encounter. Find it. Be thankful for the lesson and the opportunity. Celebrate each moment. Celebrate right now. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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