Why You Need A Better Sense Of Humor

“You will enjoy life so much more whenever you can stop taking yourself so seriously.  Learn to laugh at yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to let go of all the seriousness and the drama. Live more as a young, unburdened child would. Live and play.

A sense of humor is something we can all use more of! The great news is it can be developed. Just as you can acquire any habit you wish to, so you can acquire a marvelous and transformative sense of humor. Learn to live carefree and you are free. It is all mindset.

From within to without. As above so below. Focus on that which transforms you. Learn to live with ease and grace. Everything takes care of itself. It doesn’t mean you stop doing things, it means you transform, so how you do things is qualitatively different.

Live – Love – Learn – Laugh – Delight – Celebrate Everything

There are two ways of meeting difficulty in this world. One is to attempt to change the difficulty. The other is to change yourself. When you transform everything transforms. Even if the difficulty were to remain it would all be different because you are!

So live and laugh and love more. Then the world becomes a much different place! Learn to design your mind and create your best life ever. Learn to create the present and future you want and deserve. Eradicate being overly serious about anything. Learn to laugh at the world.  Learn to laugh at what you call your problems, and yourself! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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