How You Can Get What You Need To Succeed

“To truly be happy and successful you need to develop unshakable belief in yourself. You need to become certain you can, you are able, and you will make it happen. You need to know you have it in you to persist and bring it about. So, how do you develop faith?

Through constant, correct, repetition, consistently, for long enough. You affirm and visualize. You create small wins, step by step, until you can create larger wins. You build a confidence in your abilities and in your follow through, a bit at a time. You condition yourself.

Winning breeds more winning. So does losing. So, shift from the negative to the positive. Put your thoughts and feelings to work for you. Fill your mind and being with positive, optimistic thoughts and feelings material so you become positive and optimistic. Read!

The More We Do The More We Become Capable Of Doing

Hang out with upbeat, inspiring people who are making things happen in their lives. Learn from positive mentors and role models. Invest in yourself and attend seminars and events. Become teachable and willing to learn. Then, apply what you learn.

If you don’t apply what you know, you don’t know it. Gradually, you learn to trust yourself. You trust your thinking and your efforts. You come to realize you CAN do it. You are able. You can fight the good fight. You can overcome the odds. You become unstoppable!

You persist because of who you are. You know you not only can, but you will make it happen. Every fiber of your being is certain. Though there are problems or obstacles, these do not stop you. You learn from them. You adjust, correct and continue. You take feedback.

Winning Breeds  Winning – Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

You lose the old, limiting beliefs. You leave the doubt, fear and worry behind. That was the old you. You become new. If those worries and fears arise, you can and do handle them. You are capable. You have a champion mindset. You traded the loser mind for the winner mind.

You become committed and dedicated to yourself and your success. You know if there is a way, you will make it happen. You know you will not quit, but find or create a way. You remain positive and certain you will accomplish it in time. You become grateful for your learning and transformation. You take action and you do your part. AND you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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