You Already Believe! Did You Know This?

“Faith makes all the difference in whether you succeed or not.! So what is faith? We hear about it. Some think it means having ‘religion’. It can mean that, but that isn’t why it’s important. If you don’t have faith you can, and need, to develop it. So, begin to learn how, now.

Faith is the trust that the car on the other side of the line will remain in their lane. We believe this so much, without consideration, that we drive our cars. We know, historically, the sun has always risen so we believe that it will tomorrow, as well. We expect it. We know it!

We believe the chair we sit down will hold us up. We don’t check each to make certain they will hold our weight. We put our lives in the hands of auto, bus drivers, train engineers, and commercial pilots all the time and we don’t even know who these people are.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Believe In Yourself

They’re strangers. Yet, we trust the company that employees them chose qualified, trustworthy, capable people to deliver us safely. We trust when we hit the light switch or television power button it will come on. We trust so many things we don’t ever think about.

We ‘act as if’ what we want to happen, will happen. The drivers remain in their lanes, the chairs hold us up, the sun rises, the pilots will get us there, the power will come on when turned on. We act with certainty. We don’t fear, doubt or worry about any of these.

We believe many incredible things. We believe many stupid and negative things. Do you want to create your best life ever? Then you must develop faith. You must learn how to marshal your thoughts and feelings and put faith or belief to work for you. Get it?

Believe In Yourself – Trust You Will Make It Happen – Persist

It isn’t faith in outside elements, chairs, pilots, drivers, or the sun that is important . You must develop faith in you, your follow through and success. Develop the certainty and the will to make what you want to happen, happen. You must believe in you!

Those who are happy and successful believe in themselves. They know they WILL accomplish what they set out to do. So must you! Have faith! Be certain. Persist. Adjust as you must, change the plan but never get up your worthwhile goal and you will make it happen, in time. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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