Do You Fear Disappointment?

“Wisdom is learning how to make the best choice for yourself without insisting others do it your way. The key for happy, successful living is to stay positive. Then you live well. Stay positive and soar. You high vibe. Be negative and plummet. You low vibe. Get it?

You are better equipped to handle any trials or issues that may arise when your attitude and mindset is optimized. If you think you can, you may not always, but if you think you can’t, you almost certainly won’t. So stop listening to Debbie and Donnie Downer. Stop it!

Some people believe if you think positive, try and  fail you will be disappointed. Most of these people probably don’t reach for or do much to succeed in life. The fact is you can be disappointed no matter what if you allow yourself to be disappointed. It’s up to you.

You Always Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

You will be disappointed if you want to do something but never do anything about it because you are negative, worrisome or fearful. If you attempt it but don’t get what you want you may be disappointed as well if you allow it. Either way, you may be disappointed. So what?

Would you prefer to be stopped by possible disappointment and miss out on all the good  things, or attempt them and sometimes not get all that you wanted? You’d be further along if you at least made the effort. Never let negative thinking prevent you from the good.

You nearly always stand a better chance if you put into motion your ‘I can’ or ‘I can do it’ or ‘I can learn to do it’ than if you put into motion, ‘I can’t’ ‘I am unable to do it’ or ‘I can’t learn to do it.’ Your mindset will determine what you attempt and how far you go!

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

If you think ‘I can’t learn to do anything’ you must realize you are full of shit. You have learned so many things both useful and useless. You have learned how to move forward and how to stop yourself. You have learned to con yourself out of good things. It is true, isn’t it?

You have learned to believe limiting beliefs, you use to prevent yourself, mostly out of fear, from being, doing and having all sorts of great things in life. Well, haven’t you? I have. You have learned some supportive beliefs that help you navigate successfully in life, too.

You have learned to walk and talk, feed yourself, use the toilet, (okay some of you learned this last one) you have learned to clean and cook, to play a sport or an instrument, to ride a bike, drive a car or take another form of transportation. You have learned so much!

Skill Comes Of Doing – The More We Do The More We Can Do

You have learned to read and write, love and hate, lie and cheat, be honest and work hard. Most everything you do you have learned. So, begin to realize, if you don’t know how yet, or are currently unable to do something you want, you can learn to do it. You really can!

You can eventually learn to do it and progressively get better through practice and application. Once you start doing you also start developing confidence. That is how it works. You SHOULD be confident you can learn anything because you ARE a learner!

You become more confident of a skill and talent as you develop them. You begin with the confidence you can learn because you already are a competent learner. Then you develop more confidence by developing the skill. As you do you create a momentum cycle.

If You Really Want To You’ll Find A Way – Or You’ll Make Excuses

Success brings more confidence which brings more success. Success breeds more success. Never let anything stop you from learning something positive, good and worthwhile for you and others. Learn to move ahead. Follow your dreams and plans! Go after them.

Make things happen in positive and powerful ways. You can begin to do this. You can  do this when you decide you can and you decide you will! You won’t if you decide you can’t. It is up to you and the choices you make  Be smart enough, wise enough, to choose the right way to think. Be and stay positive. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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